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Go Fresher – Go Vegan!

It’s that time of the year again – thousands of students will be starting or returning to university and kicking off the term with a fun-filled fresher frenzy to settle in. But before the madness begins, here are a few handy fresher tips from an old and wise third-year:

  1. Now is the perfect time to go vegan! Now that you’re cooking and shopping for yourself, you can make sure that your cart is cruelty-free. Remember: vegetables are cheaper than meat, so your loan should stretch easily if you’re careful. When other
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  • Nov

‘Drinking Responsibly’ Can Have Another Meaning

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There is a problem with alcohol in the UK: alcoholic-drink manufacturers don’t have to specify all the ingredients in their drinks, and even when they do, they use descriptions that can disguise what is going down your throat on a night out.

They also don’t have to mention if their filtration process is vegan. For example, lots of beers and wines are filtered to remove sediment. Some lagers are filtered through proteins found in a cow’s stomach. Wine is sometimes passed through ground-up fish swim bladders (called isinglass) … Read more.