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From Dubai With Love

Our mission to stop geese from being tortured for foie gras has entered new territory this week. Ahead of Fortnum & Mason’s opening of a new store in Dubai, former James Bond star Sir Roger Moore has called on Emirates residents not to shop there because of the company’s sale of the vile foodstuff. We’ve also released a new Arabic version of his advert:

PETA brings message about Fortnums' foie gras cruelty to Dubai in UAE

Here is Sir Roger’s statement:

I do hope the good people of Dubai will not be taken in by Fortnum & Mason’s scurrilous claim that “Englishness” characterises its products.

In fact, Fortnum & Mason is widely condemned and boycotted in Britain as one of the last department stores that still sells foie gras – a product so cruel that it is illegal to produce both there and in more than a dozen other countries. The store shamefully circumvents British animal-welfare law by paying workers in France to force-feed terrified geese via metal pipes until their livers become distended and diseased. An investigation by PETA into the foie gras farms from which the store’s distributor obtains foie gras found that the birds are being kept in the most appalling conditions.

The great and the good in England – including the Houses of Parliament, Wimbledon, Lord’s Cricket Ground, the BAFTA Awards and His Royal Highness Prince Charles – all refuse to serve this “torture in a tin”. I invite compassionate Dubai shoppers to join us in calling on Fortnum & Mason to end its involvement in the barbaric force-feeding of birds for foie gras.

And here’s a reminder of why Sir Roger, Joanna Lumley, Kate Winslet, Ricky Gervais, Ralph Fiennes and many other prominent British figures are opposed to foie gras:

Add your voice to the movement against this unwarranted cruelty here:

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  1. avatar Helga says:

    This is an utterly disgusting practice and time it was ended in our so-called civilisation….

  2. avatar Rebecca Sandys says:

    This is absolutely horrifying, the way in which these innocent and gentle creatures are treated needs to stop.

  3. avatar Frances Osborn says:

    A great big heartfelt Thank You to Sir Roger Moore for speaking out for geese.

  4. avatar Leah says:

    Ban Fortnum & Mason until they stop contributing to the extreme suffering and death of these birds!! Foie Gras is not a delicacy… it is the by-product of animal torture!

  5. avatar Caroline George says:

    Thank you Sir Roger Moore for highlighting the plight of these poor geese! Great that Fortnum & Mason have stopped selling it Dubai but they need to just remove it from ALL their shelves EVERYWHERE – it’s a disgusting, needless, cruel practice in what I loosely call our CIVILISED world.

  6. avatar John Hines says:

    Well done Sir Roger thank you for lending your very high profile to speak up against this terrible, disgusting torture of geese and ducks.
    It is about time the practice and farming of this sort of product was banned completely.
    Thank you Sir Roger, the animal world needs “MOORE” people like you.

  7. avatar Teresa Dougan says:

    Thank you Sir Roger, and everyone who helps animals. Let’s continue to spread the world throughout the entire world.

  8. avatar Anna Davidson says:

    You are truly worthy of your knighthood Sir Roger. Too many high profile ‘celebs’ prefer to duck under the radar when issues such as animal welfare are concerned.
    Fortnum and Mason seem to be digging in their heels despite massive opposition to their procurement and selling policy.
    Shame on them….. shop floor staff must be facing a terrible dilemma knowing the cruelty involved in foi gras production.
    Again, a million thanks Sir Roger. keep up the good work.

  9. avatar Celia Clarke says:

    Foie gras production is one of the greatest cruelties of world farming. Thank you Roger Moore for what you are doing to help put an end to this terrible practice, but where are the protests from your fellow film stars and celebrities? The only other actor I have seen speak out on this is Kate Winslet.

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