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We Love Lucy

Made in Chelsea star Lucy Watson knows a thing or two about glamour – and she knows there’s nothing glamorous about wearing fur. That’s why she posed au naturel for PETA’s latest ad, which she unveiled today in billboard form on the streets of Chelsea! Lucy’s look for the shoot was perfected by celebrity make-up artist, Justine Jenkins.


Lucy photographers


Most people are aware of some of the suffering that animals endure at the hands of the fur industry, but the reality is often even crueller than the image they hold. Natalie Imbruglia narrated a video for PETA showing how animals killed for their fur are commonly skinned alive, how mother animals who become caught in traps in the wild often chew off their own limbs in a desperate attempt to return to their babies and how 2 million cats and dogs are killed for their fur every single year in China.

It’s hardly surprising that fashion-conscious Lucy chooses to stay away from this distasteful industry. “I have always been disgusted by people’s acceptance of fur as a fashion statement, in particular as there is so much information now showing how appallingly cruel the methods of acquiring it are”, she told us. Lucy decided to do the ad to help her fellow Chelsea socialites understand that ripping animals’ skins from their backs for vanity is absolutely indefensible.

Lucy, who also helps animals by refusing to eat them, is the latest in a diverse line-up of celebs – from Alexandra Burke to Penélope Cruz – who have gone naked to show their disdain for fur.

Join them in being fur-free and proud: petauk.org/furpledge

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  1. avatar jeras says:

    I commend her for making this step. I will never understand why in this day and age that fur is still legal to buy in the uk..Its seems a bit strange that the uk has banned fur farms but yet doesnt seem to have an issue with importing it from abroad.

  2. I don’t understand why this practice of killing animals for fur has to continue.

  3. avatar maja says:

    I hope whole the fur industry stop! I will never ever buy products from animal!

  4. avatar Marnie Forster says:

    Have you watched made in Chelsea!!!! Bad choice peta… Some of Lucy’s best friends wear fur on a daily basis! Louise & Binky to name just a couple!!!

  5. avatar Carrie Futchko says:

    Always good 2 get the ” naked truth” out. Education is key 2 eliminate the ignorance and the awareness of animal cruelty.

  6. avatar jeras says:

    Unfortunately, its supply and demand. If nobody buys it, the industry dies out. Whilst the likes of fashion designers and celebrities (loose term) continue to plead ignorance then it will continue.
    Best thing to do it to educate as many people as you can whilst showing your contempt at people that should know better.

  7. avatar Sharon Reichter says:

    Well done Lucy – I watch Chelsea and am quite upset when I see the other girls wearing real fur.

  8. avatar jan pedley says:

    The sad thing is the people that wear fur dont care! There is a picture I saw of a poor skinned animal still hanging onto life that looked right at the camera with utter sorrow and fear. That image haunts me constantly – I would love that picture to be attached to every item of fur sold so fur wearers everywhere are in no doubt as to the utter cruelty they cause in order to wear another creatures skin!
    Well done Lucy Watson!

    • avatar Lorna Barron says:

      This is such a good idea, however, industries and brands which use fur would never dare ruin their reputation and are too obsessed with money

  9. avatar Maggie Cranfield says:

    Let the animals be, we don’t need fur to either keep warm or look beautiful, if we stop all this, it clearly shows,just how beautiful we are, both inside and out…or…stop the bloody madness!!!..it’s evil!!!

  10. avatar pamela coulson says:

    we have to speak out for this cruel act.save the animals….?

  11. avatar linda howe says:

    Well done Lucy you should be proud of yourself not everyone would have the guts to do it xx

  12. avatar k573 says:

    I agree with Marnie Forster (above). Bad choice of celeb – the Made in Chelsea girls wear fur and I’ve stopped watching the show for that reason. People identify her with Made in Chelsea first and foremost and therefore she is a representative of not only PETA but also of Made in Chelsea! Rather than posing for a PETA ad, which I find rather hypocritical, why not have her convince her co-stars to stop wearing fur and set a good example!!

  13. avatar eve martin says:

    Well done Lucy for making people aware of the cruel fur trade!!!

  14. avatar Paul Running says:


  15. avatar BROWN-JONES says:

    Will never understand why people are so cruel!

  16. avatar Louise Murray says:

    If Lucy stands by her statements (unlike certain celebs we could mention who have gone back to wearing fur) and continues to denounce the horrific way these creatures are killed for vanity then this will only do good and might sway her fellow castmates. To truly persuade people you often have to do this calmly with facts and figures. Getting the right message out there and keeping it going with the support from anyone in the public eye is going to help. Personally I cannot watch the video from beginning to end. It upsets me too much. But just because I haven’t seen every second doesn’t mean I don’t truly believe in the cause and support it 100%.

  17. avatar Abbas Moghadam says:

    I wish people would read a little, watch a video or a documentary – EDUCATE yourselves. These animals are tortured beyond belief. They live an awful life before they are eventually skinned alive. Unless you have zero compassion for all beings (like most of the people to the right of this page) it is absolutely unethical to wear fur.
    Well done Lucy Watson…I wish you fight against hundreds of Chinese fur farms.

  18. Yes fur sucks its not not for me cruelty on a mass scale the people who wear fur are every bit as bad as the MORONS who kill these beautiful animals BARBARIC EVIL AND VERY CRUEL.

  19. avatar Dave Rigby says:

    Way to go !!

  20. avatar Lucille says:

    Well done Lucy. It’s fantastic that you have the guts to stick to your principles.

  21. avatar BEV says:


  22. avatar Linda A Levy says:

    People that still buy & wear fur aren’t ignorent thay just don’t give a hoot & are extremely shallow stupid & cold hearted

  23. avatar Imz says:

    I commend her for standing against fur and was pleased when I read a tweet where she backed petas stand against the practise. I lost all respect, however, when she was happy to participate in a so-called ‘drag hunt’ on television which had previously been associated with ‘accidental’ fox kills. Surely if she cared about animals so much she wouldn’t be honing forces with a group in which 90% of it’s members would gladly watch an animal be torn limb from limb?

  24. avatar priscilla says:

    Of course Lucy should havc posed for Peta – she’s trying to set an example to her fellow actors as well as to the viewers.

  25. avatar susana says:

    well done !

  26. avatar Eloise says:

    I always live by the philosophy “our skin is for us and their skin is for them” quite why anyone would ever wear fur is beyond me, even from a young age I knew it was wrong

  27. avatar melissa cosgrove says:

    I think they should label fur the way they do cigarettes a picture of that poor animal in there last moments! Maybe that would stop people from buying it and make them see how ugly there clothing really is! Its not beauty its tourture!

  28. avatar emma says:

    Im all for standing up for beliefs, but why oh why do all your adverts feature women posing naked? And mentioning who her make up was done by? Why is that important? In this age of ccriticism towards sexualisation of the media and the harmful impact its having, and if you are promoting yourself as an ethical company, can you not think of a more inteligent strap line?

    • avatar Anne says:

      Hi Emma,
      Not all of our ads feature women – in the past few months, stars such as Jimi Manuwa, Danny Cipriani and Jade Dernbach have also stripped off to raise awareness about fur (see http://blog.peta.org.uk/tag/ink-not-mink/).
      We find that that our celeb ads are a very effective way to bring media attention to issues that would otherwise be overlooked, and to engage new audiences with animal rights issues, which is why we keep on working with celebs who want to use their fame to make a difference for animals! (Oh, and we mention the makeup artist in the blog as a way of thanking her for donating her time).

    • avatar Elizabeth says:

      I disagree with you Anne, I feel though her point isn’t clear “Emma” is right – some of your ads may now feature men but the initial idea was CLEARLY that sex sells and therefore sexual images will attract peoples attention to PETA, PETA becoming more well known is a good thing I don’t dispute that – however Eva Mendes/Penelope Cruz/”Lucy Watson” (whoever she is!) nudity is everywhere now, this advert has been over done – it isn’t shocking anymore and it doesn’t attract the attention it once did as sexualisation has become so normalised.

      Posing nude does not touch a nerve, especially now everybody is doing it everywhere plus importantly- PETA HAS GAINED THE ATTENTION IT ORIGINALLY NEEDED FROM THESE ADS PLEASE START OPENLY PUBLICISING WHAT IS ACTUALLY GOING ON NOW.


      This may be because the desired effect is to “de-glamourise” real fur by glamourising the anti-fur ideal, however this isn’t tackling the issue it’s just making young girls wish they could be popular, viewed as attractive when naked and “oo bonus” making an anti – fur statement.

      How about you show celebrities being “skinned” – using special effects/photoshop along with the shocking images of animal abuse we are burying our heads to by advertising PETA in this way.

      Show an image that makes a person emotive, angry/upset when they see it and you will get a real response.

  29. avatar emma says:

    Thanks for the reply. I understand why u use celebrities but why naked? I get the whole rather be naked than wear fur thing but isnt it time to move beyond that? I understand it gets a shock reaction but for people like lucy who have done those types of shots in ‘lads’ mags its hardly a shock or original. Im not detracting from her supporting the cause; in fact its really admirable, but I just really wish in this overly damaging sexualised society ud think of ways to use celebrities that was more ethical. I came on this website for support and advice as Im vegetarian and thinking of going vegan, but this campaign and others of a similar ilk has disappointed me. Sorry for the long reply! X

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