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The Grand National: 8 Things They Don’t Tell You About Horse Racing

Whatever the results of this year’s Grand National, there’s one thing that you can bet on with confidence – horses will suffer as a result of the unethical spectacle at Aintree.

PETA US has just made headlines with its searing undercover investigation into cruel and illegal industry practices among horse trainers in the US. But here in the UK, horses hardly face better odds. The following are a few home truths about horse racing, which make it clear that the Grand National and races like it are a national disgrace:

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6 Reasons Horses Need Your Help in the Year of the Horse

Ingird horseHappy Year of the Horse! (Today is the Chinese New Year, in case you were wondering.) The Chinese zodiac associates horses with intelligence, independence and free-spiritedness. But in 2014, many of these beautiful, sensitive animals are sadly neglected or abused in Britain and elsewhere. Here are six ways that horses are suffering right now – and how you can help them:

  1. Racing:
    Horseracing kills horses all the time. In 2013 alone, at least 130 animals died on the track. When a horse slips while turning a corner or doesn’t make it over a dangerous
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‘Drugs. Breakdowns. Death.’ PETA US’ New Billboard Tells the Real Story of Horseracing

What’s the biggest tradition in thoroughbred horseracing? Not fancy hats or cocktails –it’s drugs. Whether “therapeutic” or illegal, horses are often dosed with chemicals to keep them running, a practice that results in countless tragic breakdowns on the track and the deaths of dozens of animals every week.

Drugs. Breakdown. Death. PETA Billboard at Kentucky Derby

Visitors to America’s highest-profile race, the Kentucky Derby, this weekend will get a striking reminder of these shady behind-the-scenes practices, thanks to PETA US’ bold new billboard, which will be driven in front of the track’s entrance between now and the day of the … Read more.

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Five Reasons Why Aintree Is Not So Grand

Horses jump a fence at AintreeAt last year’s Grand National, two horses, Synchronised and According To Pete, died on the track following gut-wrenching falls. Although race officials hurried to cover up the carnage with green tarpaulin, it was too late to hide the shocking deaths from the TV crews and the horrified spectators.

Given the length and danger of the course at Aintree, along with the reckless speeds enforced by the jockeys, it’s inevitable that horses will get hurt in this deadly race.

Behind the scenes, the racing industry has thousands more victims – thoroughbred horses … Read more.

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Against Bullfighting? Then Don’t Bet on the Grand National

If someone in your office suggested organising a bet on a bullfight, what do you think people’s reaction would be? It would most likely be outrage. After all, how could anyone justify killing animals in the name of entertainment? But that is exactly what will be happening at Aintree on April 14 when the notorious Grand National takes place.

At four and a half miles, it is the longest and most deadly thoroughbred National Hunt race in the world. The Chair, Becher’s Brook and The Canal Turn are among the 30 … Read more.