UN: Violent Bullfighting Goes Against Children's Rights
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UN: Violent Bullfighting Goes Against Children’s Rights

We already knew that bullfighting tramples all over animals’ rights. Chasing, stabbing and mutilating a terrified animal in front of a jeering crowd is about as cruel as it gets. Now, the United Nations (UN) has stated that being forced to watch the barbaric spectacle is incompatible with children’s rights, too.

Bullfighting Violates Rights of the Child: United Nations

The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child has recommended that children should not attend or participate in bullfighting events because of their extreme violence. The pronouncement was made with regard to Portugal, where children in bullfighting schools are compelled to witness and sometimes engage in acts of violence towards animals.

This enlightened decision from the UN backs up what experts have been saying for years. Last summer, 140 scientists and academics wrote to politicians in Spain pointing out that promoting animal abuse has a negative effect on society as a whole. For a child, watching an animal be tormented and killed is a traumatic experience. Over time, it can desensitise them to violence.

In contrast, a recent study by Tufts University found that learning to care for an animal helps young people to develop better relationships and become more confident and empathetic. These are the qualities that progressive, modern societies should be encouraging in their children, rather than a taste for bloodshed. As Spanish model Elen Rivas has said, “Glorifying the deliberate slaughter of animals should not be tolerated in a civilised society”.

We hope that the UN’s influence will help persuade the governments of countries that allow bullfighting to stop propping up that cruel and damaging industry – for the sake of both humans and bulls alike.

You can help -urge the EU to stop subsidising bullfights using taxpayers’ money.

Image: Jo-Anne McArthur / WeAnimals.org

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  1. avatar Will Bowen says:

    Its wrong, needs to stop! its 2014!

  2. avatar rebecca twigg says:

    Please stop this happening! It is not right in a civilized society for children to be exposed to this!

  3. avatar Susan Horne says:

    It’s a blood sport and ought not to be a part of the 21st Century. It’s outdated, cruel and barbaric. Shame on the countries that encourage and endorse this awful and inhumane practice. It speaks volumes about the people who enjoy watching it.

  4. avatar Robert Dalziel says:


  5. avatar deepthi says:

    Instead go throw yourselves in a cage full of lions and you will know how it feels to be torn apart when you still alive.

  6. avatar Julie jones says:

    This cruelty is totally unacceptable and has no place in modern society

  7. avatar carolmurphy says:

    Cruel and bloodthirsty

  8. avatar Ann Yang says:

    This should be STOPPED.
    It’s BARBARIC and SPAIN this is animal ABUSE at its worst.
    You should be ashamed of this horrific abuse of these animals.

  9. avatar Chante de Meyer says:


  10. avatar Wendy Blackwell says:

    Animals are not for human entertainment, children should have a childhood free of violence towards them or animals! Stop this sickening and barbaric practice of mutilation and death!

  11. avatar anne richardson says:

    Time this was illegal

  12. avatar Michelle Blessing says:

    This bloodsport is barbaric, inhumane and unnecessary. This so called tradition should be sent back to the annals of history. Can we please move on from causing other sentient beings pain and suffering and make this a much nicer, kinder and better planet for the all sentient beings (including humans and non humans) and those future sentient beings to come.

  13. Killing is not entertainment any more. This is the 21 century. We are not barbarians any more so there is no need for this cruelty to continue.

  14. avatar Neelie Casey says:

    Bullfighting is animal abuse at its worse! Archaic and sickening!! It is time this abomination is ended, and bulls are allowed to live their lives in peace. … But it’s part of their culture’ is the argument commonly used to defend bullfighting, but this argument is also used to defend female circumcision (genital mutilation). It could also have been used to defend witch-burning, bear-baiting and a multitude of other evils, “Culture” is not a magic word, and simply labeling something as such doesn’t make it right and above criticism. Also, the word “culture” suggests the enhancement and enrichment of people or a society, and watching animals being tortured to death doesn’t fall into this description.

  15. avatar carol gee says:

    Please stop this barbarism in the name of culture. The French used the guillotine but don’t anymore as they decided it was wrong. The English hung drawed and quartered people but don’t anymore. When will the Spanish people see that bullfighting is just a culture that has no purpose in the 21st century. IT IS BARBARIC AND WRONG. EDUCATE YOUR CHILDREN TO HAVE COMPASSION FOR ANIMALS NOT TEACH THEM CRUELTY.

  16. avatar Michelle Harrison says:

    Please stop this brutality.

  17. I find this is a horrible practice. I will not visit Spain until this is stopped.

  18. avatar Debra Lister says:

    I cannot understand why any parent would want their or any child to witness the sickening torment, torture and abuse of ANY animal for any reason , and certainly not for entertainment !! Bull fighting is horrific and barbaric and should not be part of modern society !!

  19. avatar Krzysztof Łokić says:

    no comments:(

  20. avatar pippa says:

    great step … NO ONE should watch or participate !! it is over !! please share any petitions actions etc to end ALL barbarsism !!

  21. avatar Emma Wilson says:

    Its 2014 and we still find it acceptable to brutally mutilate, torture and murder innocent bulls? Absolute disgrace.

  22. avatar Tracey Burke says:

    Animal torture for human entertainment is absolutely barbaric & sickening, bullfighting should have been banned years ago. What are we teaching kids (whether they attend a bullfight or not) by allowing this to continue? How can torture of any living being be seen as ok!?

  23. avatar marianne says:

    No humane society finds entertainment in practices that harm other living creatures

  24. avatar Rebecca Pridden says:

    This is a disgusting sport (if that’s what you could call it) this needs to be made illegal !

  25. avatar Lizette Watson says:

    Of course children should not attend this sadistic “sport”. This needs to be stopped it is murder pure and simple!!!!

  26. avatar cheryl says:

    It should be banned…No animal should have to suffer such a horrible death and then no child or adult would ever have to witness it….it is sick, barbaric, inhumane and a psychopathic act..

  27. avatar monica wheeler says:

    it’s high time to end this cruel entertainment for people.

  28. avatar Fiona Kent says:

    Bullfighting is wrong on all levels. Animals were not put on this earth for mans “entertainment”. This is an abhorrent act of barbarity against bulls & has no place in modern society.

  29. avatar Lucy Gre says:

    The people doing this are nasty cruel people

  30. avatar Karen says:

    No one should pay to see cruelty

  31. avatar Gurdeep Singh says:

    what the fuck is this. stop buddy.

  32. avatar Marie mclean says:

    This and all the other cruel festivals in this supposed civilised country must stop! Animals are not for your entertainment. Shame on you! Will never visit your country again.

  33. avatar Sam says:

    How about we throw u miserable gits in the ring and chase you and stab u, then ull know what pain your putting these poor defenseless animals through!!!!!!
    Needs to stop ASAP!!!!

  34. avatar Maggie Cranfield says:

    Pointless and cruel

  35. avatar Marilyn O'Loughlin says:

    Wicked practice. What could be entertaining about terrorising a poor defenceless creature. The bull doesn’t carry a knife and they are injected to make them dozy so some ‘brave man’ hahaha can murder it! Sick!!!!

  36. avatar Allyson Halls says:

    This barbaric practice need to STOP NOW!
    It has no place in the world in which we live today

  37. I lived in Spain and saw this happen live on their tvs all over the country and I ran into the bathroom crying one day it was so awful I can’t even describe. They hurt the animal before he even goes out to fight. And then you kill it. That’s not fun to watch that’s sadistic. I am Spanish and my family is from Spain and I think its embarrassing and sick. I can’t wait until this is outlawed. Do you know children die training for this early. Ya they really have kids ages 5,6 that start doing this for fun and some don’t make it. Can’t be any more sick.

  38. avatar H Davey says:

    This is cruelty. STOP IT NOW!

  39. avatar eve martin says:

    Its so wrong in the first place, and to let children watch is even more wrong
    what are they going to learn by this, it’s a barbaric sport that doesn’t belong in a (civilized) world! !!

  40. avatar yvonne says:

    Diabolical so called sport!

  41. avatar hilary yates says:

    In this day and age!!!!!!!!!!!!! obsene

  42. avatar natasha neave says:

    outdated, wrong, barbaric and far far from entertaining, it is just plain cruelty, and must be stopped

  43. avatar Esat Yilmaz says:

    This is a sadistic practice that belongs to the Roman times.

    Brits stopped fox hunting – their “national sport” which was an impressive step and they must be commended for it. I think some still go through the motion in a ceremonial manner but they are not allowed to kill the fox.

    Spaniards resisted banning their “national sport” even though they are in the EU. I think with strong leadership and pressure from outside (PETA), they could be convinced.

  44. avatar Linda says:

    Stop this now, it wrong.. Poor animals

  45. avatar Lorna says:

    No country that allows ANY barbaric acts towards animals, albeit in the name of sport or science, can call themselves civilised.

  46. avatar jan pedley says:

    IT HAS TO STOP its shocking to see these poor creatures taunted and slowly killed for nothing more than some sick kind of entertainment!! Dont get it & never will and never want to. ITS WRONG

  47. avatar Donna Roy says:

    This is sick and nothing but cruelty it needs to stop

  48. avatar Julie crawford says:

    Horrific disgusting cruelty. Unnessary pain and suffering for yet another sport. Take up joggin!!!!

  49. avatar Barbara Tetrol says:

    This is sick and nothing but cruelty it needs to stop . What kind of humans are you anyway. Dos pain & suffering turn you on. Disgusting.

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