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Happy Birthday, Sir Paul!

Music icon and tireless animal defender Sir Paul McCartney is turning 69 on 18 June. The singer, songwriter and composer in one of the most successful bands in music history is also a devoted vegetarian.

Animal welfare is an issue so close to his heart that Sir Paul joined with PETA to narrate “Glass Walls,” an undercover video that shows the cruel treatment and suffering of animals on factory farms and at abattoirs. The video’s name is taken from McCartney’s famous quote, “If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would … Read more.

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Pamela Anderson Named Person of the Year

We are pleased to announce that the wonderful, big-hearted Pamela Anderson has been named PETA UK’s Person of the Year for 2010.

In just the past year, the list of Pam’s contributions to PETA UK has included promoting an irresistible – and racy – campaign poster in which her nearly nude body is shown painted with butcher markings, giving an address on animal rights at Oxford University and releasing a TV spot in which she is shown strip-searching air travellers for contraband (such as fur, exotic skins, leather and wool) that … Read more.

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The Doctor (Not the Prime Minister) Really Does Know Best

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Following up on the government’s decision to back off a proposal to axe free cow’s milk for schoolchildren (a decision based on Prime Minister David Cameron’s fear of negative publicity rather than concern for public health), I wanted to draw your attention to an excellent article in the London Evening Standard by Dr Christian Jessen, who is best known for shows such as Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies.

The doctor tells it like it is. “Cows’ milk is just that: for cows”, he writes. “Man is the only animal … Read more.