Nathan Cleverly: Knock Out Cruelty!
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  • May

Nathan Cleverly: Knock Out Cruelty!

Boxer stars naked in anti-fur ad for PETA

Welsh boxer and former world champion Nathan Cleverly is the latest sports star to pose in his tattoos – and little else – in aid of a good cause.

In the anti-fur ad, which was shot by celeb photographer Trevor Leighton, the light-heavyweight shows off his impressive ink as well as his big heart. He explains:

As a boxer, I face my fears whenever I step into the ring, but I still can’t imagine the fear an animal experiences as they’re beaten and skinned alive for their fur. I hope my PETA campaign gets people to pause and think before buying fur.

Ninety-five per cent of the British public have said that they would never wear fur – unsurprisingly, given that it usually comes from animals who have spent their entire lives in cramped, filthy cages before being drowned, beaten, strangled, electrocuted or skinned alive.

If you haven’t already, please sign our pledge never to wear fur. You’ll be joining Nathan and other athletes who pull no punches when it comes to opposing this vile industry, including footballer Tim Howard, rugby player Danny Cipriani and martial artist Jimi Manuwa.

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  1. avatar Jamie-lea Conroy says:

    I don’t think I’ve seen a video that has made me as upset as this has. Thankyou peta for getting this video out there so we can hopefully stop this vile behaviour

  2. avatar debbie gunn says:

    i seen this video on Facebook it was doing its rounds, i could not watch it more than 2 minutes which even then was too long, i sobbed my heart out when i came away from the laptop and couldnt stop crying my husband asked me what on earth has upset you this bad, the anger i felt for these poor animals, surely this should be banned completely id gladly like to be in the same room as the people doing this

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