New 'PETA-Approved Vegan' Trainers on the High Street, Courtesy of Esprit!
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New ‘PETA-Approved Vegan’ Trainers on the High Street, Courtesy of Esprit!

With the demand for cruelty-free clothing, shoes and accessories greater than ever, international retailer Esprit is ramping up its animal- and eco-friendly credentials by launching a stylish new collection of leather-free trainers for women! The new line even carries a “PETA-Approved Vegan” hanging tag, making it super-easy for shoppers to make sure that their purchases are animal-friendly.Esprit1

Esprit 6 Esprit 5

The new collection is available online as well as at Esprit’s shops in more than 40 countries – including London’s Regent Street flagship store.

We’d like to thank Esprit for setting a wonderful example of sustainable, ethical fashion for retailers around the world to follow.

The leather trade is one of the most damaging industries on the planet, because of its wide-scale abuse and slaughter of animals, the pollution it generates and the damage it causes to human health.

Approximately 1.6 billion cows are killed for their skins each year – 80 per cent in developing countries such as Bangladesh, India and China, where animal welfare laws are either non-existent or not enforced. As a result, these animals usually live and die in the worst possible conditions and may be skinned and dismembered while still conscious. The environmental footprint of animal-free fabrics – regardless of whether they are natural or synthetic – is minor compared to the environmental devastation of factory farming.

There’s no need to support this appalling industry. For more top fashion picks made from ethical animal-free fabrics, check out some of the other companies on our ever-growing PETA-Approved Vegan list.

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  1. avatar Wendy Francis says:

    I’m not a vegan but I am interested in buying these. Thanks

  2. avatar Heidi says:

    Yay! I’m so glad this is happening! Can’t wait to buy a pair or two!

  3. avatar Amy says:

    Awesome!! I think I may get ripped by my ignorant, carnivorous friends and family but I love em! I need some vegan knee boots for the winter now…

  4. avatar Guillermo R R Malpica says:

    Need more info to get vegan cloth too

  5. Fantastic! will be getting some more visitors from us :)

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  7. avatar Amanda says:

    It’s important to contribute toward purchasing a pair of vegan shoes from Esprit, prove to them and others that it’s worth going vegan – support will come!

  8. avatar Lorena Peinado says:

    Me parece muy bien que cada quien en nuestro ambito podamos ayudar a los animales que sufren por nuestra causa y contribuir en algo a que tengan una vida digna y una muerte sin sufrimiento.

  9. avatar Chana says:

    Fantastic! I’m looking out for this. Hopefully it will also be available in Holland.

  10. avatar Ann Hallbom Lech, Sweden says:

    I am glad that Esprit company take this step! I am already a customer and I salute the descision.

  11. avatar Jo Loveland says:

    Is the glue used to keep these together cruelty free as well?

  12. avatar Rachael RH says:

    Great!! I hope they make it to Aussie shores! I will be getting some straight away to support a company who makes such an awesome effort to provide cruelty free merchandise! Go Esprit ;)

  13. avatar FABRE says:

    Superbe nouvelle, moi je trouve cela extraordinaire…..! BRAVO.

  14. avatar Ravi Sanan says:

    Happy to see a step forward in the Race for Vegan World..!!

  15. avatar jennifer says:

    I Will buy your goods…I will support any thing that is against animal cruelty.
    Applause you Esprit

  16. avatar Paul says:

    There’s no talk of their environmental impact though? In purchasing oil based shoes are we not just swapping animal cruelty for planet cruelty?

  17. avatar Izabella Takacs says:

    Assez de la cruauté!

  18. avatar Cindy says:

    But there’s no e-shop in my country?

  19. avatar Emily says:

    Just got a pair for my birthday!!! They’re great and so comfy

  20. […] that is) synthetic leather that appears to be some really nice suede like material.  They even got PETA to endorse them!  If you’re in an actual physical store, you can easily spot them because they got a big […]

  21. avatar susana says:

    Great !! I hope more follows : o )

  22. avatar final phase says:

    I pay a visit day-to-day a few web pages and information sites to read content, but this webpage offers quality based posts.

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