The Top 7 Vegan Ice Creams
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The Top 7 Vegan Ice Creams

When the weather heats up, our thoughts automatically seem to turn to ice cream. Nothing screams summer holiday like a scoop (or four!) of this delicious frozen dessert. Choosing to shun the cruelty of the dairy industry certainly doesn’t mean that you have to go without the good stuff, and – as more and more people make the switch to ethical vegan eating – the aisles of UK supermarkets increasingly offer a tempting selection.

The Best Vegan Ice Cream: Top Brands and where to buy thm

Here are our top picks for vegan ice creams for this summer – let us know if we’ve missed any great brands by leaving a comment below!

  1. Swedish Glace Neapolitan: Perhaps the most widely available vegan ice cream, Swedish Glace is stocked in larger branches of Tesco, Morrisons, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Holland & Barrett. It’s a soya-based Italian-style ice cream that is deliciously creamy and comes in a range of classic flavours.
  2. Bessant & Drury’s Vanilla: This fresh coconut-based dessert is light in texture and was a winner in the 2013 FreeFrom Awards. Stocked in selected Waitrose and Tesco stores and available online from Goodness Direct, it is gluten-, soy- and GMO-free, with no artificial additives.
  3. Booja-Booja Hunky Punky Chocolate: If you’re after something a bit special, these Booja-Booja cashew-based ice creams are raw, organic and seriously decadent. Promising no more than four to five ingredients and with creative flavours, they are definitely a treat worth investing in. Booja-Booja is available in Whole Foods Market and selected Waitrose stores.
  4. Food Heaven Wild Blueberry: This range of dairy-free soya iced desserts by Food Heaven has even beaten off competition from its dairy-laden rivals to win an international award. Pretty impressive! Find it in selected branches of Tesco, Waitrose and Sainsbury’s or in independent retailers.
  5. ZenZen Maple, Pecan & Banana: Find this luxurious yet reassuringly healthy coconut-milk ice cream in selected health-food stores across the country.
  6. Marks & Spencer Lemon Lush Sorbet: OK, so this isn’t technically ice cream – but it is a delicious, fruity, affordable and widely available frozen vegan dessert, so we thought we’d include it anyway. All major UK supermarkets offer their own version of this refreshing treat.
  7. Homemade: The best thing about vegan ice cream is it’s really easy to make at home, with no need for special equipment or multiple ingredients. All you need are frozen bananas and a blender, and you can start from there. Why not try this three-ingredient vegan ice cream recipe. It’s delicious, customisable and so healthy that you could even eat it for breakfast. (You’re welcome.)Easy homemade vegan ice cream recipe


Apologies if all this talk of ice cream has got you craving something sweet, but these delicious desserts are all the more reason to ditch the dairy and look forward to a cruelty-free summer! Why not take our vegan pledge and try it for yourself? You can have as much ice cream as you like. Promise.

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  1. avatar Justyna says:

    unfortunately swedisch glace belong to uniliver

  2. avatar Melanie says:

    Unilever is an Anglo–Dutch multinational consumer goods company co-headquartered in London, England and Rotterdam, Netherlands. Its products include food, beverages, cleaning agents and personal care products

    I would rather make my own :-)

  3. Mamma Cucina is my fave. In Holland & Barrett/vegan & health stores as well as online stores like Goodness Direct.

  4. avatar grace sawley says:

    do you have an ice cream for diabetics on diets

  5. avatar Jessica Thatcher says:

    I’ve been desperate to make my own ice-cream since going vegan. I have an ice-cream maker and tried a vanilla ice-cream recipe using coconut milk instead of dairy cream. But it was pretty grim.
    Apparently if you add vegetable oil to vegan single cream, it makes it into double cream. Has anyone tried that? I’m sceptical.
    Any other vanilla ice-cream recipes people can share?

  6. avatar edie gein says:

    Please remove swedish glace. They’re owned by unilever.

  7. avatar Kam Sihota says:

    Thank you to all who spotted that Swedish Glace is owned by Unilever. I almost made a mistake and bought it.

    PETA – I thought you guys would have known better!!!

    • avatar Anne says:

      Hi Kam,

      We share many people’s concerns about Unilever’s animal testing policies – as you may know, working with PETA affiliates in the US, India and Germany, PETA approached Unilever, which makes PG tips and Lipton teas, to ask it to stop performing animal tests for its tea products. Although initially unresponsive, after further work and the threat of international campaigns, Unilever agreed to stop all non-legally mandated testing for its teas.

      However, invariably, when a massive corporation such as Unilever buys a smaller, more compassionate company such as Swedish Glace, the big company learns from the smaller company’s success that consumers are concerned about issues such as animal testing and cruelty to farmed animals. Large corporations such as now recognise the expanding market of compassionate consumers who want cruelty-free food, cosmetics and clothing. We hope consumer purchases from cruelty-free subsidiaries will convince parent corporations to abandon animal testing and the use of animal products.

  8. please save ice cream vegan, I have try other vegan foods that I like because I am save animals . I never try ice cream vegan I really want try it I knew it ill love it . no more stole animals . thank you ..

  9. avatar Yashoda says:

    Unfortunately, you are all talking British,. We live in the U.S and there’s no such brands you all mention :((

  10. avatar Pam Walker says:

    Unilever – Never

  11. avatar Sam says:

    Gosh Yashoda, there are loads of excellent vegan choices in the U.S using soy, almond and coconut milks in many different flavors and formats.

  12. avatar FABRE says:

    OUI… nous le voulons nous pouvons vivre sans avoir recour à la cruauté envers nos animaux et vivre sereinement donc……végétalien…super.

  13. avatar Claude Roulet says:

    Are Any of these sold in France ?

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