WATCH: The Most Heartwarmimg Lifeboat Rescue Ever
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WATCH: The Most Heartwarmimg Lifeboat Rescue Ever

Quila was in a tight spot. On a stormy afternoon in Norfolk, just days before Christmas, this friendly Labrador was swept out to sea and left stranded on a slippery rock, surrounded by water – as her distressed guardians watched in horror.

This is what happened next:

What stands out in the video are the gentleness and care that the rescuers from Happisburgh Lifeboat Crew show to Quila, who was probably experiencing one of the most terrifying moments of her life. After they lift her into the boat, she nestles her head against the shoulder of a crew member who is comforting her – just grateful to be in safe hands.

For the courage and determination of the lifeboat crew and to recognise their kindness, we have given them a Hero to Animals Award! Here are some of them with Quila, safe and sound, back on dry land:


We’d like to say thanks to these heroes for putting their safety on the line in order to protect all residents in their area, whether on two legs or four!

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  1. My Heartful Thanks to you Heroes.

  2. avatar Karin Koch says:

    Great job your hero’s! Lots of love from the Netherlands! Xxxxx

  3. avatar Joanne Jones says:

    Brilliant work.. Such hero’s!

    • avatar Cass says:

      Absolutely! That poor dog, what an awful experience for her and her owners, but how wonderful that she was rescued!

  4. avatar Sandra levy says:

    You are all just so wonderful. Hero’s in our hearts.

  5. avatar Fran Guille-Wadey says:

    Much respect for all you do. Thank you Xx

  6. My heart goes out to you all.
    Thank you so much!!!

  7. thank you,wonderful job

  8. avatar shirley sumner says:

    Ur fantastic lads ur such heros to save this sweetie im so honored to c this I honour u yo my friends♥♥

  9. avatar Manreet says:

    God bless u guys..u r real heroes

  10. avatar Jan Cooper says:

    Very well done to all involved! Poor thing must have been terrified and the owners frantic. You are all a credit to the RNLI . Bless you and keep safe.

  11. avatar Jo James says:

    Amazing! You lads are brilliant!

  12. avatar Lara says:

    So nice to see a heartwarming story :))

  13. avatar Jane Farah says:

    Thank you for doing such a great job. :)

  14. avatar Lorna Coopamah(Mauritius) says:

    Thank god for people like you. God bless

  15. avatar Claire Wheeler says:

    Thankyou you wonderfull

  16. avatar Esat Yilmaz says:

    So sweet. Made me cry…

  17. avatar sheila gilroy says:

    what a great job you do.. thank you :-) Heroes all of you…

  18. avatar d m colwell says:

    Thank You for caring for the dog.

  19. avatar Nicky says:

    when are dog owners going to learn to keep dogs on leads around water, cliffs, rivers etc??

  20. avatar BJ says:

    Fantastic guys!

    Definitely heroes and def for that little pooch you rescused!

  21. avatar BJ says:

    God bless you guys and keep you safe in all you do x

  22. avatar Liz Powers says:

    A truly wonderful group. Thanks for saving this brave dog.

  23. avatar Tina Lincoln says:

    So Lovely,Thank you for sharing such kindness x

  24. avatar Lesley Sherrard says:

    You are all such fantastic people. My deepest respect to each and every one of the people of the RNLI, men and women, from those who man the phones to those who risk their lives. God bless all of you!

  25. avatar Michelle says:

    What a great job, well done u deserve an award

  26. avatar Derek Davison says:

    A wonderful end to an awful experience for both dog and owners, my heart was in my mouth whilst watching the film. Those rescue guys are worth every penny they get and MORE.

  27. avatar Soraya Aslam says:

    Yay to the RNLI!! Job well done lads.

    So relieved to see a happy story and a happy ending for Quila. God bless all those who risk their lives for all creatures!

  28. avatar Christiane Peray says:

    Well done ! Congrats to all of you !

  29. avatar Catherine Curran says:

    That is great. Well done to all involved.

  30. avatar Heli Sajaniemi says:

    Hurray! You are true heroes! Thank You!

  31. avatar TERESA WATKIN says:

    It was so wonderful to watch this,you were all so brilliant and the rescue,you saved the dog with such care and consideration and kindness for animals,your all wonderful,if only the rest of the world were the same,what a wonderful earth it would bexxxx

  32. […] the waters, Happisburgh lifeboat crew showed courage and determination in finding Quilla, whom they discovered on rocks on a reef. Their selfless act undoubtedly saved Quilla’s life […]

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