What's in Emeli Sandé's Vegan Hamper?
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What’s in Emeli Sandé’s Vegan Hamper?

After smash-hit Glaswegian soul singer Emeli Sandé confessed that she was leaning towards a meat-free diet, we decided to help her out by sending her some of our favourite vegan products to try!

Singer Emeli Sande moves towards a vegetarian diet

Judging from the expression on her face, she looks delighted with it – and who wouldn’t be!

If you have non-vegan friends who are curious about a plant-based diet, why not give them a little goodie bag for inspiration, too? Many people don’t realise that they can still enjoy all their favourite foods, from chocolate cake to cheese, while avoiding animal products.

The following items are what we sent to Emelie – let us know what would be in your dream vegan hamper in the comments below!

Once you’ve tickled your loved ones’ taste buds and left them itching to “try vegan”, point them in the direction of our 30-Day Vegan Pledge to help them commit to their first month of cruelty-free eating:

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  1. avatar valerie redfern says:

    i would put in soya burgers. quorn for fried rice and minced quorn for a chilli non carne

  2. avatar Tanya Reyna says:

    I am really considering it.i do not approve of animal cruelty or testing on animals

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