PizzaExpress Launches New Vegan Pizza!
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PizzaExpress Launches New Vegan Pizza!

Restaurant chain PizzaExpress has just added its first-ever vegan pizza to the menu. The new Pianta pizza is loaded with spinach, chestnut mushrooms, pine kernels and artichokes on a spicy Arrabbiata base – and sounds delicious!

More vegan options at high street restaurants

With 400 PizzaExpress branches across the UK, this good news will make eating out even easier for compassionate diners all over the country. Since the restaurant’s pizza bases are dairy-free, you can also request any other pizza on the menu to be made without cheese. And if you prefer a cheesier pizza, according to the company’s website, “You are also permitted to bring in your own vegan cheese to top a pizza”. Fantastico!

Other vegan options on the menu include a health-boosting Superfood Salad (just ask for it without mozzarella) and refreshing raspberry sorbet for dessert.

PizzaExpress certainly looks set to become a go-to destination for hungry vegans. But many other high-street chains also offer cruelty-free options, from Pret A Manger to Wetherspoons – check out our handy list for details.

It’s clear that eating without harming animals is now mainstream – and you can help the movement grow even more. Ask your local pizza joint to follow PizzaExpress’ example by starting to offer vegan options, and encourage your friends and colleagues to get on board by signing the 30-Day Vegan Pledge.

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  1. […] still offers excellent options for vegans and has recently added a vegan pizza to its main menu, the veggie-filled Pianta. All its bases are dairy-free as well, so you can also not have cheese on any other pizza you fancy […]

  2. […] kinder to animals and open to all faiths. And it’s so easy to eat with a clear conscience. At PizzaExpress, try ordering the new vegan Pianta pizza, or at Subway, try the Veggie […]

  3. avatar Paul says:

    Tried the pianta and it’s delicious. A pity when Pizza Express offer their three course set menu deal, that the vegan raspberry sorbet is not available there :-(

  4. avatar Jasmin says:

    This is great news. A vegan cheese pizza will hopefully be the next new item on the menu :)

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