Spotted! Adorable Easter Babies You'll Want to Keep Safe Forever
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Spotted! Adorable Easter Babies You’ll Want to Keep Safe Forever

To mark Easter, the advent of spring, and to celebrate new life, here’s your weekly cuteness fix – some irresistibly adorable baby animals who are guaranteed to put a smile on your face!


Piglets” by Meneer Zjeroen / CC BY 2.0

These sweeties have beauty and brains – pigs are thought to be smarter than a 3-year-old child!


Lindenhof Lambs” by Emma Jane Hogbin Westby / CC BY 2.0

Sheep display emotions with their ears, recognise facial expressions, communicate using a variety of vocalisations and can recognise their mothers by the sound of their bleat. Oh, and they’re pretty adorable, too!



Chick” by Thomas Vlerick / CC BY 2.0

Surprise fact: these fluffy creatures are actually the closest living relative of Tyrannosaurus rex!


Close-Up of the Calves” by Deb Nystrom / CC BY 2.0



Ducklings” by Vince Wingate / CC BY-SA 2.0

Ducks and geese are family-oriented animals, with the mother and father usually working together to bring up their ducklings. Awww …


Bunneh” by Nick Coombe / CC BY 2.0

So little! So lovely!


How ironic that many people who eat meat will coo over adorable baby animals one moment and then go out the next and buy their industrially slaughtered corpses to munch on.

Going vegan is all about making the connection between what you eat and where it comes from – and realising that the beautiful little lamb who tugs on your heartstrings could be the same animal you see later, dismembered and packaged in cellophane in the meat aisle of the supermarket.

If you know anyone who seems ready to clear their conscience by trying out a compassionate vegan diet, why not point that person in the direction of our popular 30-day pledge?

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