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Urgent: Speak Out Against Live-Animal Transportation

Every year, more than 6 million animals are subjected to the horrors of being transported long distances across Europe. Investigations have repeatedly shown that the most basic EU rules concerning rest, food and water for the animals are repeatedly flouted.

Obviously, PETA would like to see the end of all live-animal transport – but until that happens, we need to do all that we can to prevent as much cruelty and suffering as possible. There is currently a Written Declaration in front of the European Parliament which calls for a maximum journey … Read more.

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EU Lawmakers Fail Animals Who Are Suffering in Laboratories

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I have some disappointing news to report. In an obscure committee room in Brussels last month, the new European law governing animal experiments was effectively signed, sealed and delivered – and it’s not what we had hoped and worked for. Although there are several steps the new directive still has to go through before it actually becomes law, all the political players have already agreed on the outcome, and it’s unlikely that anything of significance in the text is going to change now.

How a New Law Gets Made

Read more.