Become an Avenging Angel for Angora Bunnies With 4 Simple Steps
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Become an Avenging Angel for Angora Bunnies With 4 Simple Steps

Since video footage from PETA Asia’s investigation into Chinese angora farms became breaking news last November, the campaign against angora has come on by leaps and bounds.

More than 30 retailers have promised to stop selling items made with angora, which usually comes from China, where rabbits are farmed in tiny cages and often scream in agony as the fur is ripped from their bodies.

PETA Asia’s investigation showed the world what was happening on angora farms. But it was compassionate consumers who made sure that companies took notice and changed their policies. After hearing from customers in stores, on the phone, by letter and online – and speaking to PETA – retailers from ASOS to John Lewis took swift action to remove angora products from their collections.

Cruelty to angora rabbits on Chinese farms

Every time a company stops selling angora products, the supply for the wool decreases, meaning that fewer rabbits will be made to suffer the appalling scenes of cruelty seen in the video. But these animals still need your help.

If you see angora on sale anywhere, please speak out in the following ways:

      • Politely ask to have a word with the store’s manager, and explain how disappointed you are to see angora on sale. You might want to mention PETA Asia’s video.
      • Leave a comment on the company’s Facebook page, or send a tweet, asking the company to stop selling angora.
      • Send an e-mail or write a letter to the company. Below is some suggested text that you can use as a template.
      • If you get a response (especially if it’s a positive one), please let us know! Send an e-mail to

To Whom It May Concern:

[Note: If you are able to find out the name of the retailer’s director, CEO or manager, please use that person’s name.]

I’m writing to you concerning PETA Asia’s harrowing investigation into angora farming in China – where 90 per cent of the world’s angora wool comes from. The video footage shows how rabbits scream out in pain as workers violently rip the fur from their skin. Rabbits who have their fur cut or sheared also suffer terribly. Their front and back paws are tightly tethered, which is a terrifying experience for these prey animal, and the sharp cutting tools inevitably wound them as they struggle in a desperate bid to escape.

Rabbits – who are extremely clean by nature – are forced to spend their entire lives in tiny, filthy cages, surrounded by their own waste, with little protection from the elements. The thin wire cages constantly cut into their sensitive footpads, and they never have the chance to run around, jump or play. After they endure this process every three months for two to five years, their throats are cut and their skin is ripped from their bodies. Please take a few moments to watch the video footage here.

I hope you agree that with all the wonderful animal-free fabrics that are now available, no rabbit need ever suffer for the sake of a jumper, gloves or a scarf. Please, will you assure me that [name of company] will join the many compassionate designers and retailers that have already turned their backs on the cruel angora wool industry and pledge never to use it in your future clothing and accessories collections?

I look forward to hearing from you about this important matter.

Kind regards,

[Your Name]

[Address details if you wish to include them]

That’s it! It really is that easy to become an angel for angora rabbits. So what are you waiting for?

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  1. avatar Sharon Rowley says:

    I regretfully purchased a hat containing angora from Sainsburys in December, oblivious to how it is obtained. Am disgusted and shocked with how these poor animals are treated and the practices used. I have signed the petition and emailed Sainsburys. No more shopping there until they stop selling it :(

  2. avatar Carol Matis says:

    Please stop this horrendous thing happening

  3. avatar Cheryl says:

    Absoloutly barbaric utter disgrace. How can people be so cruel !! Sickens me so sad x

  4. avatar Helen booth says:

    Pure evil…disgusting , ashamed to be human :(

  5. I am disgusted, heartbroken and angry beyond words, in this day and age you cannot tell me there are no alternatives to this horrific practice.

    The only problem is if there is a market, there will be a supplier, we need to stop this at the source, the shops that sell the products!

    PETA keep up the good work.

  6. avatar STUARY DENTON says:

    It’s sick animals shouldn’t be treat like that.. !!!!!!!

  7. avatar Lulu Barham says:

    I bought a jumper recently in Waitrose, it was a John Lewis jumper in the sale section, once I was at home I checked the label and it angora was part of the material so I immediately took the jumper back to the store. I also unknowingly bought a jumper a couple of years ago from Marks and Spencer with angora in. I wonder if they have stopped selling it? I will always check the label in future!

  8. avatar Tracey Smith says:

    I’m utterly disgusted and deeply saddened to see animals treated in this barbaric manner . I can’t stop thinking about it ! Something’s got to be done !!!

  9. avatar Olwen West says:

    Disgusted. There is absolutely no need to do this to these poor souls. I hope these despicable humans who are involved in this abhorrant treatment of animals, whether they are the top dogs of companies, right down to the people (?) that actually do the act of ripping out the fur, all get their just desserts one day. Even then, it won’t be enough.

  10. avatar Sophie Brown says:

    This saddens me to the core!! It absolutely needs to be stopped! The scum that are doing this need to be exposed and severely punished.

  11. avatar J samways says:

    Disgusting and so wrong

  12. I know for a fact that Debenhans, Littlewoods, Very, Kays, Ismee, etc, are ALL selling the SAME Owl Jumper. As I orderd it, but when I read the material was part angora, I sent it back to Very. The other mail-order catalogues belong to the same company, (excluding Debenhams), but it’s the exact jumper in them ALL. They sell the OWL Jumper in Red and Grey.

  13. avatar Beryl Jensen says:

    This must stop .why put these poor bunnies through HELL.

  14. avatar laura Nicol says:

    This is absolutely diabolical in this day and age. To treat animals in this despicable way is disgusting. Those individuals in the angora farms should be ashamed of themselves…I hope they go to hell! Disgrace that one living being could treat another in this way….these poor poor wee things deserve far better. They deserve a life. Just evil pure evil people.

  15. avatar mausami nag says:

    plz stop torturing animals.

  16. I tried to stop Marks and Spencer by writing a comment on their website but they refused to put it up .

  17. avatar tina stacey says:

    just want to be proactive enough is enough

  18. avatar sharon williams says:

    please stop the cruelty its wrong

  19. avatar kirstie says:

    I know that Primark sold Angora jumpers last time I was there, I took a photo of the tag. Such vile acts!

  20. avatar Theresa says:

    Oh God, this breaks my heart, please, please, stop this torture, now!!!!!!

  21. avatar LINDA CRAIG says:

    stop all this torture

  22. avatar Doreen Sevilla says:

    We humans does not have the right to wear animal furs

  23. I can’t stand it anymore

  24. […] The best thing that you can do to help rabbits and other animals abused for fashion is to check the label when you’re out shopping and avoid anything containing angora or real fur. If you see angora on sale, please politely ask the shop’s managers to stop profiting from the abuse of terrified animals. […]

  25. avatar della says:

    Stop this cruelty now!! No one should suffer for fashion

  26. avatar kevin stephens says:

    absolutely disgusting how could anyone do this to another living creature

  27. […] you see angora on sale anywhere else, please speak out and ask the store to remove it. Today’s news proves yet again that your voice makes a difference – and that the tide has truly […]

  28. […] Monsoon has joined ASOS, French Connection, Stella McCartney and many other global fashion brands that now no longer sell angora. Help us keep up the pressure by speaking out wherever you see it on sale. […]

  29. avatar anna myrha says:

    Shame on these people, and to all those who shop anything that has to do with fur. This is really very heartbreaking. Poor little animals.

  30. […] Thank you to everyone who put pressure on these companies to do the right thing. And if you spot angora on sale ANYWHERE, please keep on speaking out! […]

  31. avatar Ruth bennell says:

    Saw a fluffy looking jumper in French connection a few days ago, checked the label, it said it contained pulled angora ? Whatever that is ?!

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