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8 Must-Try Vegan Sandwich Ideas

Making the perfect sandwich is an art form. The concept may be simple – take two slices of bread and insert your (animal-free) filling of choice – but the creative possibilities are endless!

Sampling some of the brand-new range of Violife vegan cheese from Veganic got the PETA office thinking about our favourite cruelty-free sandwiches. Here are some of our top picks:

  1. Kirsty’s Classic “Cheese” Sandwich: There’s nothing fancy about this sandwich, but oh my, it is tasty. Recreate it yourself with thick-cut seeded bread, smothered with basil and cashew pesto, then
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Say (Vegan) Cheese!

We’ve all heard it – “I’d love to go vegan, but I just couldn’t give up cheese”. Well, thanks to all the fab vegan cheese products around today, you don’t have to!

The world of dairy-free cheese is rapidly expanding, and the even better news is that vegan cheese products contain only a fraction of the fat found in animal-derived cheese but can be equally delicious. Added satisfaction comes from the fact that no animals were harmed in its making – no baby calves were ripped away from their mothers, and no … Read more.