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  • Mar

Victory! Another Airline Won’t Fly Primates to Labs

UPDATE: China Southern Airlines has now shamefully resumed shipping primates to laboratories. This makes it, along with Air France, one of only two remaining major airlines that continue to faciliatate cruel experiments on monkeys.

Please click here to send a message to the airline urging it to stop trafficking primates:


After eight months of pressure from PETA US and its supporters, the prestigious scientific journal Nature has confirmed that China Southern Airlines is no longer transporting primates to the United States for use in experiments.

Because there remain few viable … Read more.

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  • Mar

Urgent: Speak Out Against Live-Animal Transportation

Every year, more than 6 million animals are subjected to the horrors of being transported long distances across Europe. Investigations have repeatedly shown that the most basic EU rules concerning rest, food and water for the animals are repeatedly flouted.

Obviously, PETA would like to see the end of all live-animal transport – but until that happens, we need to do all that we can to prevent as much cruelty and suffering as possible. There is currently a Written Declaration in front of the European Parliament which calls for a maximum journey … Read more.

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  • Jul

India’s Cows and the UK High Street

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You may be wondering why I’ve been quiet on the blog, but as anyone at PETA will tell you, I’m never quiet. So while I haven’t been at PETA shouting out ideas for the next celebrity ad campaign or cheeky demonstration, I have been in India working on projects to help animals there. One of these projects is to encourage consumers in India and elsewhere to do away with leather in their wardrobes. Here’s why:

We live in a global society, and what happens to animals in India … Read more.

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  • Apr

Transporting Live Animals For Research Is “Plane” Wrong

Lufthansa Transports Cats and DogsOne of the great things about working for PETA is being able to bring about swift progress for animals, often through co-ordinated efforts with PETA’s international affiliates. A superb example of this arose very recently when PETA and our affiliates obtained photographs of dogs at an American airport being flown on a German plane to face experiments in a laboratory right here in the UK. More than 50 beagles are shown in the photographs, and the freight labels (because they are just “freight” to the airline) identify them as heading for Charles … Read more.