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PETA Germany Saves 100+ Animals

Dozens of animals were rescued from a ramshackle farm in Arnsberg-Hüsten, Germany, after a whistleblower alerted PETA Germany that the animals were being kept in filthy, dilapidated sheds or were enclosed in broken wire fences—exposed to the elements, predators, and the beer-bottle-littered ground.

Upon investigation, staff members found 59 chickens, 34 rabbits, 25 ducks, and six geese, as well as the skins and heads of two dead rabbits and the carcasses of three dead and decaying animals, which were being eaten by rats. The whistleblower stated that the … Read more.

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Cuppa Cruelty

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Tea – it’s hard to imagine a substance that’s more harmless. It’s our national drink, it’s vegan – it’s the only thing that gets some of us through the day. What’s not to love?

How about a tea company that force-feeds rats tea, subjects them to surgery to bring their intestines onto their skin and then kills them? How about experimenters who infect piglets with disease-causing bacteria and infuse their dissected intestines with tea? Or a company that feeds rabbits unhealthy food to cause extreme hardening of the … Read more.

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Joanna Lumley: Animals Are Just Like Us

The following is a post from the PETA Files

Joanna Lumley, the Absolutely Fabulous former Bond girl and current star of the Broadway play La Bête is still as fabulous as ever. What’s her secret? Not being part of the “blood chain,” as the longtime vegetarian puts it. PETA US caught up with Ms. Lumley on Broadway and this is what she had to say to PETA US V.P. Dan Mathews on fur, foie gras, and “the most horrid animals on the planet.”

Dan Mathews: What made you sympathetic to animals?

Joanna Read more.

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The Alarm Bells Should Have Been Ringing

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It’s no surprise that Stephen Griffiths – who was charged last week with murdering three women in Bradford – allegedly abused animals in the past. According to news reports, Griffiths, now known as the “crossbow killer”, bred rats to feed to his lizards. A former friend claimed that on one occasion, Griffiths ate a live baby rat whole and found this cruel act amusing.

Child-killers Mary Bell, Robert Thompson and Jon Venables as well as multiple murderers Ian Huntley, Thomas Hamilton (Dunblane massacre), Fred West, Denis Nilsen, … Read more.