Animal Testing 'Secrecy Clause' Section 24 Could Be Scrapped
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Animal Testing ‘Secrecy Clause’ Section 24 Could Be Scrapped

Section 24 animal testing consultation launchedA step in the right direction! The UK government has just launched a public consultation to lift the veil of secrecy surrounding animal testing.

Section 24 of the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 not only makes it illegal for information about animal experiments to enter the public domain, providing animal experimenters with a cloak of secrecy to hide behind, but also leads to wasteful, poorly conducted studies which delay medical progress and actually endanger human lives.

Every day, 11,000 animals are subjected to abuse and suffering in British laboratories that would be illegal if they took place in any other context. They are poisoned, surgically mutilated, starved, “stressed”, infected with deadly diseases or electrocuted. At the end of the experiments, all of them die – alone and afraid.

Members of the public have a right to know what is being done to animals in their name and with their taxes. Freedom of access to information is an essential part of the democratic process and the only means by which research can be properly scrutinised in order to ensure the best possible outcome for people and animals.

More than 17,000 concerned PETA supporters wrote to the Home Office, asking for the secrecy clause to be abolished. Now, thanks to your efforts, we’re a step closer to making it happen – and to fewer animals being tortured behind closed doors in UK laboratories.

We’ll be posting more information about the consultation and letting you know the best way to help very soon, so please watch this space!

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  1. Evil sick minds that subject the innocent to mindless painful unrelenting torture

  2. avatar Simon Phillips says:

    It amasses me that as part of the Anglo American World Power.
    The UK still practices barbaric cruelty for no obvious reasons in its research establishments. Section 24 should DEFFINITELY be abolished and let the British people See For Themselves what their great nation is still allowing in the name of ‘Research’ !

  3. please PLEASE
    stop it ,close this lab and let those poor innocent victims live free,they have not done anyting,,,,,,,,pity …poor animals pity pleaee

    stop stop

  4. avatar janet ricci says:

    Please stop the animals abuses into British laboratories.

  5. avatar norma sherwin says:

    We are supposed to be the country that leads the world in ethical treatment of all creatures, be domesticated free or wild. So I am led to the conclusion a lot of people in our government are making monies out of these poor creatures.

  6. avatar Ann Yang says:

    Stop this horrendous abuse of animals NOW

  7. avatar Kat alexander says:

    I am shocked to learn of this: please can section 24 be stopped without delay.

  8. this is a clearly horrible practice and as we find out people in charge cover there tracks in every profession .Animals cannot speak out we can pleasae abloish this law

  9. avatar Alana platt says:

    What would this world be like,it’s a hell hole now,without animal rights groups???

  10. avatar Katie Eynon says:

    No one should allow themselves/others control of another life. Experiment on yourself if you’re in that much need to know. The thought of of the abuse created by testing on animals and other abuse we may not even know about makes me feel physically sick. Do the right thing

    • avatar Katie Eynon says:

      Its fear and then control that allows someone to make the choice to test on another being. Fear of the unknown and the implications on oneself. Don’t live in fear get a life. ..

  11. avatar Jennifer Jones says:

    I think it is discraceful that we as a country allow this go on in the name of science of there is truly nothing to hide then you should make this public information. After all these poor animals are being tortured in the name of our health. This needs to stop now!

  12. avatar francoise lu says:

    Save the animals

  13. Please stop all this secrecy and stop using animals.

  14. avatar Judith Baker says:

    Pls stop all the secrets

  15. avatar Deb jones says:

    This needs to be stopped! Animals should not suffer in this way!!

  16. avatar Deb jones says:

    Stop this cruelty and suffering to these poor defenseless animals!!

  17. avatar 4mula1 says:

    read W H Y !.. charities (ect!) must stop funding the historical failure of animal research, at. (no lie can live forever!).

  18. avatar Robin Crisp says:

    Stop the barbaric torture on these previous animals that God has blessed us with!

  19. […] Statistics can never reveal the full extent of suffering endured by each and every one of the individuals who were poisoned, cut open, blinded, electrocuted or infected with deadly diseases in barren, windowless prisons. We don’t even know the full extent of the abuse, as experiments on animals in the UK are currently shrouded in a veil of secrecy – something that we’ve been working hard to change. […]

  20. avatar Beverley yeadon says:

    For some reason on this occasion I can’t find where to sign to stop this barbaric treatment of animals help please

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