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Keep It Kosher With Vegan Shabbat Recipes

One message that most people will take away from the recent horsemeat scandal is that if you’re buying meat, it’s almost impossible to know what it’s really made from. As the equine content of British burgers was making headlines, there was another worrying finding for members of religions which prohibit eating pork: the presence of pig meat in many so-called “beef” products, making them neither kosher nor halal.

But there’s an easy recipe for laying to rest anxieties about sinister hidden ingredients in your food: going vegan. Stick to a wholesome plant-based … Read more.

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Slaughterhouse Secrets

On Tuesday, the police and food standards inspectors raided a UK abattoir and meat processing firm to find out if they had been passing meat from horses off as beef – the latest development in the ongoing British horsemeat scandal, which has affected major retailers from Tesco to Burger King.

While the authorities have yet to reach a verdict about these particular facilities, at every slaughterhouse in Britain atrocities go on every day that would turn most people’s stomachs.

From being strung up by their legs and given repeated electric shocks to  … Read more.

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If You Wouldn’t Eat a Horse …

If you wouldn't eat a horse
No doubt you’ve seen the story splashed all over the papers this week about the horsemeat found in burgers from several major UK supermarkets. We absolutely agree with the British public that turning horses into burgers is outrageous – but is it really more shocking than doing the same to cows?

Cows, pigs, sheep and chickens – like horses – are sensitive creatures with distinct personalities, able to experience pain, suffering and fear. Yet millions of them are routinely abused and killed for the meat industry, without making headlines. They may … Read more.