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  • Jul

Mogwai’s Stuart Braithwaite: Animals Will Never Die for My Dinner

Stuart Braithwaite‘s mum once told him that pigs cry when they know they’re going to die – and that image has stayed with him ever since. It’s not surprising, then, that the Mogwai guitarist is a committed vegetarian who decided not to support the industry that makes pigs and other animals cry out in pain, bleed and die.

In an exclusive interview, he discusses his reasons for choosing a more compassionate diet:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACult Scottish post-rock band Mogwai was formed in Glasgow – a city that now has so many vegan … Read more.

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  • Dec

The Artists Singing Out for Animals in France

We love this inspiring video from rising stars Tribunal Animal, a French band who put animal rights front and centre in their music.

The song “A Vegan Future” calls into question the normalisation of violence towards animals in our society, with bilingual lyrics that form a stirring call to action: “We’re killing fathers, torturing mothers, and eating billions of children”.

This is an exciting time for animal rights in France. Interest in vegan living is steadily increasing in France, with more and more  restaurants “végans” popping up all over the countryRead more.

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  • Jan

Dave Navarro Rocks the Cruelty-Free Look

Appearing naked, with bleeding eyes, musician Dave Navarro’s new PETA ad is pretty dark, even for someone known for his edgy sense of style.

He might look a bit gory here, but by lending his face to PETA’s campaign against animal testing, the Jane’s Addiction guitarist is actually showing his compassionate side once more.

Navarro was appalled to learn about the hundreds of thousands of animals worldwide who are poisoned, blinded and killed each year in tests for the cosmetics industry. “They’re not taking a bunny rabbit and putting mascara on … Read more.

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  • Nov

Musician Spotlight: Mike Scott

You probably know him has the bassist from the fast, hardcore-punk group Phinius Gage. And you’ve probably been wondering what Mike Scott is up to these days. Well, he’s using his voice to perform vocals for the hardcore band Lay It On The Line and, of course, to speak out for animals! Busy doing gigs with the newly formed group, Mike took a breather to talk with us about his vegan lifestyle, his influences and his music. Check out the exclusive interview and join Mike in kick-starting your vegan diet by … Read more.

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  • Sep

Band Spotlight: Argonaut

Already causing a stir around the UK and Europe, London-based musicians Argonaut clearly know how to rock it. The female-fronted grunge-pop band is about to release their self-titled album and still made time to chat with us about something very important – animal rights! Check out our interview with leading lady Lorna Lyons and then check out their sweet vocals and edgy riffs:


1. What was your first introduction to animal rights?

Becoming a vegetarian and loving The Smiths. The aftermath of the Lynx “It takes up to 40 dumb … Read more.

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  • Jun

Cody Simpson: Animals Are Family

Adorable Aussie Cody Simpson has girls around the globe in full-on swoon as they scramble to grab his new EP, Preview to Paradise, and catch him on his US tour this summer. But who’s really got him good? His dog, Buddy.

Cody Simpson for PETA

In his new campaign for PETA, Cody asks all his fans to take excellent care of their own animals and always speak up anytime they see or suspect animal abuse:

Cody joins a growing list of compassionate stars, including Justin Bieber, Jay Sean, Michael Clarke Duncan, Anti-FlagRead more.

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  • May

Anti-Flag: Never Be Silent

One of the most powerful passages that Dr Martin Luther King Jr gave the world is, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”. That notion is applied every day at PETA, where we fight for all animals. Whether a horse, a fish, a cat, a dog, a frog, a rat or a pigeon, all animals deserve to live a life free of unnecessary suffering and exploitation. PETA is challenging you to speak up for animals whenever and however you can, and Anti-Flag wants to make sure that you’ve got everything you … Read more.

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  • Jul

Adele Goes Vegetarian!

Multi-platinum recording artist Adele can melt hearts with her soulful voice, but her actions are saving lives. The singer told Radio 1 that she is leaving meat out of her repertoire.

Like many of her songs, Adele’s inspiration came from love. “Whenever I am about to eat meat, I always see my little dog’s eyes”, she said.

Adele is quite right, of course: cows, pigs, turkeys, chickens and other animals killed for food feel pain and fear, just like dogs and cats do, and it doesn’t … Read more.