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5 Easy Steps for Starting an Animal Rights Society

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Starting a vegan or animal rights uni society is a great way to harness the collective influence of compassionate students who want to share with their student body as well as the community around their school the benefits of veganism. Going vegan is one of the easiest ways to help animals and people, too. Since it takes up to 13 pounds of grain to produce just 1 pound of animal flesh, imagine how many more humans we could feed if we ate the grain directly. Because vegans don’t consume all the artery-clogging … Read more.

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No Holiday for Animals

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If you’re like me, you’ve finished Uni or college for the year. You’ll finally have loads of free time to do something excellent for animals. Remember: animals on factory farms, on fur farms, in laboratories and in circuses all around the world don’t get a summer holiday.

There are a million and one ways you can help animals this summer, and one of the best things about the struggle for animal rights is that there is something for you no matter what your strengths are.

I’d definitely recommend … Read more.