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Punk Up Your Wardrobe With Black Score’s Clothing Collaboration With PETA

Have you ever wanted to flip heartless fur-wearers the bird? Designer Simeon Farrar – the genius behind Black Score, the label of stylish slogan T-shirts – has, and that’s why he was eager to team up with PETA UK for a limited-edition collection of “Black Score for PETA” animal rights–themed T-shirts and jumpers, which are available to buy online now.

“I’m really excited to be collaborating with PETA”, Farrar says. “They are so passionate and proactive in the crusade against animal cruelty. Black Score is often raising the middle finger for the animal kingdom, so to do it in support of a charity like PETA is a true honour.”

The in-your-face designs, which are drawn by hand, take on a variety of subjects, including the meat industry, fur and wool, and a percentage of the sales from each T-shirt and sweatshirt sold will be donated to PETA. Check out, and then let us know which design is your favourite in the comments!


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Morrissey Spreads the Meat-Free Message on Tour

Barcelona, Berlin, Dublin, Lisbon, Milan and Paris are just a few of the cities that Morrissey’s latest European tour has taken him to – and wherever he’s gone, he’s made sure that his fans have heard the compassionate meat-free message loud and clear.

In addition to persuading all the venues that he’s performing at to go meat-free for the night, Moz also gave a show-stopping rendition of his iconic song “Meat Is Murder” – accompanied by harrowing video footage from abattoirs to help drive the point home. And his performances have led many people to rethink their dietary choices! We’ve compiled a few of the audience’s reactions:


Thanks, Morrissey! And thank you to all the PETA supporters who turned up to table and hand out pro-veg leaflets at each of his gigs.

Even if your personal following isn’t quite as large as Mozza’s, you can still be a positive influence on those around you! Most people can’t help but be moved and shocked when they see video footage of how animals are treated in abattoirs and on factory farms so sometimes sharing a video is all it takes to persuade someone to try out a cruelty-free diet.

Share our hard-hitting exposé “Glass Walls” to help spread the meat-free message!

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Institut Français Says ‘Joyeux Noël’ to Ducks and Geese

French cultural institution foie gras crueltyThis week, we received a very welcome e-mail from London’s Institut Français:

I hear your concern concerning the “force feeding” [of] birds. We want all our students to enjoy the Christmas Market the best possible way in a festive atmosphere[.] I hope you will be happy to hear we all have agreed to ask the stall to remove foie gras from the menu.

A student studying French at the cultural centre – who also happens to be a PETA campaigner – was dismayed when she found out that cruel foie gras was to be featured in its Christmas Market on 6 December. She wrote to the organisers at once, explaining how ducks and geese suffer when they are violently force-fed to produce foie gras.

We’re delighted that the Institut Français has recognised compassionate considerations by making sure that the offending product was banished from the market! It joins notable foie gras–free institutions, including Wimbledon, Selfridges, the House of Lords and many others.

Often a quick e-mail or a polite conversation is enough to persuade businesses to do the right thing. So if you see foie gras on sale anywhere, please speak out!

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Paul McCartney Sends ‘Glass Walls’ to the Moon!

Moon“Glass Walls” is PETA’s groundbreaking meat industry exposé, which derives its name from narrator Paul McCartney’s famous quote: “If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian”. The short film has helped countless people ditch meat and go vegan, and now it will be preserved as a reminder and a warning for years to come.

When news hit that a new crowd-funding project by British scientists will send thousands of digital time capsules to the moon in 2025, Paul McCartney leapt to reserve a “memory box”, in which “Glass Walls” will be saved.

Future generations will look back on the slaughter of animals for food with the same astonishment and horror that we feel when confronted with images of human slavery. Paul’s addition to the lunar time capsule will ensure that we never forget what animals have endured at human hands.

The video contains footage of cows, chickens, sheep and other animals who are abused on factory farms across Europe and around the world – animals who all feel pain and fear just as you or I do and who were born to loving mothers just so that one day they could be killed and eaten.

Don’t wait until “Glass Walls” is sent to the moon in 2025 – watch the video now, and take the pledge to go vegan.

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Victory: Lacoste Pulls Angora Stock


French clothing retailer Lacoste is the latest company to confirm to PETA that it’s removing all angora wool products and has requested to be added to our list of retailers that do not sell angora.

“As part of its CSR policy, we can confirm that Lacoste has no plan to use angora fibers in its coming collections”, the company says in a statement.

This is great news for animals and compassionate shoppers. PETA Asia’s unprecedented investigation shows that rabbits who have their fur cut or sheared also suffer greatly during the cutting process. Their front and back legs are tightly tethered so that they can be stretched out over a board – a terrifying experience for any prey animal. Others are suspended in the air by their forelimbs. Rabbits have very thin skin, and the sharp cutting tools invariably wound them as they struggle desperately to escape. The angora farming industry also condemns these intelligent animals to spend years in isolation in small, filthy wire cages that cut into their sensitive paws and prevent them from engaging in normal behaviour, exercise and interaction with other rabbits. These are standard practices in the barbaric angora industry. Regardless of whether the rabbits have been plucked or sheared, if a label says “angora”, it means that rabbits have suffered. There’s quite simply no way to obtain angora responsibly, which is why so many companies have switched to humane, animal-free fabrics, which are readily available.

Angora Production

We’re glad to welcome Lacoste to our list of companies that have told us that they will not be using angora in future collections. PETA and our supporters are now urging the few remaining retailers, including Benetton, to follow Lacoste’s lead and show that cruelty to animals has no place in their stores.

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Christmas Discount: Vegan Roasts From Vegusto

Just in time for Christmas, Vegusto is sharing tips for making the perfect traditional vegan holiday roast dinner! Vegan chef Tony Bishop-Weston shows just how easy it is to whip up a Christmas dinner with a rainbow of veggies and a fantastic vegan roast.

The company offers a variety of cruelty-free vegan roasts that taste delicious. Whether you’re catering for a crowd of hungry vegans or determined to wow your meat-eating family members with tasty plant-based food, Christmas is a time to go all-out with your cooking. You can find more tips for designing a festive vegan menu here.

Vegusto is offering PETA supporters a 10 per cent discount on its roasts. Just sign up here, but be quick. The offer ends at midnight 21 December 2014.

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This Is the Hundredth Spanish Town to Ban Bullfighting

Majorca bullfighting progressLast week, Sant Joan in Mallorca became the 16th town on the island to reject bullfighting – a sign of the growing Spanish resistance to this cruel and outdated pastime. The compassionate decision came after a campaign by local group Mallorca Sin Sangre.

While certain members of the political establishment in Spain still cling to the outmoded idea of killing animals for sport, grassroots resistance is turning whole swathes of the country into bullfighting-free zones. The region of Catalonia as well as towns such as Tossa de Mar, Vilamacolum and La Vajol have banned bullfights outright, bringing the total number of municipalities that have rejected bullfighting to 100! Towns are now finding innovative new ways to celebrate traditional festivals without harming animals. For instance, Mataelpino in central Spain has introduced the Running of the Balls as a humane alternative to horrific bull runs.

Spanish resistance to cruel bullfightingTormenting and stabbing terrified animals until they collapse and bleed to death is clearly horrifically cruel and unjustifiable for any reason – especially for “entertainment”. Understandably, most Spaniards take no pleasure in this barbaric spectacle: a recent poll found that less than a third of the population supports it, and the number of bullfights taking place is steeply declining.

There are powerful economic arguments against bullfighting, too, given that an estimated 571 million Euros in subsidies are used to prop up this archaic and unpopular industry, while millions of young people are unemployed in the country and the economy is still struggling. It’s clear that bullfighting is a dying industry. It’s reviled around the world and opposed by huge numbers of compassionate Spaniards.

Please help end the subsidies that allow the cruelty to continue by writing to the European Commission today.

Take Action Now


Sant Joan (Mallorca)” by A. Mobo / CC BY-SA 3.0 

Bull Photo: © Tras Los Muros

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Wilby Launches Drayton Collection – Enter for a Chance to Win!

Wilby Bag PETAMahatma Gandhi said that “[t]here is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness”. It’s an inspirational thought that also serves as Wilby’s motto. The company makes handbags from eco-friendly and animal-free materials that allow any animal-loving fashionista to rock a chic look without harming a single cow, sheep or any other animal.

Wilby has worked with PETA in the past. Rock ‘n’ roll socialite, jewellery designer and PETA celebrity liaison Meg Mathews teamed up with the hot accessories label to design the Primrose Hill line of leather-free handbags, for which the company donates a percentage of sales to PETA.

Wilby is now offering PETA supporters a chance to win the bag of their choice from its new Drayton Collection! This line is made with thicker, more durable non-animal leather and is great for a luxury look while still being very functional. The company will also be donating a percentage of the sales from the Drayton Collection to PETA!

The choice of a vegan bag is kind to animals. Cows used for leather suffer immensely on crowded factory farms, where disease and deprivation of food and water are common. Painful mutilations, such as tail-docking, dehorning and castration, are all performed without any painkillers. At slaughterhouses, many cows are improperly stunned and skinned while they’re still conscious and able to feel pain. You can see for yourself by watching Stella McCartney’s shocking video exposé of the leather industry.

For your chance to win a bag of your choice from the Drayton Collection, just fill out the below form. A runner-up prize of a 40 per cent discount on a bag from either the Drayton or Primrose Hill collections will be given to five additional entrants. The competition closes at 9 am on 18 December 2014. One winner will be chosen at random from all entrants, and five runners-up will be drawn for the discount and notified by 19 December. The prize will be posted to the lucky winner shortly afterwards.

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Recognising the Volunteers Who Help Us Save Animals

Today is International Volunteer Day, and we’re celebrating the volunteers who help make PETA such an effective voice for animals. This year, we’re recognising three particularly dedicated volunteers – Rose, Natalie and Kate – with PETA’s Volunteer Award.

PETA Pillow Fight

Rose Patterson from Harrogate has been responsible for making some of the most eye-catching animal rights demonstrations an absolute success. The photographic arts student joined 100 other PETA members in Trafalgar Square to strip down, spatter herself with fake blood and lie naked in a heap in a pro-vegan demonstration – held on World Vegan Day – to encourage passers-by to have compassion for the billions of animals who are slaughtered for their flesh by the meat and fishing industries every year. She delivered a “dead goose” to Fortnum & Mason to serve as an upsetting reminder of where foie gras really comes from. And on International Pillow Fight Day, she led PETA members who participated in a flash mob in Trafalgar Square with a large “goose.” Demonstrators held signs that encouraged pillow fighters to spare a thought for the ducks and geese who are plucked alive to the point of bleeding and to choose down- and feather-free pillows.

Natalie Spencer from Redhill is never afraid to stand up against the abuse and killing of animals for food, clothing, experiments and entertainment. Earlier this year, following a video exposé which revealed that hundreds of infant monkeys are being torn away from their mothers at a US National Institutes of Health laboratory in Maryland, causing them to suffer from psychoses, Natalie interrupted a speech in Cardiff by the head experimenter and unfolded a sign which read, “Stop Abusing Baby Monkeys”.

Natalie has also worked tirelessly speaking up for animals used for food and helping to encourage people to go vegan, including by joining Morrissey’s tour and urging fans to give up meat. She’s helped inspire others to get involved in the worldwide struggle for justice for animals, and for that, we are truly grateful.

PETA Volunteer Kate

Some of the most important volunteer work occurs behind the scenes, and Kate from Liverpool is probably PETA’s most dedicated volunteer. Students write to PETA for help with campaigning, local activists from across Europe send us requests for leaflets and tens of thousands of people go vegan, thanks to our free vegan starter kits. Since 2006, Kate has been one of the volunteers who helps us deal with these requests and get our life-saving resources to people around the world.

She reliably helps us distribute our resources, and over the years, she has made herself available to assist in the office with anything that our campaigners might need, from data entry to research – and always with a smile.

PETA has achieved so many victories, thanks to the help of volunteers such as Rose, Natalie and Kate. If you feel inspired by their stories and would like to get active for animals with PETA, joining our Action Team is the best way to start.

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Our Vegan Christmas Gift Wish List

Stuck for Christmas gift ideas?

Christmas jumpers

We’ve pulled together a list of some of our favourite vegan items that will deliver Christmas cheer for human and non-human animals alike!

Monkee Genes Beyond Skin Wills Wallet
Jeans From Monkee Genes
This vegan denim company even sells faux-leather “PETA-Approved Vegan” patches, so a pair of its stylish jeans would make the perfect gift for the PETA supporter in your life!
Beyond Skin Shoes
Ethical footwear company Beyond Skin creates luxury, ethical vegan designer ladies’ shoes, the perfect gift for a compassionate fashionista.
A Wallet From Wills
Stuck for stocking fillers? PETA business friend Wills offers a classic wallet crafted with soft Italian microfiber.
A Vegan Handbag
PETA’s own Meg Mathews teamed up with hot vegan accessories label Wilby to design the Primrose Hill line of gorgeous leather-free handbags. They make great gifts, and a percentage of each sale is donated to PETA!
Save a Bunny’s Skin
With a virtual gift from PETA Presents, your purchase will be put to work immediately to support our life-saving work.
An Album From Your Favourite Compassionate Musician
Morrissey, Chrissie Hynde, RZA and Mogwai have all had albums released this year and yet still found the time to speak out for animals.
Black Score Hotel Chocolat Keep It Vegan
A T-Shirt From Black Score
Black Score has designed a range of eye-catching animal rights T-shirts, which are perfect for any stylish animal activist! 


A Vegan Chocolate Slab by Hotel Chocolat
What’s Christmas without chocolate? Hotel Chocolat’s latest vegan chocolate creation, the massive Fruit and Nut Frenzy Giant Slab, which recently won a PETA Vegan Food Award, would be perfect for Christmas morning!
Keep It Vegan by Áine Carlin
Whether you’re a veteran vegan or just getting started with compassionate cuisine, Áine Carlin’s cookbook, which won one of PETA’s Vegan Food Awards, is sure to inspire.
PETA Knitting Pattern Christmas Jumper
A Wool-Free Christmas Jumper
Show sheep and other wool-bearing animals that you care by giving a Christmas jumper made with acrylic or plant-based yarns.
PETA Logo Cat Bowl
Give the animals in your life a treat with a PETA-branded food bowl!
‘PETA-Approved Vegan’ Trainers
Esprit ramped up its animal- and eco-friendly credentials this year by launching a stylish new collection of leather-free trainers.

Shopping with compassion is easy at Christmas. Here are some more tips for cruelty-free gifts that will delight your family and friends and don’t come with a hidden price tag for animals.

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