Top London Night Club Bans Fur!
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Top London Night Club Bans Fur!

No fur sign

Mahiki – the exclusive Mayfair nightclub beloved by celebrities from Kim Kardashian to Prince Harry – has just announced that it’s banning real fur for good.

Meg Mathews, who will be on the door at Mahiki celebrating the first fur-free night tomorrow, says it perfectly: “I don’t care who you are – if you’re wearing fur, you’re heartless, and you’re not coming in.”

Here’s the statement from Michael Evans, Mahiki’s creative director:

I’ve known and loved Meg for a long time, so when she told me about the cruelty that wearing fur causes it was quite a shock, so naturally I wanted to help her and PETA, I was just so shocked and appalled by how horribly animals suffer, for what amounts to nothing really. Since we have been around for 8 years and have a huge celeb following, I thought it was the natural thing to do, to put the ban in place. I believe some people don’t really understand, so teaching them and creating awareness around the issue is what we are trying to do.

Three cheers to that!

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  1. avatar hayley carter says:

    Fur is rank

  2. avatar Giorgia Trebbi says:

    Stop wearring real fur!!!

  3. avatar Jennifer says:

    This is awesome news. Thank you Mahiki people :)

  4. avatar Angela Wild says:

    Well done Mahiki and well done Meg Mathews who time and time again turns up trumps for animals. At every opportunity she seizes the imperative and gets things done.

  5. Well done mahiki let’s hope a lot more places will follow suit.

  6. avatar LUKE ROZIER says:

    thank you everybody involved in this,its such an amazing result,im so glad that people are listening and that they care. :)

  7. avatar Christina Elliott says:

    On the Makhiki Facebook a post for 19 february states: “Live animals will be joining us in paradise from 7pm, so make sure you come down early to catch a glimpse!!!” On pictures of the night I see many people handling snakes, lizards, a scorpion and tortoise (post 23rd. Feb). How is a nightclub a suitable environment for other animals? That said, well done to the club for going ‘fur free’ but beware ” Dog and cat fur is passed off not only as fox or mink fur, but also as fake or synthetic fur.” (AnimalRightsAdvocacy)

  8. avatar Olga D. Grovic says:

    bless you for your open-mindedness and -heartness, your humanity and compassion! may you set the new “fashion” trend with your principles!! bravo, bravo, bravo, my friends… <3

  9. avatar Roseann Stapff says:

    Humanity is still alive and I am overwhelmed with joy..A thousand thanks to Mahiki.

  10. Meg Matthews ,Michael Evans, I love you!!!!!!!! I would be so proud to call you my friends, you are my type of people ;0)))) Thank you so much for this amazing triumph. I hope this will see the start of other well known hot spots following in your amazing footsteps! I wonder if the people who wear fur would still wear it if they saw the barbaric truth behind the fur trade. Meg – get out there and shot your message from the highest roof top. Tell the world that it doesn’t matter who you are, where you live or how much money you’ve got wearing fur is disgusting! It is not acceptable !! X x x x x

  11. avatar Ruth says:

    This was a PR stunt. They might now allow people to wear dead animals but they are happy to bring in live snakes and baby crocodiles for their customers to pose with which I think is just as bad. Take a look at their Wild Wednesdays. It’s disgusting. I’ve emailed to complain and left comments on their photos on Facebook but have not received feedback. It’s just bizarre!

  12. avatar Manel Dias says:

    Thank you very much for taking such a fantastic steps to stop and ban the people who are entering, wearing poor animals fur to your Mahiki club. Those people who cover their bodies with innocent animals skins and furs are the most unkind and selfish humans. They are not happy with their own skin and always ready cover up the body with a poor animals skin or fur. Don’t they have a littlest intellectual side to understand the pains & sufferings these voiceless, vulnerable animals had to undergo to provide you with their skin and fur? Most of the animals are ruthlessly murdered simply to get their skin and their fur. Imagine the sacrifices these helpless creatures had to do just because of the humans greedyness for materials.
    Anyways my hat is off to the Mahiki Club owners and the staff. Great job. The world will be a little bit of a better place…

  13. avatar Chihiro Tamaki says:

    Morals are necessary also for the night world

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