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India’s Cows and the UK High Street

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You may be wondering why I’ve been quiet on the blog, but as anyone at PETA will tell you, I’m never quiet. So while I haven’t been at PETA shouting out ideas for the next celebrity ad campaign or cheeky demonstration, I have been in India working on projects to help animals there. One of these projects is to encourage consumers in India and elsewhere to do away with leather in their wardrobes. Here’s why:

We live in a global society, and what happens to animals in India … Read more.

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Ireland’s Suzanne McCabe Sticks To Her Anti-Fur Principles

Beautiful Suzanne McCabe may be one of Ireland’s most sought-after models, but she’s not prepared to compromise when it comes to her anti-fur principles.

You may remember that Suzanne starred in PETA’s first Irish “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” ad, which was released last year to coincide with the announcement that fur farming will be banned in the Republic of Ireland within three years. The ad was jointly released by PETA and the wonderful Animal Rights Action Network.

Well, vegetarian Suzanne has been in the news Read more.