Victory in India! Another Country Ends Animal Testing for Household Products
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Victory in India! Another Country Ends Animal Testing for Household Products

Minolta DSCIndia has decided to end animal testing for household products after extensive campaigns by PETA India, PETA UK and PETA US, which included appeals from high-profile politicians as well as lengthy discussions with PETA India’s scientist and support from scientists at PETA UK and PETA US.

This exciting news is another important milestone in the global fight to end animal testing!

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) committee responsible for determining test requirements for household products, on which PETA India’s scientist has an official seat, decided in a meeting on Wednesday to replace a skin sensitisation test – which is currently performed by rubbing harsh chemicals into guinea pigs’ raw, abraded skin – with a non-animal testing method. This move will end all animal-poisoning test requirements for cleaners, detergents and other common household products in India.

The news comes after India’s decision last year – following PETA India’s campaign – to end tests on animals for cosmetics and their ingredients by removing animal tests from the relevant BIS standard. PETA India is now working to urge the Indian government to take the next step, as Israel has done, and ban the sale of all cosmetics and household products tested on animals anywhere in the world.

PETA and its international affiliates will continue to work hard towards the day when no animals are made to suffer for cosmetics and personal-care and household products anywhere in the world. Show your support and join the thousands of caring consumers who choose products that have not been tested on animals by taking our pledge:

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  2. avatar antonia muller says:

    animals should be free

  3. avatar pamela coulson says:

    This has to stop for the sake of the animals.

  4. avatar Marion Friedl says:

    I´ m absolutely against animal testings, nobody asks the poor animals if they want to be tested! I´d even be ready to be tested myself before the animals have to suffer!!!

  5. avatar Erika says:

    HI,I’m very happy for my love!!!!

  6. avatar dara sowell says:

    I remember when they used rabbits for pregnancy testing. If it died, you were pregnant. So much better methods now. I hope everything can be done like that and all tests will be as outdated as the rabbit pregnancy tests.

  7. avatar lucia says:

    In certi paesi sono più avanti che in Europa. .. fine dei maltrattamenti e speriamo che sia una cosa vera.

  8. avatar Michelle Austin says:

    Animals are not ours to use and abuse for economic profit. STOP, STOP, STOP EVERWHERE!!! JUST STOP

  9. avatar Vladimir Zhuk says:

    Unbelievable news!!!

  10. cant we get the gandhis to help stop the killing of lions and tigers and all cats in general get beckam and a few more to support us and lobby goverment to ban all trade with china and hit them where it hurts in the pocket.

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