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Dr Gilly Stoddart serves as PETA UK's science advisor and is also the lead science advisor to the PETA International Science Consortium, Ltd (PISC). She has a PhD in drug delivery from Cardiff University and serves as PISC's point of contact for the European Chemicals Agency and member state competent authorities. She's also a member of the Animals in Science Committee, which advises the Secretary of State on all matters concerning the use of animals in scientific procedures.
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Support for Animal Experiments Decreasing as Mistrust in Scientists and the Rules Governing Animal Experiments Grows

A recent Ipsos MORI poll commissioned by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills has shown that public opposition to the use of animals in medical research has grown steadily for the past six years. More than one in three people now identify themselves as “objectors” to the use of animals in medical research. No doubt, support for animal testing will continue to fall as people become increasingly aware of exciting, progressive and effective science that uses non-animal methods. These methods, including sophisticated computer and mathematical models, human tissue and cell cultures … Read more.