The Inglorious Twelfth Marks a Season of Shame
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The Inglorious Twelfth Marks a Season of Shame


Tuesday is the beginning of the annual red grouse shooting season in Scotland: the deceptively named “Glorious Twelfth”. Around half a million of these shy birds will be shot this year, helping to line the pockets of certain wealthy landowners but causing nothing but suffering to both the grouse and the many other animals who are killed because of this archaic, bloodthirsty industry.

Many estate managers kill birds of prey in order to “protect” grouse so that shooters can then kill them. Hawks, falcons, owls and other legally protected raptors are trapped, poisoned or shot, and their nests are also destroyed. Similarly, gamekeepers “control” (i.e., kill) foxes, crows, weasels, stoats and other animals so that hunters will have more grouse to shoot.

Unnaturally boosting the grouse population – for the perverse purpose of obliterating it later in the year – is also highly detrimental to the local environment. Upland moors store and absorb carbon dioxide – the British equivalent of a rainforest. But since grouse eat young heather shoots, moor “managers” burn heather in order to encourage fresh shoots, releasing massive amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. There’s also evidence that the use of lead ammunition – which is toxic to wildlife – harms the environment and humans.

Estate owners generally receive £150 for every pair of birds shot down. This is basically blood money, supplied by people who kid themselves that this killing is “sport”. The 12th of August will be a glorious day only when grouse hunters put away their guns, traps and poisons for good.

Image: Bods / CC BY 2.0

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  1. avatar Irene Gillespie says:

    Senseless and needless. Why do us humans have to be so greedy and callous

  2. Please stop this madness

    • avatar Wowzers says:

      These poor pitiful clueless idiots might as well forget the whole thing and go home. After all, don’t wild animals have it tough enough where peta thinks they SHOULD be!

  3. avatar Sarah says:

    This must be stopped!

  4. avatar Dawn Hollis says:

    No animal should be shot or killed in Amy way. It disgusts me. Leave these creatures alone . They were not born so wealthy greedy bastards could kill them and take away their freedom.

  5. avatar Marilyn Erb says:

    How can they justify killing for sport. They cannot! It’s wrong, wrong, WRONG!!!

  6. avatar Sharon Brock says:

    Absolutely disgusting!!!What is wrong with these people have they no shame!!!

  7. avatar Janet Walker says:

    Another disgusting sport for Humanbeings makes me sick.

  8. avatar Veronica May says:

    This is disgusting to kill any wildlife or any animal and needs to be stopped right now. Sometimes i think money is the root of all evil, especially to the greedy land owners. I detest rich snobby people or anyone parpicitating in this kind of thing, who do they think they are. It is totally wrong to kill other wildlife , just so they can kill the Grouse, senseless and morally wrong. W don’t nee to eat Grouse, but then it is proberly the snobby lot that do that. I REALLY HOPE THIS IS STOPPED.

  9. avatar linda clark says:

    For some strange reason Human beings seem to think it is a right that we have to be able to kill animals for food, to cull, to experiment on, for entertainment, imprison and abuse!
    we are a really horrible and evil species, unless that is if you are a vegan,
    long live veganism!

  10. avatar Carol Brand says:

    Sick greedy badtards, the Royals come to mind all for fun!!!!

  11. avatar Janice Featherstone says:

    Please stop this barbaric practice

  12. avatar carol elkins says:

    this is a barbaric tradition brought about by people with too much money, when will they stop killing animals for sport, we had better watch out or will will be next…….STOP THIS BARBARIC TRADITION NOW.

  13. avatar James says:

    Please vote in the Huffington Post poll asking if Grouse shooting is cruel.

  14. avatar Jeanette Brown says:

    Who are these idiots who still participate in this cruel and out dated practice ?
    I am neither rich, well educated or titled. However my philosophy is, treat all living creatures( animal or human) as you would wish to be treated . I feel this gives me the right to know I am a better and superior person to someone who shoots a defensive scared bird out of the sky for the sheer hell of it.

  15. avatar Maggie Cranfield says:

    This is pure cruelty and has to be stopped

  16. Males or women who find pleasure and excitement in killing should get help as they are abnormal civilised people find this cruelty sickening.

  17. avatar Craig Mason says:

    I live on the edge of peak district national park i am 100% against shooting animals for sport

  18. avatar rachel says:

    I think this disgusting barbaric so called sport should be banned. Haven’t these rich spoilt, out of touch individuals got anything better to do with their time?

  19. avatar verna says:

    i am so disguisted to know this,what in the hell is wrong with human beings….kill,kill,kill,is thats all is on their minds,let those precious creatures live,its all bad enough to kill animals for food,but to kill for the sake of killing

  20. avatar Pamela Picot says:

    ‘Blood sports’ – a contradiction in terms. Barbaric and something that we should have evolved out of, in the 21st century. Stupid, arrogant, usually wealthy people with nothing more meaningful to do than to kill wildlife and sadly these idiots are usually educated and should therefore know better. Unfortunately, quite a lot of these ‘empathy challenged’ people seem to be running our country.

  21. It sickened me to hear the horrid man saying they are doing us a favour killing them…how could he say that when he knew that they were breeding and encouraging more and changing the diversity of the landscape!! The RSPB man did us proud though.

  22. avatar jennifer says:

    They stopped fox hunting,i know its a bit different but it’s still a blood sport,& should be banned.poor birds raised by human hands to be shot by humans,its horrible.

  23. avatar CARMEN R GAGLIARDI says:


  24. avatar Bethany Johnson says:

    There should be laws against this insanity. It is illegal to kill humans – there should be the same laws against killing & torturing other creatures. Humans are suppose to be civilized creatures.. Absolutely absurd!

  25. avatar Kim says:

    This really needs to stop.

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