Bullfighting: A Global Update
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Bullfighting: A Global Update


Efforts to end cruel bullfighting are ramping up, as people from all corners of the globe recognise that stabbing a frightened animal to death is not “entertainment”.

We recently represented the UK at the 2014 International Anti-Bullfighting Summit in Lisbon, which brought together groups from Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and the U.K., among others, to come up with new strategies for ending the barbarity of the bullfights.

Hot on the heels of the excellent news that India has just banned bullfights, bull races and the violent tradition of jallikattu, the following are some updates from other parts of the world:

  • Spain: It’s long been common knowledge that the majority of Spanish people oppose bullfighting – in the most recent poll, 76 per cent of Spaniards said that they had no interest in the so-called “tradition”. In 2012, bullfighting was banned throughout Catalonia, including in its capital, Barcelona, and there’s now further evidence that the industry as a whole is in decline: according to CAS International, in 2013, there were 111 fewer events with bulls in Spain than in the previous year, and since 2008, the number of events has halved.
  • Portugal: The country is currently considering a draft law to make the minimum age to participate in bullfights 16 years old. If the long-overdue law passes (which looks likely), children will be protected from having to put their own lives in danger while deliberately causing harm and suffering to animals.
  • Colombia: The tide has been turning against bullfighting since 2012, when the capital city, Bogotá, banned bullfighting and transformed its bullring into a centre for culture, replacing the bloody and archaic ritual of torturing and killing animals with a celebration of contemporary culture that can be enjoyed by everyone.
  • Ecuador: Quito, the country’s capital, banned killing bulls in 2011, and in 2012, bullfighting came to an end in the entire country because of high levels of opposition to the cruel “sport” among compassionate Ecuadorians.

While these promising developments encourage us to continue our fight for bulls, there is still work to be done before bullfighting is consigned to the history books where it belongs.

Three Things You Can Do to Help Stop the Cruelty

  1. Never go to a bullfight or attend events such as the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona. Many tourists don’t realise that they are propping up the vile bullfighting industry in countries such as Spain, where attendance by locals is dwindling.
  2. If you see travel companies advertising bullfighting or the Running of the Bulls, please let us know. We’ve already persuaded Thomas Cook, Brittany Ferries and others to stop promoting cruelty.
  3. Send a message to the European Union asking that it stop subsidising bullfights. An estimated £30 million per year goes to support Spanish bullfights – a shameful subsidy for a blood sport that is abhorrent to the majority of European citizens.



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  1. avatar Barbara Karageorga says:

    Although I love Spanish culture, I love animals as well and I think bull-fighting is neither a sport nor a cultural event: IT’S PURE BARBARITY!! Stop it!!

  2. avatar Morowen Parker says:

    This is a sick and cruel sport. This is NOT entertainment. There is no excuse for ignorance!

  3. Bullfighting MUST end! It just shouldn’t be happening in this day and age. Such cruelty!

  4. avatar Piotr says:

    stop killing these innocent animals !!!!

  5. avatar Jake Boniecki says:

    Stop the cruelty!!!

  6. avatar Rebecca says:

    Please put an end to this ridiculous so called “sport”. Don’t let kids grow up thinking it’s ok to hurt animals, it’s not ok, and it’s also psychopathic.

  7. avatar Joanne lester says:

    Plse stop the bull fighting, it is disgusting!

  8. avatar keya ghosh says:


  9. avatar Roger Silvestri says:

    Dalla parte del toro

  10. avatar Mena Coffey says:

    This is inhumane and cruel. These animals do not deserve this and the ppl who.do this shud be jailed. This MUST be stopped now

  11. avatar Lilibeth Yutadco says:

    Please stop this nonsense traditions of killing animals, you can celebrate it without killing or hurting them.


  13. avatar Kristan Vaughan Benson says:

    This barbaric act must be stopped immediately.

  14. avatar Lainey Wellmen says:

    Not a sport

  15. avatar Charlene Meechan says:

    Sickening they are animals and are supposed to live a happy life and you have cretins doing such things as this ! Poor souls ! :'(

  16. avatar Ann Hicks says:

    Barbaric murder not sport :(

  17. avatar Loes van Bart says:

    Sport is where people challenge their own limits, not the limits in a life of an animal. Please stop this animal cruelty!

  18. avatar Liz says:

    In 2014 this is nothing short of barbaric should be banned everywhere immediately without any sort of negotiation

  19. avatar Jenny smith says:

    Bullfighting is disgusting, primative and cruel! End this NOW!!!

  20. avatar Hailey Hubbard says:

    Stop torturing and killing animals for entertainment, it’s cruel, no animal deserves this :-(

  21. avatar jacqueline dorman says:

    A bloody and barbaric sport that goes back to the Arc. How can anyone enjoy watching a defenceless animal be tortured before being stabbed to death. Disgraceful and to find out that this SO CALLED sport is being subsidised by £30 million pounds per year!!! Why? and who has suggested this money go to this event. Have you no feelings whatsoever for these poor animals. I guess not.

  22. avatar Rebecca lyon says:

    Is there an e pretition we can sign? Is awful and good to see someone taking a stand!

  23. avatar suresh says:

    plz STOP, OTHER WISE lord SHIV Will do same with sin PEOPLE/FOLKS

  24. avatar suresh says:


  25. avatar suresh says:

    stop creulty…….

  26. avatar kumar says:


  27. avatar Janet says:

    Stop this horrible sport now!! Stop supporting this is horrendous why the hell do you want to watch this,

  28. avatar judith mottershead says:

    this so called sport should be stopped.

  29. avatar Lisa vitali says:

    Stop bullfighting, thiis is not amusement or tradition, it is simply cruelty. How can people continue to see this orribile performance?

  30. I think,strongly, that this slaughter is now well and truely Outdated! People don’t want to see this sort of thing. It certainly isn’t Entertainment in a lot of people’s eyes!

  31. avatar Marilda Aversami Correia says:

    Ridiculo que com o avanço da humanidade ainda tenha essas touradas coisa retrogada e cruel demais, onde um que se diz pensar tira a vida de um que dizem ser irracional mais na verdade quem é o irracional???falta de amor no coração, carater tbém porque pessoas de bom carater nao compactuam com isso esporte é vida nao morte de um inocente tradição de um pais isso, tradição pra mim é cultura,nao morte isso é atrasado e de pessoas ruins e quem assiste iguais podres por dentro.

  32. avatar Sharon kellett says:

    I think it is disgusting that the poor bulls still have to die like that, there is uproar if a bullfighter gets gored, but it’s not bullfighting is it, it is just bull slaughter and it should be stopped once and for all.

  33. avatar linda bromley says:

    cowards kill for fun !!!

  34. avatar Veronica May says:

    Bull fighting needs to stop completly. This is not sport, it is cruelty and the poor Bull has no choice in the matter.The Bull is taunted in the ring in front of a baying crowd, have horrible things put in him and then finally killed. It is Barbaric and makes me feel sick. The picture of the Bull is very upsetting

  35. avatar Eliana says:

    Stop bullfighting!!! Stop killing bulls for nothing. Stupid people with stupid and cruel hobbies

  36. avatar Tatiana Chernenko says:

    Please stop killing innocent animals for fun!!!

  37. avatar Tatiana Chernenko says:

    Animals are not toys,please stop killing them for fun!!!

  38. avatar Sharon Crawford says:

    The people who do this to the bulls should be hung. How can this be sport. The bull has no chance. Same goes for the degenerates who watch them. They are all despicable sick sadistick morons.

  39. avatar hong yin says:

    Animal should be set free & have their own live. We, human are no different than animal, to sense, feel & think. Killing animal only show that human is not civilised & more cruel than animal. Some animal hunt because of hungry, bullfight for entertainment/sport is insane. We have so many sports to choose, why a bloody bullfight which is not comfortable to watch. The subsidy should aid the poor or the economy of the country, not taking other species life.

  40. This needs to end cruelty for entertainment is wrong

  41. avatar rayasha says:

    Plz stop this crurl form of entertainment. Im proud that my country haas banned bull racing. So should u. Feel better. Humane.

  42. avatar Francoise Lu says:

    Save the animals

  43. avatar Mel says:

    Please stop killing god’s love …. they are here coz of his love ….

  44. avatar rake says:

    Please stop this cruelty NOW!..what happen with Spain? People there have no feelings?..Animals are not in this world for your enterteinement you fools!

  45. avatar Buchita says:

    Stop bullfight please….

  46. avatar Enz says:

    Please Stop this unnecessary barbaric Violence

  47. avatar Enz says:

    Please stop this unethical barbaric cruelty. They’re sentient beings also!!

  48. avatar Brenda Williamson says:





  49. This should be stopped at any cost

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