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Being Vegan Is Easy as Pie

Steak and kidney? No, thank you! Eating the innards of animals is no way to celebrate traditional British food, which is why, for National Pie Week, we’re going crazy for vegan pastry fare. Although the world’s first pies were filled with meat and called “coffins”, cookery has fortunately evolved since then. Thanks to companies such as all-vegan Fry’s Distribution, which has just launched its brand-new curry pie, your pastry shell doesn’t need to contain a corpse-based filling.

We just had a sneak preview of Fry’s new pie and can … Read more.

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A Vegan Omelette?

A few years ago when I was living in Italy, I came across a truly scrumptious dish called cinque é cinque (also known as torta di ceci). The first time I tried it, I thought it tasted so “eggy” that I had to go back to the shop to check that it was really vegan!

A specialty of Livorno, Tuscany, on the northwest coast of the country, cinque é cinque is a chickpea pancake traditionally cooked in a clay oven and served on oily bread (schiacciatina) with extra pepper. It can … Read more.

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‘Meaty’ Sunday Roast

I love inviting friends over for Sunday lunch so that I can introduce them to vegan foods that they probably haven’t ever tried before!

One of my favourite dishes to prepare is this easy-to-make vegan roast. I made one the other night, and it took me about 15 minutes to prepare before popping it into the oven for an hour and a half. To be honest, I’m not normally a big fan of nut roasts, so I was delighted to discover this much “meatier” version! It would also be ideal for Christmas Read more.

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Vegan Heaven in 2011?

As you’re getting stuck in to the New Year, why not tuck in to some delicious new vegan food from Redwood Wholefoods? 

The cruelty-free company was kind enough to send some samples from their new range to the PETA office for us to try, but you had to be pretty quick off the mark to get a taste in! Below are some of our thoughts, but try them all for yourself! 

Read more.

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Have a Veggie Merry Christmas!

© iStockPhoto / sylvanworks

I love Christmas! This is the second year I have lived in London and been able to experience all the festivities – the lights on Regent Street, the brilliant decorations on Carnaby Street, the chestnut sellers on Tower Bridge – shall I go on? Because I can, trust me!

But, of course, there is a sadder side to Christmas. More animals are killed to be eaten on Christmas Day than for any other day of the year. Turkeys, geese, pigs, chickens – the list goes on. Every one … Read more.

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The Best Cupcake Recipe EVER!

Want to know a secret? The best cupcakes you’ll ever have are 100 per cent VEGAN! These delicious, animal-friendly goodies are not “just as good” as traditional cupcakes – we think they’re better.

I’ve used this recipe many times. The cupcakes always turn out great and are loved by all (including non-vegans, who are left wondering in amazement how something containing soya milk and apple cider vinegar can be so tasty!). So why not blow your family and friends away with this fab recipe?

You’ll need either a silicone baking sheet or … Read more.

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The Pizza Burger

When our very own Sarah C saw the NY Pizza Burger in the news, she was determined to “veganise” it, knowing that PETA staff members like a bit of junk food every now and then (she’s right – no crumbs were left on the plate!).

Containing no animal ingredients whatsoever, this can easily be made at home using Sarah’s not-so-secret recipe and the instructions below, this will take around an hour to prepare and cook:

1 pack Granose Burger Mix
1 tin kidney beans
1 tin crab-eye beans
3 cloves garlic
Chilli … Read more.

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9p Noodles

© / ugurhan

Question: What do 9p noodles from Sainsbury’s, £1 worth of Redwood sandwich slices from Morrisons and a packet of Bourbons have in common?

They’re all sitting in my kitchen right now.

Fact: Student food is bad. Other fact: Vegan student food is a million times better. Vegetables are cheap and easy to cook, and their production doesn’t cause animal suffering!

It’s a common misconception that it is expensive to be a vegan student. I follow a strict vegan diet for around £25 a week. You can get … Read more.

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Going Vegan

Going Vegan

© / kcline

My life has gotten better since I made the decision to stop consuming meat, eggs and dairy products. I had my eureka moment about nine years ago when I woke up to the fact that my choice to eat meat meant I was actually paying someone to end the life of another living being – a being who, in all likelihood, had spent his or her whole life scared or in pain. I think I must have known on some level the impact that acknowledging that connection would … Read more.