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PETA’s Fishy Proposal

Fishing Stinks

© Schulte

When we heard that North Norfolk District Council was selling a disused lavatory in the seaside town of Sheringham, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to try to help aquatic animals. PETA proposed placing an anti-fishing ad that reads, “What’s That Pong? Fishing Stinks, Go Vegan,” on the side of the public toilet, which overlooks the sea, until it sells.

Whilst locals may think the toilet stunk, what really stinks is the abuse that fish suffer as they are dragged from the sea, stamped on, cut open whilst still … Read more.

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Victory for Fish – Who Are Smarter Than You Think!

© / GlobalP

We were horrified to learn that Fish/KMI Brands recently sent a gift of live goldfish to Now magazine with the message “Love me, don’t flush me”. So I’m very happy and relieved to say that after PETA contacted Fish/KMI, it pledged never to pull such a stunt again.

This public-relations gimmick was cruel and unacceptable and must have caused great distress to the fish involved. Fish are wonderful animals and are far more clever than most people think. Hundreds of scientific studies prove that fish are interesting and … Read more.