A Message to Moscow: Throw Fur Out!
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A Message to Moscow: Throw Fur Out!

A new year offers new opportunities to take our campaign against fur to the country that buys more of it than any other in the world: Russia.

PETA’s hard-hitting billboards have gone up across Moscow, each one graphically illustrating how many animals are killed just to make one fur coat. The writing on the ad roughly translates as “Try telling this beautiful animal he is just a piece of a fur coat.”

Moscow Mink

PETA Moscow mink billboard with Olga Shelest

Well-known model and TV presenter Olga Shelest (who is also vegan) is the face of the campaign. “My philosophy is to live my life without leaving a blood imprint on this planet”, Olga explained. “I will never wear fur, because it’s made from someone, not something.” We agree 100 per cent!

Animals on fur farms endure lives filled with pain and fear before they are killed in horrific ways – and many of them are skinned alive. In China, now the world’s biggest exporter of fur, more than 2 million cats and dogs are killed every year for their skin. PETA US has created a Russian-language website showing the intense cruelty of the fur industry.

This week, lovely PETA “bunnies” also paid a visit to the city of Sochi, site of the 2014 Winter Olympics, in order to highlight the suffering of animals who are slaughtered for their skins. One step at a time, we’re determined that Russia’s 145 million citizens will understand the appalling cruelty that lies behind garments made from animal skins – and ditch them for good!

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  1. avatar Nicola Wase says:

    Please stop wearing fur!

  2. avatar Marianne says:

    Only UGLY people wear animal fur!

  3. avatar Lesley Robinson says:

    There is no reason on earth for humans to wear the skins of cruelly treated, cruelly killed animals of any species. Animals are not ours to control or kill or starve or rip off the skin of any creature unfortunate enough to share this planet with us. Animals most certainly do not belong at the winter Olympics. Despicable!

  4. avatar Lynda Bennett says:

    You know what horrifying suffering wearing fur entails. What sort of person does that make you?

  5. avatar Anne Kathleen Nielsen says:

    Please stop wearing and promoting fur! The production of fur is unbelievable cruel and horrendous and there are plenty of animal friendly alternatives to be had!
    Fur belongs to the animal that was wearing it first.

  6. I am an anti-fur activist working towards getting fur banned in South Africa.

    Yet I am also a feminist who does not believe in the exploitation of women. While I understand the “bunnies” and the “I’d rather go naked than wear fur” PeTA campaigns attract the attention of some people – albeit those interested in good bodies- I find these ads offensive to women.
    PeTA does have models who do a different type of advert like Penelope Cruz in “give fur the cold shoulder” and Charlize Theron in ” if you wouldn’t wear your dog, don’t wear fur.

    I would be interested to know what others think?

  7. avatar eve martin says:

    Disgusting to be wearing fur knowing how these poor animals are treated
    Just not acceptable in this day and age!!!!!

  8. avatar Paul Running says:


  9. avatar Sylvie Auger says:

    It’s very disgusting to be wearing fur knowing how these poor animals are treated
    Just not acceptable in 2014 !!!!! Think about that before you’ll buy new coat or new clothes with fur.

  10. avatar Kay Mawson says:

    Wearing fur should have died its death in the dark ages. Obviously it hasn’t, so what does this say about Russia and any people who wear it?

  11. avatar Micaela says:

    la belelza no radica en la peil de otro…ser más amorosos con todos los seres vivos nos hace más bellos sin lugar a dudas

  12. avatar Steve says:

    People are so detached from where the fur has come from, that even if they *do* realize that its from a living being, it wont make a difference.

    To open their eyes, you would need to show them footage or take them to one of these fur farms so that they could see the torture that the animals are subjected to. Until then, they wont be able to relate or understand at any sympathetic level..

    Those that wear it are living in their own bubble. Until they truly understand, they will keep wearing it. You cant really hate on them as they are just ill-educated..

  13. avatar woody says:

    stop wearing fur, animals need it more than you!

  14. avatar Tina says:

    I live in Moscow.Here the fur is the symbol of luxury life..It’s absolutely disgusting. Whe I go for shopping and ask the sell faux leather shoes he thinks that I am a poor and dont have money..I feel so confused because of my country

  15. avatar Jacqui says:

    The wearing of animal skin came from the medieval times and we are now living in a modern world so leave the pre historic tradition of skinning animals and then wear the skin WHERE IT BELONGS !!IN THE PAST. its a vile barbaric tradition and should be exposed and dealt with. There is just NO excuse that justifies this there are hundreds alternative materials on the market to substitute fur in clothing…The eyes of the world watching you…..STEP UP !!!

  16. avatar Paula Warwicker says:

    Fur only belongs on the animal – some humans deserve to be skinned instead.

  17. avatar Teresa says:

    I don’t know how anyone could wear fur, or feel good about themselves when wearing it. It is not acceptable, but sadly too many people don’t want to know, or don’t care.

  18. avatar Stephane says:

    Hi Russia,

    It’s now time for Russia to fight against this awful activity. The future can not consider the really good actions that you are taking to take this world out of the darkness, without considering the cruelty of the fur industry.
    As you consider the right of nations, of people, as well, you have to consider animals like others nations ; nations wich are a plenty part of this humanity, animals whom can suffer, like citizen are suffering everywhere in the world.
    Mr Putin, all russians citizens, your mission to bring back this dark world on the other way would not be accomplish if all of you do not consider the animals suffering.
    USA governement is, today, the biggest psychopathic killer of the world – humans and animals include – that’s sure, but this fact can not be an example for Mother Russia. It’s a part of your duty too, to consider animals as nations, whom can got pain and suffering. Please, in the name of life, take a stand against cruelty, open your heart, open the way to the future for others ; be an example for all the world and ban fur industry in this 21st century.
    With all my love to Mother Russia,

  19. avatar malka says:

    stop killing animals for their fur, we no longer need to do this in cold countries.

  20. avatar jean psaila says:

    Just in case these people don’t know it we are living in “2014”…..all the horrific practices that took place years ago should be left where they belong…in the past.!!! The suffering which animals have to endure is unbelievable….there are so many alternatives which can be used so why, oh why does it still go on!There is so much cruelty regarding animals in this world and it has to stop……..sometimes I find it hard to sleep at night thinking about the abusive methods being used just to line the pockets of these greedy, vile, so called human beings. God forgive them for what suffering they are causing because I know one thing for sure I cant!!!

  21. avatar Abbas Moghadam says:

    Perhaps in stone age wearing fur was natural…but today in 21st century ….no one needs fur , unless those who are pcychologically patient !

  22. avatar Gerson D da Silva says:

    …when are human beings going to learn that violence generates violence? We are still doing victms and being victims of ourselves.

  23. avatar Olga says:

    Awful…. So cruel. I was lived in Siberia some years ago and i know people could survive without wearing fur coats and fur hats. PLEASE STOP THE CRUELTY TO INNOCENT ANIMALS!!!!!

  24. avatar jemnnifer dow says:

    We no longer need fur to keep us warm. Our modern fabrics ensure warmth without cruelty. Fake fur is so real who needs the real thing. Open your eyes and hearts to the un neccesary slaughter of creatures that share our world. Enjoy the living animal, reject the wanton slaughter for our vanity.

  25. ONL cruel evil people wear fur like the Morons who KILL THEM.

  26. The fur trade is a sick, repulsive, disgusting, twisted, barbaric, vile, perverted iindustry!
    To torture innocent, defenseless animals – they will get their pay back.

  27. avatar Louise Christiansen says:

    How can you sleep at night knowing how many lives you have on Your counscience ???
    Start using Your head and THINK hard if this make any sense at all. Are the animal on Earth good for nothing alive to you , do you want a world without animals ??? If you are not a bit ashamed ,sorry or disgussed by all the voilent to animals you are NOT NORMAL and deserve to roth in jail !!!!

  28. avatar Alessandra Ferrari says:

    Disgusting and revolting like those who wear it! If all people with a shred of conscience would start ignoring, isolating and refusing to deal with those who wear fur as well as those practicing animal experiments for whatever reason or even think that animal are their food, as I refuse to deal with them in my healing practice, then things woyld start changing!

  29. avatar Caroline Filby says:

    I am currently living in Cyprus and there are loads of ”fur” shops here. The shops are owned by and are here for the Russian people that live or visit here.
    It makes me sick and feel that maybe these people along with other people who think it’s great wearing Dead Animal Skins that they need to be educated??.
    What is wrong with these people?. Every time I drive pass a fur shop I want to write MURDER in red ink all over the shop windows.
    Russia stop killing and wearing and then a demand for more killing and wearing of Animals will stop.

  30. avatar Michael P says:

    Moscow, your world standing is diminished until you cease your cruelty to living creatures.

  31. It is cruel, barbaric, inhuman, inhumane, abhorant, and is only a status symbol for the wealthy, it`s about time those that murdered these poor defenceless beautiful animal`s, and those that wear the stolen fur woke up and smelt the rose`s and grew a heart, you are heinous revolting people, and the fur look`s so much more beautiful on the animal.

  32. avatar tye block says:


  33. avatar Chris Stone says:

    It’s really disgusting to wear animal fur. REAL ppl wear faux fur !!!

  34. avatar stephane says:

    Fur industry is so cruel and disgusting !!

  35. avatar maria rosaria says:

    Togliere la vita agli animali per indossare pellice è crudele e disgustoso . Dovremmo capire che razza crudele di bestie umane siamo.

  36. avatar LINDA CRAIG says:


  37. avatar Adriana Barros says:

    How many humans would be necessary to make a human skin coat???

    That should be the alternative to fur and leather!!!!!

  38. avatar Lizl Rigg says:

    You should be happy in your own skin. Not that of another!

  39. To brutally take the skin of another being, resulting in the agonizing premature death of that being – is inexcusable and unforgivable.

    Would we want to have our skin ripped from our flesh? No. We would not.

    Do as you would be done by. This selfishness and terrible cruelty, this complete indifference to the suffering and rights of our fellow sentient beings, does nothing but profoundly shame those who wear, promote and endorse fur.

    One day, there will be another kind of justice. We will all be held accountable for our actions.

  40. avatar Bodil Ribel says:

    I never wore fur and I´m 72 yrs old … and never will.

  41. avatar Dave Rigby says:

    Fur always looks better on the back of an animal rather than draped around the shoulders of some pretentious idiot.

  42. avatar ElaineDowling says:

    No one should ever wear fur, or buy any product which contains fur.
    Animals suffer a terrible existence and a cruel and painful death and there is no justification EVER for allowing this to happen.

    People need to watch the vile footage from the fur farms to see exactly how the animals are kept and killed – they would then realise that they should not wear the skin of another living animal.

    There is no reason to be ignorant of the facts in 2014.

  43. avatar Keith Baillie says:

    Stupid ignorant cruel people wear fur.

  44. avatar Linda Wiltshire says:

    We don’t need fur. There is enough warm man made material to choose from.

  45. avatar BEV says:


  46. avatar jan pedley says:

    Please please love the skin your in and dont wear another animals skin. The cruel and horrific way an animal suffers in order to give up its skin and its life for you in unacceptable. PLEASE dont buy fur!

  47. avatar K.S says:

    bandwagon much? lots of hypocrisy in the comments section, your reasoning can be used for a plethora of things in our daily lives that you are happy to do, such as eating the many types of meat

  48. avatar 4mula1 says:

    some people are to animals as nazi’s were to humans. also visit, youtube.com/ms4mula1

  49. avatar Susan Spink says:

    The beautiful skins of animals make humans ugly inside and out.


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