Animal Testing 'Secrecy Clause' Section 24 Could Be Scrapped
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Animal Testing ‘Secrecy Clause’ Section 24 Could Be Scrapped

Section 24 animal testing consultation launchedA step in the right direction! The UK government has just launched a public consultation to lift the veil of secrecy surrounding animal testing.

Section 24 of the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 not only makes it illegal for information about animal experiments to enter the public domain, providing animal experimenters with a cloak of secrecy to hide behind, but also leads to wasteful, poorly conducted studies which delay medical progress and actually endanger human lives.

Every day, 11,000 animals are subjected to abuse and suffering in British laboratories that would be illegal if they took place in any other context. They are poisoned, surgically mutilated, starved, “stressed”, infected with deadly diseases or electrocuted. At the end of the experiments, all of them die – alone and afraid.

Members of the public have a right to know what is being done to animals in their name and with their taxes. Freedom of access to information is an essential part of the democratic process and the only means by which research can be properly scrutinised in order to ensure the best possible outcome for people and animals.

More than 17,000 concerned PETA supporters wrote to the Home Office, asking for the secrecy clause to be abolished. Now, thanks to your efforts, we’re a step closer to making it happen – and to fewer animals being tortured behind closed doors in UK laboratories.

We’ll be posting more information about the consultation and letting you know the best way to help very soon, so please watch this space!

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  1. Finally, they started to take appropriate actions inside Uk government. We can understand what is going on about this despicable practice.

  2. avatar May says:

    Stop abusing animals!!!!!!!!

  3. avatar Antonia Derdevanis says:

    Please stop animal testing, animal abuse, torture.

  4. avatar Teresa Franklin says:

    All animal testing should now stop. There has been enough time and dead animals to know what we need to know!!! I’d live without anything for animal testing to stop!!! FULL STOP

  5. avatar Leigh Brownsmith says:

    We want the secrecy lifted and want to know exactly
    what our tax is being spent on with regards to animal testing
    in this country. This has got to stop. We are better than that!!!
    We are not prepared to allow this kind of torture and cruelty to carry
    On behind closed doors any longer. The public deserve to know
    What is being done!!! Barbaric procedures that must end!!!

  6. I would be grateful if you would stop experimenting on animals once and for all.

  7. avatar Debra Dewey says:

    Stop testing on innocent animals. Test on criminals.

  8. avatar manreet says:

    please stop torturing poor animals…they cant speak for themselves ..that doesnt mean we should be so cruel to them…please have fear of God…

  9. I just want PETA to know that in some places of China like Pekin, are selling key chains with living animals inside! you must do something with that, it is unhuman to have living animals like turtles or fishes in a little key chain with almost nothing of oxigen and living a burning hell with such a tiny space with its poop inside

  10. avatar Lindsay Broadley says:

    Please scrap this policy. What are they hiding?

  11. avatar Kalliopi Mangou says:

    Animals use in the laboratories, ought to be scrapped straight away..AND made illegal…

  12. avatar Marilyn O'Loughlin says:

    Sick and disgusting to even think of testing on any creature. Waste of time and cruel!

  13. avatar wayde duncan-smith says:

    This is for the history books

  14. avatar emma.kemp says:

    Secrecy clause needs abolished immediately

  15. avatar nelam says:

    End animals suffering

  16. avatar Line Ringgaard says:

    STOP animal testing!

  17. avatar Linzi Burgess says:

    Please get rid of section 24. Please think of those poor animals!!

  18. avatar Hazel Dennis says:

    Stop the testing on innocents

  19. avatar Bethany cairn says:

    You sick bastards these poor animals die alone and scared you should be tested on. See how it feels to be alone, cadged and forcefully tortured!!!

  20. avatar Elizabeth O'keefe says:

    Let’s lift the world lid on animal abuse

  21. avatar richard says:

    animals abuse in laboratorys should be stopped those animals suffer its about time that something justice or whoever should be done to stop this

  22. avatar Christina Abbott says:

    This is the 21 century
    You will all face judgement for your behaviour towards
    Animals ! Is this the kind of person you wanted to be in life???
    Do you think your grandchildren would be proud?

    This is a deep moral issue!
    Please please stop !!!

    May god have mercy in all

  23. avatar Lyne Côté says:


  24. Vile people need to know about the suffering of creatures……We do not have the right to inflict pain!!!! We need to know what experiments are done in our name.

  25. avatar PETER ALLUM says:


  26. avatar Charlie Jaggers says:

    This is unnecessary and completely disgusting!

  27. avatar Lucy says:

    Animals have rights too, they have emotions, they can feel pain. Any human that can ignore that fact is down right disgraceful.

  28. avatar Simon wells says:

    Abolish animal cruelty stop all experiments

  29. avatar Noni Nanushi says:

    Portect the animals or we wilk die with them

  30. avatar Suzanne Watson says:

    It’s appalling what labs are getting away with all over the world still, sadly not enough people have tried to stop it. We need more of you animal lovers!

  31. avatar Rachel Nunn says:

    Please abolish the secrecy law on animal experiments
    Please abolish Animal experiments all together

  32. avatar Penny Walters says:

    Inhumane & unnecessary. Abolish this cruelty NOW!!!!

  33. avatar Rachel Nunn says:

    Please abolish the secrecy law on animal experiments
    And please abolish Animal experiments all together

  34. avatar Sarah Wickins says:


  35. avatar Maggie Cranfield says:

    hope something comes about.

  36. avatar Nicola Crompton says:

    Stop testing on animals , ask humans

  37. avatar Ms Dawson says:

    You must put a stop to this,its barbaric

  38. avatar Gudrun Lutter says:

    Tierversuche entbehren jeder Grundlage und sind überflüssig. Diese Tierquälerei muss beendet werden.

  39. Most of these are unnesisery and have no real point, espetialy tested on live animals in the 21st centuary. Thare are plenty of more than efisient maens to do these experiments that dont need animals, give beter results than tested on animals and are cheper. So a big WHY ?!?!?!???

  40. avatar Nuria Vergara says:

    Stop animals abuse and suffering in British laboratories now.

  41. avatar Kirsten says:

    I can’t imagine why a law was passed like this in the first place. Giving people rights to animal abuse makes absolutely no sense. These animals didn’t volunteer to be tortured and live in a cage their entire lives.

    It should be ILLEGAL

  42. avatar Ainsleigh Kerr says:

    Stop this happening!!!

  43. avatar Jason Deane says:


  44. avatar Sophia says:

    I am writing asking the secrecy clause around animal testing to be abolished. We have a right to know what’s going on in uk laboratories. There needs to be fewer animals being tortured behind closed doors in UK laboratories.

  45. avatar pat howarth says:

    Please stop this barbaric practise

  46. avatar Carol Gardner says:

    Please stop this unnecessary suffering to animals without delay i I object most strongly to my tax money bbeing spent paying fir barbaric horrific treatment to animals. Its archaic and shocking

  47. avatar Caroline Lammond says:

    This is outrageous and unbelievable. This evil barbaric cruelty needs to stop… NOW…

  48. It is imperative that all animal testing be open to the scrutiny of the public
    Although in 2014 it should be unnecessary to even have laboratories performing animal testing & or animal experimentation

  49. avatar Sharon woodburn says:

    God is watching you evil people, one day you will br Judged, I prey very soon,this cruelty Must STOP.

  50. avatar hong yin says:

    Please be mercy to animal as they have feeling, can feel the pain just like human. Life is a cycle, be good to animal means be good to yourself too. So you can find your inner peace in yourself.

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