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3 Animal-Friendly Student Art Projects

There are thousands of ways to speak out for animals: whatever your talents are, you can use them to advocate for compassion! And that’s exactly what some inspiring students have been doing, by creating stirring artworks with an animal rights message as part of their studies.

This striking poster was created by design student Adam Taylor, who used one of his assignments to raise awareness of the cruelty of the fur industry. The image shows a sinister fur coat tainted with the dripping blood-red innards of the animal who was … Read more.

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  • Oct

Animal Rights in China – Times Are Changing

Compassionate animal rights movement in China is growingChina often makes headlines because of the abuse of animals in the country, whether on fur farms, in zoos or in the meat industry. But there is another side to this nation of more than a billion people. Perhaps less well known is the fact that China is home to an estimated 50 million vegetarians and vegans. That means almost as many people follow a meat-free diet in China as there are people in the UK! And together, these compassionate eaters are saving literally billions of animals’ lives a year, simply … Read more.

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  • Aug

Just Another Day in the Office

PETA’s always had a diverse workforce. But one staffer in particular stands out – our campaign goose! You might have seen him before, taking our campaign against foie gras to the streets and standing up for all his fellow birds who are being tortured on French farms.

We followed him around for a day to create a gallery that shows how PETA’s goose is working hard to end Fortnum & Mason’s sales of cruelly produced foie gras.

tubeAfter an early start and chowing down on some fresh-cut grass, I make my … Read more.

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  • Jan

Jamie Kilstein Stands Up for Veganism (Tickets on Sale Now!)

Jamie Kilstein is a vegan athlete, a stand-up comedian, a political activist and an Internet radio host.

The American funny-man often uses his comedy shows to shine a spotlight on animal rights. We caught up with him ahead of his upcoming UK tour.

Check out our interview with him:

Congratulations on winning bronze in a world jiu-jitsu championship in November. Even though so many top athletes have turned to a vegan diet, do you face any challenges with perception of veganism in sport?

My jiu-jitsu and mixed martial arts friends … Read more.

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  • May

Activists Tell Fortnum & Mason Foie Gras Is ‘Blooming’ Cruel!

PETA’s brilliant activists joined our “goose” outside the world famous Chelsea Flower Show today to let show attendees know about the horrific cruelty that Fortnum & Mason is supporting by continuing to sell foie gras. Whilst Fortnum & Mason hosts Chelsea’s Hospitality Village, geese are suffering and dying so that their diseased livers can be sold at the London store.

PETA's goose at the Chelsea Flower Show

Foie gras is so cruel that its production is illegal in the UK and 16 other countries. To make the “torture in a tin”, young ducks and geese are crammed into tiny … Read more.

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  • Dec

Horses Spared From Life of Misery on Oxford Streets

It’s the season of celebration, and in that spirit, we’ve got another reason for you to feel jovial this Christmas: Oxford City Council has rejected plans to reintroduce horse-drawn carriages! We are SO grateful to you, our brilliant supporters, who accounted for 95 per cent of the objections received by the council!

Horses are extremely sensitive to loud noises and unexpected sounds, and busy city streets have plenty of both. There have been countless incidents in which horses and people have suffered serious injuries or even … Read more.

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  • Nov

Next Time You See Someone Wearing Fur…

They sit next to you on the train, they walk past you at the supermarket and they might even work in your office – so when you see someone wearing fur, it’s good to be prepared. It’s hard to believe, I know, but many people who wear fur still have absolutely no idea what happens to animals who are killed for their skins. Or perhaps they think that if the jacket is “vintage“, somehow that makes it alright – and they need you to let them know it isn’t! With … Read more.

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  • Jun

Activist Father Shares His Wisdom

Just in time for Father’s Day, we had the chance to talk to animal rights advocate and super dad Alistair Currie. He’s been fighting the good fight for animals for many years and is passing on his compassion for animals to his son, Alex. It’s amazing to see the animal rights message spreading from one generation to the next, and it all started with an argument! Check out our Q&A with Alistair to find out how he gets active for animals and shares his passion with his family.

How did you Read more.

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No Holiday for Animals

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If you’re like me, you’ve finished Uni or college for the year. You’ll finally have loads of free time to do something excellent for animals. Remember: animals on factory farms, on fur farms, in laboratories and in circuses all around the world don’t get a summer holiday.

There are a million and one ways you can help animals this summer, and one of the best things about the struggle for animal rights is that there is something for you no matter what your strengths are.

I’d definitely recommend … Read more.