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Another Reason to Go Vegan – You Can Help Save Animals AND the Rain Forest!

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Most people know that raising animals for food is grossly inefficient; whilst animals eat large quantities of grain, they produce only small amounts of meat, dairy products or eggs. Did you know it takes up to 16 pounds of grain to produce just 1 pound of meat?

According to a recent article, more than 350,000 hectares of rain forest are being cleared to grow soya beans, which are then shipped to British factory farms to feed animals who are treated like milk or egg machines or raised and … Read more.

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Palm Oil: There’s a Bit of Orang-utan Suffering in Every Drop

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When I first volunteered at PETA, in addition to jamming letters in the franking machine, I spent a lot of time each day finding palm oil–free products to list in the vegetarian/vegan starter kit. Up until then, I’d had no idea how palm oil is affecting our planet and the animals in it.

Palm oil is often sourced from the homes of endangered orang-utans and many other forest-dwelling creatures. Greedy businesses cut down the trees and leave the animals homeless and starving to death. Friends of Read more.