Bullfighting: A Global Update
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Bullfighting: A Global Update


Efforts to end cruel bullfighting are ramping up, as people from all corners of the globe recognise that stabbing a frightened animal to death is not “entertainment”.

We recently represented the UK at the 2014 International Anti-Bullfighting Summit in Lisbon, which brought together groups from Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and the U.K., among others, to come up with new strategies for ending the barbarity of the bullfights.

Hot on the heels of the excellent news that India has just banned bullfights, bull races and the violent tradition of jallikattu, the following are some updates from other parts of the world:

  • Spain: It’s long been common knowledge that the majority of Spanish people oppose bullfighting – in the most recent poll, 76 per cent of Spaniards said that they had no interest in the so-called “tradition”. In 2012, bullfighting was banned throughout Catalonia, including in its capital, Barcelona, and there’s now further evidence that the industry as a whole is in decline: according to CAS International, in 2013, there were 111 fewer events with bulls in Spain than in the previous year, and since 2008, the number of events has halved.
  • Portugal: The country is currently considering a draft law to make the minimum age to participate in bullfights 16 years old. If the long-overdue law passes (which looks likely), children will be protected from having to put their own lives in danger while deliberately causing harm and suffering to animals.
  • Colombia: The tide has been turning against bullfighting since 2012, when the capital city, Bogotá, banned bullfighting and transformed its bullring into a centre for culture, replacing the bloody and archaic ritual of torturing and killing animals with a celebration of contemporary culture that can be enjoyed by everyone.
  • Ecuador: Quito, the country’s capital, banned killing bulls in 2011, and in 2012, bullfighting came to an end in the entire country because of high levels of opposition to the cruel “sport” among compassionate Ecuadorians.

While these promising developments encourage us to continue our fight for bulls, there is still work to be done before bullfighting is consigned to the history books where it belongs.

Three Things You Can Do to Help Stop the Cruelty

  1. Never go to a bullfight or attend events such as the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona. Many tourists don’t realise that they are propping up the vile bullfighting industry in countries such as Spain, where attendance by locals is dwindling.
  2. If you see travel companies advertising bullfighting or the Running of the Bulls, please let us know. We’ve already persuaded Thomas Cook, Brittany Ferries and others to stop promoting cruelty.
  3. Send a message to the European Union asking that it stop subsidising bullfights. An estimated £30 million per year goes to support Spanish bullfights – a shameful subsidy for a blood sport that is abhorrent to the majority of European citizens.



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  1. avatar Shannon Bernardo says:

    It’s time to stop killing animals for our entertainment…….

    • avatar janssens says:

      je trouve que faire souffrir, torturer puis massacrer un pauvre taureau sans défense n’es pas du tout du sport mais de la cruauté et il faut que cela cesse
      définitivement,les animaux ont le droit de vivre sereinement sans souffrir et dans de bonnes conditions sans toute cette souffrance. il faut que cela cesse
      et l’homme est vraiment l’être le plus cruels qui existe.

    • avatar TONY says:

      The sooner the “human” race becomes extinct the better for the rest of the life on this planet as we do not have the intelligence to learn to live in harmony with them

  2. avatar Claudia Gajoszek says:

    Stop the abuse!

  3. avatar Klara says:

    Stop this nonsense!

  4. avatar Mimmi Bengtsson says:

    It is time to stop this, it’s 2014 AD now not 14 AD, this is only cruelty

  5. avatar Joanna Spooner says:

    Bullfighters are just a bunch of gay arseholes !! Can’t find themselves a proper manly pastime,..instead they feel they have to kill these poor animals. Shame on them. They should grow some ‘balls’ and start acting like decent human beings !! :0(

  6. avatar jane byford says:

    this is a brutal sport for evil minded humans, its barbaric, can you imagine how you would feel if you were the one being speared ALL ANIMALS have FEELINGS

  7. avatar Kenji Matsunaga says:

    This has to stop. This can’t keep going on.

  8. avatar Lesley cable says:

    It’s time to stop killing for sport our world is getting sicker it’s about time something was done

  9. avatar joan kirkup says:

    Please leave the animals alone. This is sens less brutality.

  10. avatar r mitchell says:

    It’s disgusting !

  11. avatar Juraj Bobok says:

    it s nececery stop killin g animals for a “fun”

  12. avatar Jan Groom says:


  13. avatar Karen Harris says:

    Please stop this now

  14. avatar Marianne says:

    Stop this cruelty for “entertainment”

  15. avatar Susan Chisholm says:

    Just cowards and nut cases kill animals! Outrageous.

  16. avatar Brigette gray says:

    Stop it it’s cruel

  17. avatar anne richardson says:

    Stop this now. Cruel heartless idiots

  18. avatar Vanessa Evans says:

    It’s time for the human race to grow up

  19. avatar Anne-maria says:

    This disgusting so called sport needs to end now!! How humans have let it carry on for this long is beyond me, it’s torture and simply murder! How this is ok to do to an innocent animal yet humans that murder and so on wouldn’t even be treated like this, the world has got it very very wrong

  20. avatar Lara Phillips says:

    This is sick!!! Why do humans have the right to abuse animals for entertainment?! What makes our species any better that we think we can abuse animals in this way and to enjoy the suffering is beyond comprehension

  21. avatar Penny Walters says:

    How the hell is this entertainment? It’s barbaric & cruel!!

  22. avatar Kath drake says:

    This is so barbaric and no place in the modern world
    It’s sick to kill animals for entertainment

  23. avatar Tracey Halleron says:

    Please stop the cruelty to animals

  24. avatar Anna Mcknight says:

    How people get pleasure from seeing an animal die in pain with the odds against it, is beyond comprehension. I will never take a holiday in a country who finds pleasure and sport torturing animals.

  25. avatar Susanne Robinshaw says:

    “The greatness if a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” Mahatma Gandhi

  26. avatar Adelle says:

    This is just plain evil, they are not objects they are living things, they shouldn’t have to live this way.

  27. avatar Megan Jaster says:

    This isnt the way they are supposed to live their lives… for our entertainment… cmon… make this stop please this is animal cruelty!

  28. avatar marilyn standring says:

    Please stop this barbaric behaviour. Not done in this day and age.just no need for it .thankyou for listening

  29. avatar Melissa Warlow says:

    Bull fighting is disgusting! Animals should not be Killed for sport or entertainment!

  30. avatar Lucy Loughborough says:

    Please stop this vile,disgusting, cruel sport that hurt helpless, innocent bulls.

  31. avatar lana says:

    needs to stop now! disgusting and cruel.

  32. avatar Carol Sneddon says:

    I thought we were supposed to have climbed up the Evolutionary ladder! Not according to this behaviour we have not!

  33. avatar Stephanie Alken says:

    Put a stop to bullfighting.

  34. avatar Sussi Gärdén says:

    People dont have feelings kill them instead

  35. avatar jo wilkins says:

    it’s horendous in this day and age that any animal is tortured to death for so called entertainment…

  36. avatar Pippa says:

    What a disgusting world we live in that it takes animal suffering to entertain us. It’s truly shameful.

  37. avatar Jane says:

    Time we lived at peace with animals and not use and abuse them. They feel fear and pain just like us the human animal. Hate all animal blood sport what sporting about this.

  38. avatar wipul says:

    Stop killing animals for entertainment. Time stop this……

  39. avatar Wendy barnes says:

    Please stop bullfighting. It is cruel and perverse. There is nothing brave in this. It is cowardly and disturbing.

  40. avatar Wendy barnes says:

    Whoever feels ” entertained” by watching a bullfight has the mind of a paedophile.

  41. avatar Angelo Volpe says:

    Stop this meurder !!!!

  42. avatar Donya says:

    This is disgusting. Animals brutally killed for absolutely no reason. It needs to stop.

  43. avatar Jane Burgess says:

    This is a horrible and cruel sport and should be outlawed, I have always hated it, poor defenceless animals. I absolutely love it when the Bull gores the Bullfighter although rare, it makes my day.

  44. Please help stop this . This is not sport , this is not entertainment and this is not right . Sometimes people just don’t think , sometimes they don’t see this as cruelty and they don’t see it as animals suffering .
    All I ask is please look deep inside yourself and think is this right and can I change it .
    Don’t be afraid to stand up for animals !!!
    I’m not , I’m proud !

  45. avatar Catherine Diomedou says:

    In this day and age tradition is a lame excuse for maiming and killing animals. Stop this horrific sport now!

  46. avatar Maggie Cranfield says:

    It’s time to stop something that was in the past, why not move forward and leave this dreadful treatment to Bulls in the past..where it belongs..it is cruel.

  47. avatar lee Waites says:

    It is barbaric just stop!!

  48. Bullfighting is not only cruel that , barbaric, and uncivilised, it brings out the worst in a human being.
    Promoting bloodthirsty entertainment is comparable to Roman times when innocent people were forced to fight lions in an arena .
    A psychopath is distinguished by anyone who promotes or takes part in any act of cruelty to either a human or animal creature.
    With so much violence and cruelty in this world,surely a more kinder, peaceful way of living is more beneficial. Bullfighting just sends a negative message to the weaker and low minded in society.
    No creature deserves to be cruelly treated in such a wicked way, be it human or animal

  49. avatar Claire says:

    Disgusting! Its not a trophy – its a living thing with feelings!.. Nothing but egotesticlism!!! As pathetic as it is sad!

  50. avatar Ashley Walker says:

    Absolutely vile disgusting barbarism that is passed off as “sport”! Real sport is where you don’t know which side is going to be the victor – in bullfighting the victor is always known from the start – the poor bull is always defeated, where’s the sport in that when you always know who’s going to win?!

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