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Retailers Who Have Dropped Angora – the List

UPDATE: The most current list of retailers is available here.

Things are moving extremely fast in the campaign against angora. More and more companies are listening to their customers and ditching angora after shocking video footage released by PETA and its international affiliates showed how rabbits are abused on Chinese angora farms.

PETA angora protest December 2013

We’re delighted that so many retailers are taking note, and we’ve been blown away by the passion of supporters and activists around the world about this issue. But some brands have gone further than others in taking decisive action against cruelty to rabbits.

Here’s a summary of developments to date – we’ll keep this list updated as we hear from more businesses.

These companies have gone all the way by taking angora items off their shelves and promising not to use angora again:

·     & Other Stories

·     AllSaints

·     ASOS

·     Boden

·     Calvin Klein

·     Cheap Monday

·     Cos

·     Mango

·     Monki

·     Stella McCartney

·     Tommy Hilfiger

Please consider sending these companies a quick tweet or Facebook comment thanking them for their compassion!

These companies have pledged to keep angora out of their future collections but may still be selling existing angora stock:

·     The Arcadia Group (which includes BHS, Burton, Dorothy Perkins, Evans, Miss Selfridge, Outfit, Topman, Topshop and Wallis)

·     C&A

·     Coast

·     Debenhams

·     Fat Face

·     Forever 21

·     Gina Tricot

·     H&M

·     Hobbs

·     John Lewis

·     Lands’ End

·     Marks & Spencer

·     Matalan

·     Monsoon / Accessorize

·     New Look

·     Next

·     Oasis

·     Phase Eight

·     Primark

·     Pure Collection

·     River Island

·     s.Oliver

·     Ted Baker

·     Warehouse

·     Whistles

These companies have taken the first step by suspending angora production for now but have not yet committed to keeping it out of future collections or stopped sales:

·     Esprit

·     Gap Inc.

·     Jaeger

·     Lindex

·     Zara

If you shop at these stores, please help give them a nudge in the right direction by asking them to drop products made from the wool of angora rabbits permanently.

If you see angora on sale anywhere, please speak out. Here’s a reminder of why rabbits need our help:

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  1. avatar ruth hemingway says:

    I tweeted M&S and received the following response. The link is to a page dated Dec ’13 where they state that they are completely dropping angora & it will not appear in any products from April ’14.

    M&S ‏@marksandspencer 13 hours ago
    @kanga_roo77 We’ve listened to feedback & have stopped all production of Angora. Please see our statement here >
    2:27 AM – 23 Oct 2014 · Details

  2. avatar izzy says:

    Mango are still selling items containing angora. These poor animals are suffering for a jumper containing 6% angora. Absolutely disgusting!

  3. avatar ruth hemingway says:

    I tweeted White Stuff back & pointed out that customers had seen angora in their products this year. I received the following response:

    White Stuff ‏@WhiteStuffUK 11 hours ago
    Hi @kanga_roo77 @Vaso_Zzz due to supply chain the change took effect as of AW14 and there is now no angora in our new collections…

    So presumably then, they are completely angora free as of now…!

  4. avatar Anne says:

    Yes, Topshop should be taken off the list of manufacturers who have stopped using angora. I picked up a jumper today which was 8% angora. Why even bother using it for all the difference it made to the feel of the garment?

  5. avatar Laura says:

    #Topshop are still selling jumpers containing Angora, and when I have posted to their Facebook to ask why they have deleted my post within seconds. Where do you stand on this please?

  6. avatar celtic curl says:

    I feel sick. I pride myself on being well informed but I never realised angora was produced like this. I will never buy an angora product again.

  7. avatar sue hardy says:

    I’m horrified! I had no idea. I will not buy anything with angora again!

  8. avatar Lady says:

    When are all countries like China going to start treating all animals with the compassion and respect they deserve, this is an unacceptable level of abuse and cruelty and must be stopped, those rabbits are being treated appallingly, please help stop this cruel industry, and continue the campaign for animal welfare in the world, thankyou.

  9. avatar Tracie sturdy says:

    The whole range (autumn 2014) of girls gloves in accessorize has angora content…..this doesn’t look like a commitment to take angora out of its products to me. Disgusting, I for one will not be shopping there again. The whole range but one!!! How could this be if they were really committed to removing it from their products???

  10. avatar Vicki says:

    Topshop advertised at the beginning of the year through the press that they have banned angora fur from their products. However they are still selling products containing this fur. I find it disgusting that almost a year later they have not yet managed to just stop using angora in their products. In most products the angora fur is only a small percentage of the make up of them, what is the point in using it?! I think it is misleading to have them on the above list at all as they are clearly in no rush to fulfil their promise.

  11. avatar Pam mckay says:

    Jumper returned today TOPSHOP describes it as luxe faux fur yet closer inspection reveals 14% ANGORA????

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