The $1 Million Donation That Stopped Animals From Being Cut Up on Three Continents
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The $1 Million Donation That Stopped Animals From Being Cut Up on Three Continents

For thousands of animals in Bolivia, Costa Rica, Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Mexico, Mongolia, Panama and the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, the trauma is over. Thanks to PETA US’ unprecedented donation of $1 million in medical simulators to these nine countries, thousands of animals will no longer be cut apart in deadly training programmes.

High-tech solutions save animal and human livesPETA US (with help from PETA Germany and generous donors) purchased 64 state-of-the-art lifelike TraumaMan surgical simulators and gave them to programmes that train doctors to perform life-saving surgical procedures on victims of traumatic injuries.

Until now, limited budgets had prevented these programmes from using the same modern simulation equipment that’s standard in advanced trauma life support courses in the US and many other nations. As a result, trainees at dozens of hospitals and universities were required to cut holes into the chests, throats, abdomens and limbs of live dogs, goats, pigs and sheep.

The TraumaMan simulators better represent human patients, allow trainees to repeat difficult procedures until they have been mastered and have been shown to teach life-saving procedures more effectively than cutting into animals does.

As we’ve said before, moving science and medicine away from the archaic use of animal benefits doctors, their patients and animals. That’s why, here in the UK, we’re calling on the Ministry of Defence to stop sending army surgeons over to Denmark in order to take part in cruel and primitive trauma training exercises using live pigs.

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  1. avatar Daniel Tham says:

    be kind to animals

  2. avatar BROWN-JONES says:

    There must be other ways!

  3. […] creator of the TraumaMan Simulator, also received an award. They created an anatomical human-model surgical manikin for students […]

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