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Leather and Meat Without Killing Animals?

TED Talks are known for being at the cutting edge of technology and innovation, and they give us a glimpse of where society could be heading. So we were both intrigued and excited by entrepreneur Andras Forgacs’ lecture, in which he explains how printing leather – without harming a single animal – is the way of the future.

Sound zany? “[T]his is not so crazy … What’s crazy is what we do today”, Forgacs says. “[W]e raise and slaughter billions of animals to make our hamburgers and our handbags.”

It’s clear … Read more.

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  • Aug

In Vitro Meat: The Future of Food?

Test_tubes_(1)PETA and meat-eating do not usually go together. Yet this week, we’re celebrating an event that centres around tasting a real beef hamburger. This isn’t an unexpected U-turn for our organisation – because the meat being sampled today was grown in a laboratory! Dr Mark Post, a bio-scientist from the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands is hosting a ceremony in London which offers the first-ever opportunity to sample a burger made from real bovine tissue produced in vitro.

PETA founder Ingrid E Newkirk explains why we’re right behind this exciting Read more.

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  • Jan

PETA Supports Eating Meat – Find Out Why

A subject that has generated some interesting discussions in the office and that we’d love to hear your views on is PETA-approved meat – in vitro meat, that is! Although in vitro meat isn’t on supermarket shelves yet, it will be in our lifetime. The technology involves painlessly taking a few cells from a live animal and putting them into a nutritious medium in which they will divide. Scientists have already concluded that a few cells can feed an entire nation – in fact, … Read more.

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Good News For Rabbits – And For Us

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Inch by inch, progress is being made in ending animal tests. Actually, today it was more mile by mile. After more than a decade of scientific research, negotiations and lobbying by PETA and other animal protection groups, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has announced that it has approved new, non-animal testing methods for skin irritation

What does that mean? Until recently, chemicals of all kinds were tested for skin irritation using painful tests on rabbits. But now, around the entire world, the standard way … Read more.