Top Scottish Restaurants Reject Foie Gras
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Top Scottish Restaurants Reject Foie Gras

Geese Lake StockThe Scots are earning quite the reputation for their compassion towards animals, with another award-winning Scottish eatery pledging to banish foie gras from its menu for good.

Appalled after hearing from us about the scale of the cruelty involved in foie gras production, Gordon’s Restaurant in Inverkeilor, Angus, said NO MORE.

Birds reared for foie gras endure the daily trauma of being force-fed via a metal tube which is rammed down their throats several times a day until their livers swell to up to 10 times their normal size, making it hard for them even to breathe. Investigations on foie gras farms have repeatedly uncovered sickening cruelty and suffering. It is already illegal to produce foie gras in the UK, as it contravenes basic principles of animal welfare, but opinion polls have revealed that two-thirds of the British public also support a total ban on its sale.

Gordon’s decision to dump foie gras puts the restaurant in good company. It is one of four Scottish frontrunners for the Good Food Guide Restaurant of the Year Award 2015 that have all rejected foie gras.

You can take action against foie gras! Help us urge EU officials to crack down on the production of this vile product by adding your voice to our letter here.

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  1. Everyone has known for many years that this is a cruel procedure so there is no excuse.

  2. avatar Marilyn O'Loughlin says:

    A sick practice. Time for it to stop! Don’t buy! xx

  3. avatar carole green says:

    how this product comes to your table is totally disgusting,a metal tube is forced down the throat of the bird,then food is pumped into their stomachs, they suffer this twice daily minimum,please don’t buy this stuff,think where it comes from

  4. avatar hong yin says:

    Good evening sir & madam! I have watched the video of how we get the foie gras from the goose, is a cruel torturing on a living being appear In my mind. All animal has feeling, they hear, they sense, they do feel fear too when they they are about to kill. And this extremely fear and angry will make their body release the toxic to their body (when a man get angry they also release this toxic to his own body so sometime people get headache or high blood pressure or not feeling weel). This toxic will not get rid of the meat even when they are cook. This is what we call acidic food, it can only be lessen by cooking with the vegetables(alkaline). Imagine we consume meat everyday is equal to intake a dose of toxic. When the doses have reached to a maximum level, then a person is diagnosed with the deadly illness like heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and etc. Other than health issue, if this situation is continued, we are train to be cruel, that is why we have so many social problems, mental problem, killing without hesitate, as from small we are taught killing a living being / animal is normal. We have a choice and human can survice without eating meat or animal dead body. More importantly, we love our love ones, seeing them sufferring from various illness problem can be prevented if you are open to accept. Accepting the healthy eating pyramid is wrong. Moreover, vegan is not only vegetables like most poeple think. Please go try out the dishes one day and let me know if you think you can accept the dishes or if the dishes are delicious.

  5. avatar Harrie Mesman says:

    There is no moral difference between foie gras and other non-veganism. None!
    Ridiculous to pay a compliment to an otherwise cruel = non-vegan restaurant!

  6. avatar huguette says:

    please stop it

  7. avatar Rachael Hanson says:

    Force feeding an animal for a food we call a ” delicacy” is disgusting. No self respecting person would see this as acceptable. Put an end to this suffering once and for all.

  8. […] towards a foie gras–free Britain by speaking out if you ever see the repugnant product on sale. Restaurants are removing foie gras from their menus all the time after hearing from concerned […]

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