Victory! China Southern Airlines Stops Shipping Monkeys to Labs
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Victory! China Southern Airlines Stops Shipping Monkeys to Labs

After three years of campaigning by PETA and our international affiliates, China Southern Airlines has announced that it has banned shipments of primates to laboratories. In an e-mail, Chen Qiuhua, senior cargo manager for China Southern, stated that the airline will “stop transporting live primates for laboratory experiments on all flights of China Southern Airlines, effective from March 21, 2014″.

We are thrilled that China Southern Airlines has finally recognised that cruelty shouldn’t fly and has stopped shipping terrified monkeys to pain and misery in laboratories!

Prior to this announcement, China Southern was the only major airline other than Air France that still shipped primates to laboratories. China Southern shipped monkeys to laboratories in the EU and US, where they were poisoned, crippled and mutilated in cruel experiments.

The campaigns included regular protests at airports and company offices in Chicago, London, Los Angeles, Taiwan and Tokyo, and through the websites of PETA and our affiliates, more than 100,000 people sent e-mails to China Southern urging it to stop shipping primates.

Will you help us do it again?

Please send an e-mail asking Air France to stop giving primates a one-way ticket to experimentation and death.

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  1. avatar Christel Brenting says:

    Please stop !

  2. avatar judy Cooper says:

    These poor creatures were not put on this earth for lab testing ! if nature can’t cure it’s self then tough ! leave the animals alone.

  3. avatar Cory Mac says:

    Air France, do as China Southern has done – the right thing! Stop your complicity in the heinous trade in monkeys for the vivisection industry!

  4. avatar Carmen García says:

    stop this cruelty!

  5. avatar maureen says:

    Stop transporting death or alot will not fly with !!!

  6. avatar rosalyn bushby says:

    Stop this barrbaric torture to primates animals have feelings too they can’t speak so we are there voice stop full stop///

  7. Every creature has as much right as humans. In this day and age we should not be putting any animals through such torture. Every creature is a sentient being.
    Please stand up and speak out for those that cannot speak for themselves.

  8. It Is Time That ALL ANIMALS – Were Shown Respect / Compassion And Kindness.

  9. Air France

    Please stop giving primates a one-way ticke to experimentation death.
    Thank You.

  10. avatar Birgitt Böhm says:


  11. avatar Neide Martins de Campos says:


  12. stop giving primates a one-way ticket to experimentation and death.
    we have to respekt all creatures.
    we have not the right to treat them like this.
    Stopp Now!!!!!!!!!

  13. avatar Stefania Trivellin says:

    Stop with this horrible story.

  14. avatar Anna Weiss says:

    Please stop this terrifying of highly sentient beings to a destiny of misery.
    You will be judged by your actions and people will respond well to a kindly act but negatively toward your callous act.
    Primates are our very close brothers and sisters and subject to great terror during transport and at their ultimate destination.

  15. avatar Wendy Abrahams says:

    Please stop this cruel trade and transport.

  16. avatar autric says:

    du soutien pour les animaux y merites la vie sauve sans soufrances

  17. avatar Sue says:

    This is absolutely barbaric. These poor innocent animals should be treated with love and respect. They have feelings just like humans, and more to the point testing on animals DOES NOT achieve anything.

  18. avatar Sue says:

    This is absolutely barbaric. These poor animal have feelings just like humans. The people that carry out this kind of procedure should receive the same treatment, only much worse. Experimenting on animals does not work, as we are not close to them genetically.

  19. avatar PREVOT says:

    STOP à la vivisection

  20. avatar Margriet Kerkhofs says:

    I protest against this form of animal abuse.

  21. avatar RAMJANE Yasser Ali says:

    Stop violence against the creations of GOD, we all have equal rights, be it humans or animals. If humans are going to benefit from these experiences, then why not use humans instead of animals to conduct researches?????Humans have created laws to protect them, but animals cannot create any law to protect them, they do not have the abitlity to speak, but they can feel pain just like us. We have to be their voice and it is our duty to protect them. God will most certainly and surely reward us for helping to protect the animals. The animals did not ask to be created like this so as to be used in experiments, they were created by God for a better reason. We, as humans, we are going against nature by killing these innocent animals in painful experiments. PLEASE STOP THIS VIOLENCE AGAINST ALL ANIMALS, I AM A MUSLIM AND THE MUSLIM LAW (SHARIAH) IS IN FAVOUR OF PROTECTING ANIMALS. So, in each house, we have to teach our children the importance of animals in the eco-system and how to treat the animals kindly with love and affection. Education starts at home. To be a better human being, we have to treat every creature on earth kindly.When there are masses of people dying in natural calamities, it may be seen as a punishment for our cruel treatments against innocent animals. If there are any people who agree with my point of views, they can contact me on : Thank You PETA for providing us this platform to share our views and also to form part of the community for the defense of innocent animals that are being given cruel treament through painful experimentations.

    • avatar Carol says:

      Thank you for putting it so eloquently. There is so much horror perpetrated towards animals I cannot bear to think about it. Some PETA videos I do not watch as I would not be able to sleep at night.

  22. avatar Jamees Brunton says:

    Discontinue this barbaric treatment of animals.

  23. avatar Dee says:

    Please stop this horrific abuse of animals. We are their voice and we must do right by them. Torture and a life of pain is not what they deserve. Please stop transporting animals as it is wrong. Your reputation is at stake and this message will be passed to all those who fly with you. Animals deserve respect. They always did!
    Make the change and stop.

  24. avatar Liliana says:

    Animal Experiments are the equivalent of what the Nazis did to humanity many years ago Transporting Any animal to torture is exactly the same mentality as in the Nazi Camps.

    PAIN is a feeling that means that something in a sentient body Is not inbalance NO human has the right to inflict UNECESSARY pain on any animal for a ridiculous illogical unintelligent stupid ignorant reason.

    Animals scream
    animals feel pain
    animals remember
    animals cry
    Animals bleed
    animals feel love

    All our actions make a difference to humanity and animals are sentient beings with souls. Animal experiments are illogical considering that we know that all beings animals and humans feel pain so why put any animal small large or minute through unnecessary torture & pain when we know the answer already ?
    Inflicting pain is wrong there is NO justification in any language any culture religion
    Spiritually and morally and ethically is wrong for Primates to be transported for painful experimentS.

    Pain is easy to understand simply Put a needle quickly in ones finger and you will feel intense pain this is minimal compared to what animals go through in the name of ” science progression for mankind”

    Science without compassion is not science is not balanced or humane and it’s time that humans realised this there are enough shampoos chemicals etc tested in the past in the last 40+ years or more and we should be using more natural products to save the planet and be less toxic to ourselves.

    Animals are not Servants for mankinds hang ups.

    Primates do not deserve to be rounded up like Slaves and bound and caged and be prodded poked cut open mutilated experimented on and disrespected so deeply by us humans and left to die slowly painfully which is not nature’s way.

    We are NOTHING without our humanity
    We have a choice to be Humane Humans and join together to stop this barbaric in humane atrocity against Primates.

    What we do effects our world now in the future and forever every time an animal is tortured we are making negative Karma that WILL come back to Us in negative form.

  25. avatar Suvarna Shrotri says:

    Please stop this useless Barbaric experiments on Animals.

  26. avatar Phyllis White says:

    Stop this cruelty!

  27. avatar Hannele Siira says:

    Please stop this cruel trade and transport as soon as possible

  28. avatar Carol says:

    Have sent an email with a personal note to each and every email address. I hope that they will listen. I cannot imagine that they would want to continue this barbaric practice.

  29. avatar vera dyke says:

    Please stop this barbaric treatment , you are less than animals yourself ,if you allow this use and abuse system to continue.

  30. avatar teresa allan says:

    Please stop supporting this barbaric trade in primates. It is cruel and cannot be accepted in a civilised society.

    It only brings shame to your airlines.

  31. avatar Angèle Palaggi says:

    Merci China Southern Airlines.

  32. avatar Heta Rousi says:

    Please stop primate cargo to experimentation, because it’s torture and death penalty for them! Sincerely, Heta Rousi

  33. avatar Heta Rousi says:

    Pleas stop primate cargo to their torture and death! That’s what it is!
    Sincerely, Heta Rousi

  34. […] month, campaigning by PETA and our international affiliates persuaded China Southern Airlines to stop trafficking primates. That makes Air France the only major airline still participating in this callous […]

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