Alan Carr: Be a Little Fairy for Animals!
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Alan Carr: Be a Little Fairy for Animals!

Comedian and TV personality Alan Carr has brought his cheeky sense of humour to bear on the issue of spaying and neutering in a new ad for PETA.

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Ahead of the new series of Chatty Man, the talk-show host felt that it was time to have a serious heart-to-heart talk about animal overpopulation in the UK, explaining:

There’s no “magic wand” that will find homes for all of Britain’s homeless dogs and cats, but simple surgeries – spaying and neutering – will make a huge difference in the long run. We’ve got to get to the root of the problem, and that’s all the puppies and kittens that are being born into an overpopulated world.

Many thousands of dogs, cats and other companion animals in this country are abandoned. Some are left on the streets to starve to death, be injured or killed by vehicles, fall prey to abuse or suffer from sickness or disease. Others may be left to languish in animal shelters, waiting day after day to be adopted by a loving family. Shelters have to euthanise many of these depressed dogs and cats because of a lack of good homes. Every time that people allow their companions to have an “accidental” litter, an animal in a shelter loses his or her chance of adoption.


Tackling the heartbreaking crisis of unwanted cats and dogs may seem like a mammoth task, but we can all make a big difference by making sure that our companion animals are fixed. Spaying or neutering just one animal can prevent literally tens of thousands of others from being born into neglect and homelessness.

Check out some of the other celebrities who have teamed up with PETA and its affiliates to promote spaying and neutering:

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  1. […] talk show host Alan Carr is speaking out after an ad he did for PETA caused some Twitter users to attack him for perpetuating stereotypes and accommodating slurs […]

  2. avatar David Tucker says:

    As you obviously have access to him, can you ask Alan not to host Grand National specials of his Chatty Man show?

  3. avatar Ellen says:

    We also need to address all of the millions of so called ” Reputable Dog Breeders “, they are just as guilty as anyone else in over populating the dog and cat population. All the the puppies sold from breeders don’t end up in FOREVER homes, they end up in the dog pound, shelters etc. they are really justaking a buck off the backs of animals ! Just Sayin ….

  4. avatar Jeanna Vaughn says:

    Humans at an average of 3per family over their adult years. Dogs ca have a litter of puppies and kittens ever 4months. See the problem. Their births out number humans big time . Neutering helps equal the scale. Not enough people to take care of the animals over time. I love my animals and they are very special. God sent them to teach us how to love unconditionally they were sent to help us. We must take care of them as G Od intended. Think of the horse and how much they have labored for our good. Now Blm want to kill them . What a crime. I could go on but you get the picture.

  5. We LOVE Alan Carr and him doing his best for animals makes us love him all the more!

  6. avatar Corinne Karbhari says:

    Love Allan Carr and if he and other celebrities can use their fame to stamp out any form of animal cruelty it will all help these poor, suffering animals who are in this way not by their choice but by ours.

  7. avatar Ann Johnson says:

    How do we download one of the posters?

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