A Message to Moscow: Throw Fur Out!
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A Message to Moscow: Throw Fur Out!

A new year offers new opportunities to take our campaign against fur to the country that buys more of it than any other in the world: Russia.

PETA’s hard-hitting billboards have gone up across Moscow, each one graphically illustrating how many animals are killed just to make one fur coat. The writing on the ad roughly translates as “Try telling this beautiful animal he is just a piece of a fur coat.”

Moscow Mink

PETA Moscow mink billboard with Olga Shelest

Well-known model and TV presenter Olga Shelest (who is also vegan) is the face of the campaign. “My philosophy is to live my life without leaving a blood imprint on this planet”, Olga explained. “I will never wear fur, because it’s made from someone, not something.” We agree 100 per cent!

Animals on fur farms endure lives filled with pain and fear before they are killed in horrific ways – and many of them are skinned alive. In China, now the world’s biggest exporter of fur, more than 2 million cats and dogs are killed every year for their skin. PETA US has created a Russian-language website showing the intense cruelty of the fur industry.

This week, lovely PETA “bunnies” also paid a visit to the city of Sochi, site of the 2014 Winter Olympics, in order to highlight the suffering of animals who are slaughtered for their skins. One step at a time, we’re determined that Russia’s 145 million citizens will understand the appalling cruelty that lies behind garments made from animal skins – and ditch them for good!

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  1. avatar Leonora Matthews says:

    No such thing as dumb animals only DUMB PEOPLE who wear FUR

  2. avatar Leila says:

    The world is watching. By wearing and condoning fur you are damning yourselves as a nation and as an intelligent species who should know better. This is nothing short of PURE EVIL and barbaric and is unacceptable in this 21st Century. You will be greatly respected for turning this around; it’s not too late.

  3. avatar Colleen Downes says:

    Wearing fur is SOOOO medieval, there are better alternatives. Your country already suffers from appearing backward this makes it more so. You have had beautiful music and dance as well as one of the greatest playwrights Anton Chekhov so how can you lack so much compassion and unthinking cruelty?

  4. avatar diane brierley says:

    There is no reason on earth for humans to wear the skins of cruelly treated, cruelly killed animals of ANY species. Animals are NOT ours to control or kill, starve or rip off the skin off any creature unfortunate enough to share this planet with us.
    Animals most certainly do NOT belong at the winter Olympics. Despicable!

    Putin is a Cave Man with about as much compassion as you could fit on a pin head… whilst he rules everything there will never be change in Russia. They live in the Dark Ages still !

    • avatar terri valko says:

      Russia is not the problem, China is. They are they ones telling country’s they are selling them faux fur not real fur, so countries like France an Italy put on faux fur label. Go afer them more, please

    • avatar Надежда says:

      К сожалению даже народ России ничего не может сделать с Путиным….Жизнь в моей стране без его шайки была бы на много лучше.

  5. avatar Leonie says:

    Shame on you Russia!!! no need to be wearing fur!!! lots of other warm products to wear in you countrys climate!!!

    • avatar Надежда says:

      Я живу в России с рождения, и я строгая вегетарианка, не ношу мех, не пользуюсь косметикой животного происхождения, я всегда выступаю против этого. И я знаю, что в моей стране еще очень много таких как я! Но много и не знающих людей, как и в любой другой стране! Не стоит судить предвзято!

  6. avatar Renée M. says:

    i could cry every time I even think about it….
    The fact so many beautiful creatures are barbarically, heartlessly slaughtered just so someone can wear a coat!?!! wearing these coats or anything that has fur or animal hide doesn’t make anyone look at all beautiful, instead it just shows how heartless & careless your heart really is!! it is inhumane to say the least. All this murder needs to STOP now!! Please no one buy or sell any fur & do whatever’s possible to put an end to this horror

  7. avatar Jean Bill says:

    Wearing fur is for animals not humans!

  8. avatar pamela coulson says:

    Fur belongs to the animals,not ugly people that wear it.NO TO THE FUR TRADE….?

  9. avatar Sherry Hodskins says:

    How would you like to be skinned?

  10. avatar Mariette Nel says:

    Barbaric and cruel is putting it mildy. People wearing animal skin clothing are ruthless.

  11. avatar Soraya Aslam says:

    Hope it works, I really do.

  12. avatar caron says:

    Shame on anyone who wears fur, even faux fur! Who would want to wear such beautiful animals as coats and hats. Animals need to have some RIGHTS these days!!!! Don’t buy it and let others know who are thinking of buying it what these animals suffer for their fashion!

  13. avatar Margaret Heiberg says:

    there are other clothes to wear in order to keep warm. ancient civilisations adopted fur, as they had nothing else to keep warm We have evolved since then, advanced, & become more civilised since then…or have we, if we continue?

  14. avatar Margaret Heiberg says:

    Older civilisations butchered & hunted for fur, as they had no alternatives, but we do in order to stay warm.
    Tolstoy himself understood that animals feel pain, care for their young & have certain ways of living, why wear a trophy skin that’s brutaly aquired.
    If we were not the top of the food chain, we would be in their positions, just rife to be caged & skinned horribly. Skinned as a trophy for another to parade in Are we any more civilisednow?

  15. avatar Dyan Merick says:

    Question: Is the “fur” trim on the athletes uniforms, worn at opening ceremony, real? OMG, I hope NOT!

  16. avatar Pia Hachem says:

    There are so many humane alternatives to fur available now. There is no real excuse for continuing this barbaric suffering of innocent animals for fashion or warmth, except peoples continue ignorance of the reality of animal suffering and exploitation, and the profit they can make from it.

  17. avatar K.S says:

    censoring posts is nice, you’ll only allow posts from people that share your hypocritical views

  18. avatar kay says:


  19. avatar Uliana says:

    I am one of the Russians never wearing fur of eating meat. Russia is changing… The thing is, most of the people just dont know about the atrocities of the fur business. Go on showing them how it looks in reality, the Russians will stop wearing fur soon, I am sure, for they are compassionate and feeling and animal-loving . Regards, Uliana

  20. avatar Faith Ullrich says:

    People need to be educated as to where the fur has come from and how it becomes a coat, scarf or pair of gloves, in store they should place grafic pictures of the pain and suffering that the animals have to go through and then maybe no-one would touch the items again! Blind purchasing!!

  21. avatar Steven says:

    The world is watching. By wearing and condoning fur you are damning yourselves as a nation and as an intelligent species who should know better. This is nothing short of PURE EVIL and barbaric and is unacceptable in this 21st Century. You will be greatly respected for turning this around; it’s not too late.

  22. avatar Barb Edwards says:

    Anyone wearing fur coats or fur trims look so very UGLY both inside and outside. How can they not realise what 90% of people in the world think about them. Disgusting and shameful

  23. avatar susana says:

    It is embarrasing to torture an animal just for fashion

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