UN: Violent Bullfighting Goes Against Children's Rights
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UN: Violent Bullfighting Goes Against Children’s Rights

We already knew that bullfighting tramples all over animals’ rights. Chasing, stabbing and mutilating a terrified animal in front of a jeering crowd is about as cruel as it gets. Now, the United Nations (UN) has stated that being forced to watch the barbaric spectacle is incompatible with children’s rights, too.

Bullfighting Violates Rights of the Child: United Nations

The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child has recommended that children should not attend or participate in bullfighting events because of their extreme violence. The pronouncement was made with regard to Portugal, where children in bullfighting schools are compelled to witness and sometimes engage in acts of violence towards animals.

This enlightened decision from the UN backs up what experts have been saying for years. Last summer, 140 scientists and academics wrote to politicians in Spain pointing out that promoting animal abuse has a negative effect on society as a whole. For a child, watching an animal be tormented and killed is a traumatic experience. Over time, it can desensitise them to violence.

In contrast, a recent study by Tufts University found that learning to care for an animal helps young people to develop better relationships and become more confident and empathetic. These are the qualities that progressive, modern societies should be encouraging in their children, rather than a taste for bloodshed. As Spanish model Elen Rivas has said, “Glorifying the deliberate slaughter of animals should not be tolerated in a civilised society”.

We hope that the UN’s influence will help persuade the governments of countries that allow bullfighting to stop propping up that cruel and damaging industry – for the sake of both humans and bulls alike.

You can help -urge the EU to stop subsidising bullfights using taxpayers’ money.

Image: Jo-Anne McArthur / WeAnimals.org

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  1. avatar shiv says:

    want to stop this cruelty….but no body doing anything..
    they will also become animals next generation.

  2. avatar Amanda Johnson says:

    How is torturing an animal TO DEATH enjoyable or sporting. This is the 21st Century. Time these people grew up and participated in a humane sport like golf! This is just sick.

  3. avatar jessica says:

    abusadores , pobres animals, todo lo que pasan por una estupida tradicion , que lo q hace es crear mas violencia y a seres humanos sin sentimientos . para mi Deben de condenar al que hace esto y el q lo permite, abusadores

  4. They dress like a ponce and act like a nonce.

  5. avatar Mandy Lawrence says:

    Killing animals for entertainment is only entertainment for the blood thirsty and you would think that, in this day and age, the human race would have evolved beyond that!

  6. In this day and age, humans should have evolved beyond killing animals for entertainment!

  7. avatar Dawn says:

    any kind of abuse on a animal is seriously wrong and any kind of fighting with animals involved is seriously wrong tooo why can’t these cowered fight for em self and leave the animals out of it … just makes me so sick to my stomach

  8. avatar kirstie says:

    No need, just EVIL…

  9. avatar Marc chapman says:

    Out dated
    Un human
    And animal cruelty for the entertainment of sad pathetic people.
    Get a grip SPAIN!
    And EU wake up and do some good for a change!
    If these were children in a war torn country you’d be like a rat up a cheap drain pipe!!

  10. avatar Aparajita says:

    stop this IMMEDIATELY Its CRIMINAL and CRUEL .. use your spirit and mind in the RIGHT way you’re HUMAN ..remember

  11. it is so wrong these poor animals suffer such cruelty

  12. avatar angela smith says:


  13. avatar Tracey Cummings says:

    Traditions can be broken due to evolution! Bullfighting is disgusting! Not acceptable in the generation of most people!

  14. avatar shiv says:

    one day animal will kill to human being like this

  15. this sadism must immediately stop,these atrocities with the poor animals—must immediately be crude.Parents who teach their children from an early age how to enjoy spectacularly sadistic attitude to the animals?!it will certainly make their kids ready in psychopaths with upset or nervous system ready killers!!!!Pleas,pleas,pleas,to immediately stop the barbaric treatment of animals!!!!

  16. avatar Cate Ingalls says:

    This practice is deplorable. What is wrong with people that they have to harm helpless animals? such gutless behavior is sickening.

  17. avatar Anara says:

    It’s just so easy to realize what is Wrong with this world and to see the Truth… People, just try to think with your brain, not with your ass…

  18. avatar Kay says:

    It’s absolutely abhorrent! Stop immediately. No more public torture of these poor animals!

  19. avatar Sharon Smit says:

    Please stop bullfighting en let animals live the way they are suppoost to be!!

  20. avatar anneke ketting says:

    Bullfighting is so wrong animails can feel pain too I wish you can feeling what the bull feels

  21. avatar Aidy says:

    Most of people enjoy hurting animals ,I think this sport should be forbbiden.

  22. This into only cruel, it is stupid.x

  23. Cruelty is not acceptable.

  24. avatar Val says:

    Bullfighting should be banned, not just for children but for the bulls! This is such a cruel and total unnecessary ‘sport’ !

  25. avatar Janice Wyndham-Quin says:

    Stop this barbaric practice please!

  26. avatar yulia, shu says:

    please stop killing

  27. avatar elizabeth whitlam says:

    this is wrong, animals are helpless against man and his weapons, so negative and not very entertaining, must stop this is cruel

  28. avatar dinah bishop says:

    It is bad enough that animals across the world are tortured for food and fur but simply for sport? Maybe it is culture you can argue but we are also a species of animal. If we have a soul so do other animals. Involving children to ensure they grow up with the same blood lust is beyond words!

  29. avatar Suzanne Armstrong says:

    Bull fighting should be banned, it puts me off and I am sure many others from visit places that alllow this to happen

  30. avatar Heather says:

    It IS NOT ‘bullfighting’ – The bulls are too wounded and weak to fight! They don’t even WANT to fight a stupid , arrogant sadist in a flash outfit – Why would they?!
    This is just glorifying animal torture and IT MUST STOP !
    Spain you make me sick!

  31. avatar coral lowden-smith says:

    This is torture for the animal, it is not sport. It is very violent & should children should not be allowed to watch this. Encouraging them to grow up thinking its ok to hurt animals for fun!

  32. avatar Carole says:

    This is a cruel act and should be banned immediately. How is this a sport? The people involved are very small minded and heartless.

  33. avatar Carol Gardner says:

    Firstly I cant believe anyone would or should fund bull fighting??? So called Matadors are cowards…the bull dies in the end after a time of complete and utter torture And why on earth any adults let alone children should want to watch this absolute torture. To let or make children watch this cruel treatment to an animal will condone cruelty ..I am disgusted shocked and sickened please stop this now .

  34. avatar Sharon Lawson says:

    Bullfighting is animal cruelty sanctioned the government. As far as wanting heritage status for it, if the EU did this then we should leave. A bull is basically tortured to death for entertainment there is no glory in this, if the bullfighter fought the bull without having it hobbled,drugged or without a sword then maybe but that’s never going to happen.

    It’s sick and archaic and belongs in the Middle Ages where then people who go to watch it belong. I live Spain but it makes me sick every time I see a bullring. I went to a small place called Chinchon outside Madrid which is the tiniest place & it’s centre was a sawdust bullring& roundabout the ring were restaurants you would have practically been able to touch the bull, I just cried at the thought of how barbaric the whole thing looked.

  35. avatar Liz Allen says:

    A tradition that is totally outdated, cruel and disgusting. This MUST stop. :-(

  36. avatar Harvey Seen says:

    This must stop. Any abuse is so wrong in 21st century where as a human being, we have lots of options to enjoy compassionate entertainment.

  37. avatar yulia, shu says:

    This is not a hero
    This is a cruel murderer
    Please stop killing innocent animals evil

  38. avatar carol d'andrea says:

    Unevolved – anyone who can endorse this (watch it, go on tours to it, buy t-shirts promoting it) is seriously behind the curve! Come on Spain you have so much more to offer!

  39. avatar Diana Baumann says:

    It’s not culture – it’s torture.

  40. Hört endlich mit diesen Greultaten auf, ich wünsche keinen Wesen auf Erden das er kurz vor seinen Ende, gequalt, gefoltert und mit starken Schmerzen einen 20 Min. Todeskampf durchleben muss. Wir leben in der Neuzeit und da haben Tiere Rechte, das ganze ist nur ein grausames Blutbad für den Stier, ich pfeif auf Traditionen und Sitten eines Volkes. Für mich ist das furchtbare Schaubelustigung der blutsehenden gierigen Menschen, die den Fortschritt irgentwie nicht verstanden haben. Schützt die Tiere dieser Welt !!!!
    Janny Schulze

  41. […] man lifts up a 2-year-old to watch the carnage – despite a recent ruling from the UN that exposure to the violence of bullfights goes against the rights of […]

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