More Great News From World's Largest Youth Travel Company as It Ends Running of the Bulls Promotion
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More Great News From World’s Largest Youth Travel Company as It Ends Running of the Bulls Promotion

After meeting with PETA UK last month and learning about the world’s cruellest travel attractions, STA Travel quickly pulled all promotions of SeaWorld abusement parks, elephant rides and Thailand’s notorious Tiger Temple. Since then, we have been advising the company on further improvements to its animal welfare policy, and we’re delighted to announce that STA Travel has now also discontinued the sale of San Fermín festival tours in Pamplona, Spain!

This is great news for bulls. Many tourists who travel to Pamplona to run with the bulls are unaware that every single one of the 48 animals chased through the cobble-stoned streets is later barbarically stabbed to death in the bullring in front of a jeering crowd.

Since STA Travel is the world’s largest youth travel company, its compassionate move will have an impact around the world. It joins a growing list of companies, including Thomas Cook and Brittany Ferries, which have stopped promoting blood sports after hearing from us.

Pamplona PETA

But we’re not resting on our laurels – we’ve been organising iconic protests in Pamplona for more than a decade, and we won’t stop until unethical bullfights are relegated to the history books. We’re also campaigning against the massive EU subsidies that prop up the bullfighting industry, and we’re working hard to persuade other travel companies to stop promoting cruel animal attractions.

What You Can Do

If you’re visiting Spain, never attend bullfights. And if you see a company advertising or promoting bullfighting or the Running of the Bulls, please write to its customer service department to let it know how disappointed you are. Finally, please share our hard-hitting video “Bullfighting in 60 Seconds” so that more people can learn exactly what happens in bullfights – and why this cruelty needs to stop.

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  1. avatar ricardo cattani says:

    It must stop now .Animal is like US .

  2. avatar John Carmody says:

    Well done STA from us here at Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN) in Ireland.

  3. avatar kate haycock says:

    this barbaric and horrible should be ashamed . STOP its not a sport its terrible.

  4. avatar Sirpa Reinikainen says:

    This kind of brutal tradition is not wort saving or justified. Why not change the bull fight to be like rodeos in USA, bulls to be stars and not harmed. I wish this shamefull tradition will be stopped in Spain as soon as possible and noone who cares for animals should go to see brutal and abusing shows. Those bull fighters are not heros but brutal, discusting, cruel killers.

  5. avatar Doreen Taylor says:

    So sad when people rely on an animals suffering for entertainment

  6. avatar nina says:

    So cruel why kill an innocent animal fir our own pleasure
    Please stop this

  7. avatar Ann Stacher says:

    This is NOT a sport, just cruel people getting glee from being cruel to animals. There is no enjoyment watching a creature getting tortured.

  8. avatar Jacky Howard says:

    How can anyone call the murder of an animaal in such a brutal way entertainment ir sport it is sick these bulls are abused for long periods of time and their death must come at the end as a blessing to them I just wish for a moment their killers could just feel some of what they are feeling this must be banned as soon as possible everyine in this brutal industry should be ashaned of yourselves

  9. avatar Sturm Carolinna says:

    Please stop it!!!!!

  10. avatar gauri says:

    I am glad to here this ..thanks to STA ..
    PETA doing a tremendous job for inncent animals..hats off..
    We have to save many animals who are still in danger of such a hilarious death.

  11. avatar richard says:

    this has to stop every where it takes place this cruelty and torturing must be stopped once and for all

  12. avatar Sarah Cowan says:

    But seriously it is not necessary to have kill bulls like this for cultural entertainment there are many other things about Spain that are nice that expresses its culture and is more entertaining.

  13. avatar Alex Orlov says:


  14. avatar Liz says:

    This MUST STOP NOW!!!!!

  15. i am waiting for the day this all stops , why do they feel you got to kill, lots of sports but killing any animal is not one of them , our animals are here to enjoy not hurt , i always think am i in hell here as so many people are cruel , men and women , how can you sleep knowing you have took a life away , its so sick ,makes me so angry about any killing of our lovely animals

  16. avatar Victoria Batten says:

    Sick sick sick
    stop bull fighting its horrid no ine likes it!!
    Its not a sport only seriously sick people like it
    stop it now

  17. avatar Renate Lundgren says:

    Barbaric and uncivilized, you should all be ashamed.. If you had any backbone the spanish men fight each other as gladiators for life and death..

  18. avatar Angelo Volpe says:

    Stop this !!!!

  19. avatar sonia goncalves says:


  20. avatar yip ko yuen says:

    cold blood killing animal is not hero!! is shit!!

  21. avatar Glenda Butler says:

    I’ve boycotted Spain for years, no desire to visit until all these barbaric backward traditions are removed. There is no place for this in today’s world esp when we know many times over that animals feel pain, have a yearning to survive like we do and so on.

  22. Stop harming bulls now! It’s not acceptable in this day and age.

  23. avatar Jacki Jacka says:

    I’ll never go to Spain. It’s stupid, cruel, barbaric animal abuse festivals make me sick. Be ashamed of yourselves

  24. avatar Faouzia Chatti says:

    Ce n’est pas un “sport” ni un “art”. C’est du SADISME maladif!!!

  25. avatar salma arabi says:

    Bull fighting has nothing to do with culture. Culture usually represents a positive sight of things, but how can the torture and killing of a defensless and innocent creature be called culture. It is nothing more but a CRIME a SLAUGHTER. On the contrary it gives a very bad image of the country who tolerate these crimes

  26. avatar Pradip Satan K. Becheta says:

    Any killing and /or murdering of any sentient beings is WRONG.

  27. avatar Rachel says:

    Totally uncivilised. They used to throw Christians to the lions. Some cultures have to change. Spain is a total embarrassment to the world. They also still throw live lambs from the top of church steeples. Boycott Spain until it realises it’s now the 21st century.

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