Bullfighting: A Global Update
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Bullfighting: A Global Update


Efforts to end cruel bullfighting are ramping up, as people from all corners of the globe recognise that stabbing a frightened animal to death is not “entertainment”.

We recently represented the UK at the 2014 International Anti-Bullfighting Summit in Lisbon, which brought together groups from Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and the U.K., among others, to come up with new strategies for ending the barbarity of the bullfights.

Hot on the heels of the excellent news that India has just banned bullfights, bull races and the violent tradition of jallikattu, the following are some updates from other parts of the world:

  • Spain: It’s long been common knowledge that the majority of Spanish people oppose bullfighting – in the most recent poll, 76 per cent of Spaniards said that they had no interest in the so-called “tradition”. In 2012, bullfighting was banned throughout Catalonia, including in its capital, Barcelona, and there’s now further evidence that the industry as a whole is in decline: according to CAS International, in 2013, there were 111 fewer events with bulls in Spain than in the previous year, and since 2008, the number of events has halved.
  • Portugal: The country is currently considering a draft law to make the minimum age to participate in bullfights 16 years old. If the long-overdue law passes (which looks likely), children will be protected from having to put their own lives in danger while deliberately causing harm and suffering to animals.
  • Colombia: The tide has been turning against bullfighting since 2012, when the capital city, Bogotá, banned bullfighting and transformed its bullring into a centre for culture, replacing the bloody and archaic ritual of torturing and killing animals with a celebration of contemporary culture that can be enjoyed by everyone.
  • Ecuador: Quito, the country’s capital, banned killing bulls in 2011, and in 2012, bullfighting came to an end in the entire country because of high levels of opposition to the cruel “sport” among compassionate Ecuadorians.

While these promising developments encourage us to continue our fight for bulls, there is still work to be done before bullfighting is consigned to the history books where it belongs.

Three Things You Can Do to Help Stop the Cruelty

  1. Never go to a bullfight or attend events such as the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona. Many tourists don’t realise that they are propping up the vile bullfighting industry in countries such as Spain, where attendance by locals is dwindling.
  2. If you see travel companies advertising bullfighting or the Running of the Bulls, please let us know. We’ve already persuaded Thomas Cook, Brittany Ferries and others to stop promoting cruelty.
  3. Send a message to the European Union asking that it stop subsidising bullfights. An estimated £30 million per year goes to support Spanish bullfights – a shameful subsidy for a blood sport that is abhorrent to the majority of European citizens.



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  1. avatar Chastity DONLEN says:

    There is no entertainment in killing or harming animal for sport or recreation. It is cruel and sadistic!

  2. avatar Ramona Rasha says:

    I just can’t understand how people can be so heartless and cruel. This needs to STOP and BANNED!! FOR GOOD!

  3. avatar Javier Trevino says:

    Lets stop this please. This is a stupid tradition that must end.

  4. avatar Amy Gregory says:

    Stop the torture now!!!

  5. avatar Joan Wilken says:

    Time to stop this its disgusting and not sport at all

  6. avatar Emma Wiltshire says:

    This is disgusting

  7. avatar Jayne Wiltshire says:

    Please stop funding/supporting this barbaric sport. It is time for it to stop. Tradition or not! It is cruel and these animals are tortured. No animal deserves this.

  8. avatar Charlie Jaggers says:

    animals are not ours to use for cruel entertainment

  9. avatar tracy michael says:

    Animals have life , and not entertainment .

  10. avatar Janet thomas says:

    When will we ever learn. That animals are not for us humans to abuse. Hope we can change this mindset.

  11. avatar Delia Muir says:

    It is discusting…We are meant to be the intelligent species… Need’s a WORLD BAN.. STOP IT NIW PLEASE

  12. avatar maria abel says:

    This cruelty to animals worldwide must be eradicated. It sickens me what some people think is fun and acceptable. Cruelty to all creatures MUST STOP.

  13. avatar Lynn Armstrong says:

    It is a disgusting disgraceful event, can’t be called a sport because it clearly is not. I agree with Delia, there should be a world ban, but how can we do it?

  14. avatar M says:

    All these countries mentioned have a decline in economy n job opportunties. Common sense is find ways to improve stability of the country. Not engage in torturous and brutal sport of bull fighting or any other that inflicts great pain to animals. I hope they come to grounds that such activities are for barabric ppl not civilised ones.

  15. avatar Glen Borrill says:

    This sick sport should have been banned years ago. Anyone who enjoys this must be a psychopath.

  16. avatar John powell says:

    The bull does not stand a chance, the matadore just finishes the poor animal off when the damage has already been done by the picadores on horse back,time to stop this barbaric slaughter of a magnificent beast!!!.

  17. avatar Elaine Cairney says:

    If it’s ok for us to stab a bull to death then it should be ok for a human to be sacrificed for the bulls sport, if it’s not ok for us to be sacrificed then it’s not ok for the bulls to be sacrificed, it’s not sport it’s just killing for kllling sake to make money, it’s not right and we all know it !!!!! So let’s do something about it please

  18. avatar Barbara says:

    This must stop now . It is totally barbaric and there is no excuse for any animal to suffer a painful horrifying death just to provide so called entertainment. I cannot believe this still goes on in a civilised society

  19. avatar Michele Frith says:


  20. avatar nelam says:

    This is not sport, its nothing but an act of barbaric action. Please put a stop to this and do the decent thing that will bring you into line with the western countries

  21. avatar Karen Thorley says:

    It’s barbaric and totally unacceptable.Even more unnecessary in this day and age. Get out of the dark ages and STOP this insane cruelty NOW!!!! Shameful! !!

  22. avatar Monica Cruz García says:

    One politic from Spain said: who doesn’t like the bullfig, isn’t Spanish……..So, sorry then, I was in a wrong all my life because till that moment, I was living criedding I was frm Spain. Today I, m from Saturno.

  23. avatar B.Thor says:

    Please stop this Evil Evil Horrors.. mercy mercy!

  24. avatar Pc Lalduhawmi says:

    Humans,what a beautiful word!! Yet we cannot conquer our brutal hearts. This must stop if we want to leave a beautiful,peaceful world for the future generations.

  25. avatar Denise Duffy says:

    Sick no animal should go through this ever they have feelings just like us

  26. avatar rodeo clown says:

    according to me bullfight is the game of dead of bulls not the game for entertainment……please same the bulls and stop this stupid game

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