Pam's High Hopes for a Fur-Free Israel
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Pam’s High Hopes for a Fur-Free Israel

After her honeymoon in Israel, compassionate star Pamela Anderson felt moved to send a letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in heartfelt support of a proposed new bill to ban the sale of animal fur. The groundbreaking law, if it passes, would make Israel the first country in the world to take such clear and decisive action against the barbaric fur trade. Pamela wrote in her letter:

I’m writing to urge you to do everything in your power to help pass this historic bill, which has been signed by 40 members of the Knesset and includes an exemption for religious purposes.

You once said, “With my responsibility as prime minister to protect the lives of people here, I feel committed to increase awareness to fight cruelty toward animals.” Please take a few moments to watch this video, which shows undercover footage of animals who were bludgeoned, electrocuted, and even skinned alive for their fur. I hope you’ll agree that the way in which animals suffer and die for fur violates Jewish principles, which strictly prohibit causing animals unnecessary suffering. … The fur industry is trying desperately to stop this bill. Mr. Prime Minister, please use your influence to spread a message of kindness toward all living beings by showing your support for this bill. By passing this piece of legislation, Israel would set an example of compassion for the rest of the world to follow.

Pamela Anderson PETA FurIsrael’s record on animal rights is strong: not only did the country ban cosmetics testing on animals in 2013, it also looks set to put in place a historic ban on selling foie gras. Banning the sale of fur would be another extremely impressive step forward and make a real contribution to the struggle “to eliminate some of the senseless violence that we inflict on animals”.

Pamela has clout when it comes to persuading world leaders to do the right thing for animals. In 2010, she appealed to Russia’s President Vladimir Putin to end his country’s import of seal fur from Canada. Shortly afterwards, Russia announced a ban on Canadian seal fur imports, effectively ending one of the last major markets for this disgraceful product. We hope that Netanyahu will be equally amenable to arguments based on compassion and stand strong on Israel’s proposed fur ban.

Although fur farms are banned in the UK, the sale of fur is still perfectly legal, even if deeply unethical. Please make sure never to buy or wear fur. You can also speak out against barbaric fur farming, which is still going on in Ireland, with around 225,000 minks a year imprisoned in these hellholes. Call for it to be banned today!

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  1. Good job Pam!! I stand with you on this. Good job Israel!

  2. avatar Lynn Brown says:

    This is wonderful news, with this and India banning keeping whales and dolphins in captivity has given me hope for the planet. Way to go Pam, and Israel.

  3. avatar Fergus C Mclachlan says:

    This cruel trade needs to br stopped without delay. ….

  4. avatar Alex Vera says:

    Thank you for fighting for those who don’t have voices. We don’t need fur but we do need less cruelty.

  5. avatar Donna Thomas says:

    Cruelty to animals must stop all over the world. Please help

  6. avatar Tricia McDermid says:

    Well done Israel….lovely country and a compassionate people…’s hoping others follow .

  7. avatar stella leighton says:

    Thank You Pamela for supporting such a worthy cause! Hopefully, more caring high profile Stars like yourself will come on board and help get such Barbaric Acts of Cruelty STOPPED around the World.

  8. avatar Julie jones says:

    Please try and imagine the horrific agony that these innocent animals endure. Please search your conscience and put a stop to this!

  9. avatar Janet Turner says:

    Gratitude and many blessings to Pamela , this cruel tortuous trade in animal fur has to be stopped …. Wearing fur advocates your support in this barbaric horrendous act . No animal should have to die in this terrible way just for a fashion statement …

  10. Thankyou Pamela.your a real sweetheart.

  11. avatar joan dutton says:

    ist time mankind respected their fellow creature and stopped all this unnessesary cruelty

  12. avatar Janet Walker says:

    Cruelty to animals is so unnecessary its barbaric and inhumane to kill an animal for its fur is totally outrageous and i plead that this be stopped.

  13. avatar Janet Walker says:

    Cruelty to animals is barbaric and to kill an animal for its fur is so unnecessary i therefore plead that this torture be stopped immediately.

  14. avatar susan browne says:

    there is absolutely no need for anyone to wear the skin of any animal ripped from its limbs all in the name of fashion, please stop this barbaric unnecessary torture,

  15. avatar Mary Voss says:

    Thanks Pam for your love of animals.

  16. avatar Neil Sykes says:

    Absolutely awful Disgusted The Human Race Needs A Mirrior And Have a word with ourselves for letting this happen and for so long The Goverments don’t seem to give a toss either so so sad breaks my heart

  17. avatar Terry Chalmers says:

    Make it so and lead the world x

  18. avatar Lorraine Sherry says:

    We must all work together to make this cruel trade a thing of the past!

  19. avatar C jones says:

    Plz stop this barbaric act

  20. I add my voice to Pam’s. Cruelty to animals must end.

  21. avatar Krystal says:

    I am in agreement, the way these animals are treated is barbaric and just plain evil. STOP!!!

  22. avatar Polly Livanidis says:

    Good work Pam. Keep up the fight for this
    Worthy cause. Good luck.

  23. avatar Rosalyn Hamblett says:

    Well done Pam, thanks for all you do x

  24. avatar Bob Heisler says:

    Yes, please ban fur in Israel. “Unnecessary suffering of animals” ?!?!? How about NO suffering. But we will take what we can get. The fur trade is an abomination and so very unnecessary.

  25. avatar eva graham says:

    I also add my voice to Pam’s.I was totaly sickened and am haunted by the fact that human beings can be so inhumane and cruel in how they obtain the fur,skin and feathers from animals while they are still alive and conscious.The so called humans who inflict this torture must be phsycopaths(no feelings whatsoever)to commit such crimes against helpless creatures.

  26. avatar Marie Axon says:

    Let Isreal lead the way to the future x

  27. avatar Marcea colley says:

    Good for her! And also for the humans-indigineous Palestinians should not be fleeced of their olive trees, human rights , water acess or land

  28. avatar melanie says:

    It needs to stop its sick theses animals have feelings to x

  29. avatar ALBERT MARTINEZ says:

    Pam is an inspiration. I stand behind making this historic bill a reality!

  30. avatar Itala Lopes says:

    I do respect this human being Pamela Anderson!
    Also, my respect for this country Israel, which already banned many cruel practices against animals!

  31. avatar Cameron Mackenzie hood says:

    Great work Pam . Don’t forget you have the worlds biggest army behind you!!!

  32. avatar sarvesh says:

    plz stop all cruelty …god will do same with U all whatever U DO….
    MUST remember my words

  33. Sincere thanks to Israel and Pam! God will bless you both for standing up to greed and putting the animals first. I’m a proud vegan. Would not want to live any other way! ALL animals come first with me.

  34. avatar C RAW says:

    Way to go Pam!!!
    Lets hope things change for the better.

  35. avatar eve martin says:

    Well done pam for educating people about the terrible,
    Cruelty behind the fur trade!!!

  36. avatar Paul Running says:


  37. avatar woody says:

    fur trade needs to end now.

  38. avatar Linda says:

    Well done Pam and Israe !l Shame on the rest of the World especially the UK.

  39. Fantastic news!! And weldone pamela:) I hope it all goes well.. couldnt come any sooner I hpe the other countries follow suit!!! Such an important belief and view to treat animals humanely and give them the respect they deserve such a shame some people dont feel the same but I hope the ban clears some things up and we can start there by treating these animals with the welfair they deserve.. thanks pamela and israel!!!

  40. avatar Abbas Moghadam says:

    Perhaps in Stone ages wearing fur was considered natural, but today in 21st century wearing fur , selling & buying is absolutely illogical & is a sign of uncivilized people.
    Chinese are the most cruel people that torture animals …

  41. Hurray for Pam and Israel – an amazing woman and an amazing country!
    You’re both heroes for taking a strong stand in speaking up for innocent, defenseless animals who have no voice.
    Torturing animals for their fur is a sick, repulsive, disgusting, twisted, barbaric, vile practice!

  42. avatar Alessandra Ferrari says:

    Oh Yes really? And are they stopping breeding monkeys for experiments too? Well they better do!

  43. avatar lou says:

    Hope Israel will pass this/ Fur is grotesque, truly only the most despicable human with no love or compassion could be vain enough to want this disgusting product. Just vile, raping the innocent for your own twisted and revolting vanity.

  44. avatar lou says:

    Much as I admire Israel’s stance on this issue , I do wish that the suffering of kosher slaughtered animals would also be addressed- a truly horrific practice which I wish no poor animal would have to face. They do not ask to be born, nor do they deserve to suffer so dreadfully.

  45. avatar cat says:

    even though i have issues with Israel on a number of points, their stance on animal welfare is, thus far to be lauded – keep it up, lead the world in compassion not war and separation – thank you

  46. avatar Dave Rigby says:

    Keep shouting loud and long !!

  47. avatar mary walishko says:

    Blessings to you Pamela and to Israel for your compassion

  48. avatar Sherry Hodskins says:

    Leave animals alone! If you don’t want to care for them, at least don’t hurt them!

  49. avatar susana says:

    Well done!

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