County Kerry, End the Capture and Display of Wild Goats at Puck Fair
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County Kerry, End the Capture and Display of Wild Goats at Puck Fair

Wild animals suffer tremendously, both physically and mentally, when caught, especially during handling and transport, and contact with humans can terrify and disorient them. So spare a thought for the goat who will soon be “crowned” King Puck at the Puck Fair in Killorglin, County Kerry.

PETA oppose Puck Fair crueltyIn what must be a terrifying ordeal, each year, a wild male goat is caught in the mountains, confined to a small cage in town and then hoisted high in the air, where he remains for three days while revellers party below.

Goats deserve to be left alone so that they can roam the beautiful, sprawling mountains of County Kerry – not captured every year and imprisoned inside a cramped and wholly unsuitable enclosure.

There are many other ways for Killorglin’s residents to celebrate their local community without putting animals at risk. This year, we’ve written to the Mayor of Kerry, offering to contribute to the creation of a life-like goat sculpture if it will help end this cruel and archaic practice. We hope that Killorglin’s mayor and residents will take us up on this offer.

If you visit the county or anywhere else with an attraction that includes a captive animal, please walk the other way. Tourists have so many fantastic opportunities available to them that it’s easy to have a holiday filled with cruelty-free memories.

Image: “King Puck goes up” by Alice / CC BY-SA 2.0

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  1. avatar Lorraine Sherry says:

    Disgusting evil behaviour by humans who are supposed to be the most intelligent animal on earth. Far from it !

  2. avatar Joanne Kay says:

    This is a joke right? !!!!!

  3. avatar Gillian Shaw says:

    What a very, very stupid tradition. Pointless, archaic and for what????? Grow up and change this.

  4. avatar Sharon Peacey says:

    This is just beyond cruel and barbaric. What is the thinking behind this? The modern world understands that animals feel pain and experience fear and suffering. There is no excuse! This ritual must end.

  5. I have Irish ancestors and I’m sure they would be horrified at doing such a thing to an animal it’s cruel and totally unessary try and think of the horror this poor wild animal goes through for three days I am disgusted to think of my fellow people doing such wicked things

  6. avatar Wendy Ward says:


  7. avatar Marie linnen says:

    Ireland has no respect for animals

  8. avatar Diane Bray says:

    Can’t believe people can treat animals like this. It needs to stop now!

  9. avatar Annemarie O'Brien says:

    I can’t believe this happens in Ireland… disgusted

  10. avatar Melanie says:

    These people are retarded and backward idiots! Hang them in the air!! How can this be acceptable by European law???

  11. avatar CATH HARDING says:

    Stop this hideous cruelty and grow up!

  12. avatar Bridget wilson says:

    Oh my – Ireland ! What are you thinking ! No civilised country should be subjecting a defenceless animal to such cruelty – disappointed !

  13. avatar lisa sinclair says:

    why ??? the more i think about it the less sense it makes, cruel, sick, unnecessary, shame on you !!!!

  14. avatar Zoe says:

    This has got to stop

  15. avatar Debs says:

    What kind of idiots would even go to such an event? This is disgraceful in this day and age.

  16. avatar Samantha says:

    This is completely unnecessary!

  17. avatar M Mene says:

    This is cruel and stupid beyond words. Can someone please remins the morons that do this that it is 2014 not 1314. Lets pit them in a highrise cage for 3 days and ignore them. LET THE ANIMAL OUT NOW!

  18. This is cruelty to animals & it must stop! Please have a heart!Animals don’t deserve this treatment!

  19. Aww, come on man, give the animals a break! This is barbaric!

  20. avatar judith dirom says:

    Stop this madness please .

  21. avatar Mary Savage says:

    This is very cruel and show a very bad mentality and reflection on irish people . Leave the goat up on the mountains where they belong . .. grow up

  22. avatar Sharon says:

    Stop this it’s cruel !!!!

  23. avatar elaine says:

    Its very cruel to do that to an animal, I wish some of these people treating animals in this way could just walk a mile in their shoes, they might just change their practices

  24. avatar Sandra e hay ton says:

    Omg need I say anymore !!

  25. avatar Jane Wroe says:

    Why on earth in this enlightened day and age is this going on? This goat will suffer horribly, for what? Totally disgusting and needs to be stopped immediately. Offers of goat effigies have been offered and should be more than enough. Why put an animal through this when you could have a lifelike substitute and make this totally cruelty free? Disgusted with Ireland at this point.

  26. avatar Neeve says:

    I personally think this is an unnessesary ritual… The sculpture idea I think is a good one… No need to use a live animal.. I do wish to say however this is not an Irish ritual … Please don’t get confused! This is a Kerry tradition! If you asked most people from Ireland what the puck fair was about they’d have absolutely no idea! I can’t think of any other county in Ireland that has a ritual like this! So it’s not the Irish people doing this it’s the Kerry county council and the killorglin town council allowing this to continue ..

  27. avatar Nikki says:

    Please stop this horrific cruel and completely pointless action! We as humans should know better than to cause suffering to any living thing! Dress people up as a goat and put them in a cage! You can still party and celebrate tradition but also prove that we as a species can and will evolve! We are not living in the dark ages where people knew no better!

  28. avatar Jenn says:

    When will the human race stop abusing animals for entertainment & calling it tradition? I cant believe in this day & age that there are so many people who think its ok & its just in the name of fun! Use fake items if you really insist on doing this kind of thing, just remember that if it was YOU being chased, tackled, hoisted up in the air YOU would not like it! If it is ok to use a live animal why not use the mayor or church leader – whoever you have over there!!

  29. avatar Kelly Marie says:

    Seriously wtf is wrong with you people…are you for real..omg its just absolutely sick??!!!
    Whats wrong with just using a giant stuffed toy or something..other than this..its just pure cruel..NO animal deserves for what your entertainment!!!! #bullshit ….. this needs to stop an STOP now!!!!!

  30. avatar Cindy says:

    Wow. You have idiots in the UK too. Thought they were only in America.

  31. avatar tracey price says:

    Wish he could be put in the cage himself ,it makes me feel sick how people minds think and they can take any part in something like this

  32. avatar georgina says:

    This is so cruel, leave animals alone that not here for entertainment
    Its babaric . Animals should be alowed to live in there nature habitat. How would they like it if this was done to them . Poor goat must be so frightened . Plrase stop this now
    You dont need a goat to have a party !

  33. avatar Dagmar Kley says:

    As a regular visiter to Ireland I found out that the Irish are not very responsible
    with their animales.They bye Horses and as soon as they not needed anymore they let them free. This is more than stupid, because before bying, they should start thinking.I know about a Horse in Donegal, which is standing alone for more than four years now.Horses are not made for living on there own.

  34. avatar karen clow says:

    This is disgusting and i’m certain the good people of Ireland are as appauled as i am over knowing this happens! Its disgusting, cruel, barbaric and primitive.!!In the name of all that is good and desent it most stop!!!

  35. avatar sandra quinn says:

    cant b

    elieve how backward /these rituals belong in the past

  36. avatar Julie Bolton says:

    Please stop this barbaric torturous of live goats and use a sculpture instead

  37. avatar sandra quinn says:

    these rituals belong in the past

  38. avatar maria blake says:

    What sense does this make? None. Let the goats be and create a beautiful statue, that gives the goat the freedom and peace that it is entitled to. No more cruelty!!!!!

  39. avatar Tulin says:

    It’s cruel and evil.poor goats or any animal should not would they like it done to them.these animals have feeling too.hope it will stop.

  40. avatar barbara says:

    How cruel

  41. avatar jane byford says:


  42. avatar Stef Wreyford says:

    Evil ignorant twats… <:-(

  43. avatar Ronan says:

    Its nice to see PETA getting more involved with Irish issues!

  44. avatar carol edwards says:

    its just so archaic and cruel all these things that animals are used for, I thought the world had moved on from this, obviously not, but about time it did. This has to stop

  45. avatar L Nicoll says:

    This seems a really unnecessary tradition. I can’t believe intelligent people think this is ok.

  46. avatar Danielle McGlinchey says:

    I have attended this as a child and it disturbed me to my core. Even then, over 20 years ago. The goat used to be inside an even smaller pen and it wasn’t even able to stand at all. It has improved very slightly in a bigger cage but I boycotted going to this puck fair as it disturbed me so much as an animal lover. This needs to stop.

  47. avatar Nicola Kent says:

    So cruel, please stop this barbaric practice

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