Manchester Street Art Marks Morrissey's Birthday
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  • May

Why Have We Washed Manchester’s Pavements to Spread the Veggie Message?

“Meat Is Still Murder” – that’s the message that we’ve quite literally taken to the streets of Manchester, with 20 stencils throughout the city to celebrate the 55th birthday of compassionate legend Morrissey!


The innovative street art is an example of “clean advertising”, using stencils to wash the pavement and leave a message behind.


Thirty years since The Smiths first proclaimed that “meat is murder”, the eye-catching campaign in Morrissey’s hometown – which also coincides with National V
egetarian Week
– reminds people that millions of animals a day are still being unnecessarily slaughtered for food in Britain. What’s more, before being killed, most of these animals suffer every single day of their lives, as they are mutilated, imprisoned and denied everything that they need to be happy on severely crowded farms.


Morrissey’s commitment to speaking out against this type of cruelty is continuously inspiring. His many actions to help animals include donating the only signed hardback of his autobiography to PETA last year, raising £8,300 for animals, using a £10,000 settlement he received from Channel 4 to help us campaign against cruel foie gras and posing with a cat on his head to raise awareness of animal overpopulation!

Vegetarians such as Morrissey don’t just save animals from immense suffering on factory farms, in abattoirs and on the decks of fishing boats – they also have a lower carbon footprint as well as a lower risk of developing heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity.

It’s also really easy to make the switch to a meat-free diet. Ordering our free vegan starter kit is a great first step – get yours here.

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  1. avatar Fran Sandling says:

    I am a vegan, but my diet is making me put on weight. I need more food choices

    • avatar Anke Mönkemöller says:

      Dear Fran,

      I am a vegan too. You should not put on weight unless you eat too many sweets instead.
      Best wishes!

  2. avatar Samantha says:

    I’ve been vegan for almost 3 months now! Got AFI and you guys at PETA to thank :)

  3. avatar Genevieve says:

    Oh cool! are these still in Manchester so I can check them out?

  4. This is great!! I’m from manchester and the vegan message needs to be spread here. Wish there was a PETA I could work for here.

  5. avatar Diego says:

    I’m from Argentina and I’m a newly vegan. I’ve been vegetarian for the last three years and I’m vegan since the last two months.

  6. avatar KT says:

    Is this something that everyday activists could do, or do you need specific cleaning materials/chemicals to do it?

  7. avatar Denise says:

    30 years a vegan. Will never go back.

  8. avatar Nadine Zimmer says:

    This is fantastic! I live in Portland, OR, (US) and have been a vegan for 26 years.

  9. avatar John Wotherspoon says:

    Watch liveleak about Halal meat in slaughter houses and if this doesn’t make you think twice about eating meat i don’t know what would. I have to warn you its very distressing to watch. If you don’t want to watch it as its very graphic at least read the comments.

  10. avatar Linda A Levy says:

    Factory Farms & abbatours are hell on earth thats why I became VEgetarian over 30YRS Ago

  11. avatar Sarah says:

    I LOVE Morrissey – he is one of the few ‘celebrities’ who I greatly admire. Love this message – let’s hope it makes people open their eyes and wake up.

  12. avatar Emily March says:

    I admire his courage -and wish he could do something about the infamous ‘festival’ in Yulin that is planned yet again for next year. – Thank you Mr. Morrissey, God bless your heart!

  13. avatar Luke Roberts says:

    Viewed the abattoir video. Honestly never touching meat again. I’m disgusted at what I’ve just seen, on the verge of tears.

  14. avatar Keely says:

    He is a beautiful person.

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