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10 Hard-to-Swallow Facts That You’ll Wish Were April Fool’s Jokes

It may be 1 April, but we’re not pulling your leg. Meat and other animal products contain some extremely disturbing ingredients. Cruelty, for a start – but also some other stuff that’s just, well, gross.

Unfortunately, the following 10 facts about what’s really in meat and dairy products are 100 percent true – we’d just advise you not to read them while you’re tucking into a hamburger or any other food that contains dead animals.

  1. Arsenic
    Farms feed chickens and pigs arsenic to help ward off infections in their filthy living conditions
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Sorry, April Fools!

Chickens on factory farms are crowded by the thousands into dark sheds that reek of ammonia from the accumulated waste in which the animals are forced to stand. These birds are denied everything that is natural and important to them. They are barely given room to move – each bird lives in approximately the amount of space equivalent to a standard sheet of paper – and never allowed to see the light of day until they are stuffed into crates and transported to slaughter. At the slaughterhouse, they are hung upside down … Read more.